Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 953

Chapter 953: Using a Trap Formation against Ye Mo
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After the woman escaped, Luo Youping spat a mouthful of blood. Zhang Chengfeng also ran out from the formation too. But he didn't have the power to fight with Luo Youping. Fei Cijiang was paralyzed on the ground without the energy to resist.

Luo Youping looked at the unopened rink with a sliver of annoyance.

He took out a huge sword and walked to Zhang Chengfeng.

Zhang Chengfeng saw this, his face was full of fear. He said shakily, "Brother Luo, don't do this. I'm willing to go let it go. Please take whatever you want from my storage ring."

Luo Youping shook his head. "You idiot! If you hadn't held back your strength at the beginning, I would've broken this wall already. Leaving a trash like you behind is a disaster anyway. Die!"

"Don't! Zhou Yushuang already got away. If you kill me, the Zhang family will know for sure," Zhang Chengfeng begged.

"Who is it?" Luo Youping ignored Zhang Chengfeng and looked at Ye Mo, who had walked out of the shadows.

When he saw that Ye Mo was only at golden core state level 2, his face was full of surprise. He couldn't help saying, "You're a mere golden core state level 2 cultivator? How did you avoid my spirit sense?"

Luo Youping noticed that the cultivator who had appeared was only at golden core state level 2, but he didn't seem worried at all. He didn't dare to go up and attack. Ye Mo was capable of avoiding all of their spirit senses and follow them there. This meant that he was no ordinary cultivator. Moreover, he had used up a lot of cultivation essence too.

Before Ye Mo could talk, Zhang Chengfeng called out in joy, "Brother Ye! I didn't think you would be here too! You even reached golden core state. Brother Ye, I'm Zhang Chengfeng, please save me."

Ye Mo glanced at Zhang Chengfeng and said plainly, "So it's City Lord Zhang. What a coincidence."

"Yes, yes, Brother Ye, we're both from River State City. Please save me," Zhang Chengfeng showed a fawning smile and said desperately. He had lost too much essence blood - he wasn't even as strong as a chi gathering peak stage cultivator at that moment.

Luo Youping's eyes spun and said, "So it's Dao Friend Ye! If Dao Friend Ye is Brother Zhang's friend, I will let him go."

"Yes, yes yes! I'm friends with Ye Mo, very good friends. When Brother Ye opened a shop in River State, I went there!" Zhang Chengfeng called out in desperation.

Ye Mo shook his head. "What a waste of good looks. Your face is too thick. I had just opened my shop then and you took a face preserving pill from me for nothing. Hehe. I should be thankful that you didn't attack me - I couldn't even ask for you to pay me back, right? Later on, when Sister Li was forming her nascent soul, you didn't even want to lend me some spirit stones. Eventually, when people annihilated my China Pharmaceuticals, how is it that I didn't see you come to help? City Lord Zhang, I really want to help you, but I really can't find a reason to."

Zhang Chengfeng heard this and his face went pale. Suddenly, he cursed, "Ye, even if I die, the River State Zhang family won't let you go! They will kill you and annihilate your entire family!"

Ye Mo shook his head. This Zhang Chengfeng wasn't threating Luo Youping, who was about to kill him, but he put the hate on him instead. What logic was this? Moreover, how could he be scared of the River State's small Zhang family?

"You're noisy." Luo Youping's huge sword hacked down and Zhang Chengfeng was decapitated.

Ye Mo grabbed the storage ring telepathically.

Luo Youping saw that even though he had killed the person, this golden core state level 2 cultivator dared to take the loot. His expression looked bad.

He didn't attack Ye Mo nor say anything. He looked at Fei Cijiang again.

Fei Cijiang saw that Zhang Chengfeng was dead and his heart turned ice-cold. There was nothing he could do now.

He looked at Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, I'm the Hidden Sword Sect's Fei Cijiang. If you save me, I will pay you back with my life."

Ye Mo sneered, "There's really a lot of familiar faces here. To be honest, I wanted to go find you later, but you came to me instead. I was interested in a stone stool in the Nanshan market, but it was bought by the wealthy and snobbish Mr Fei. Hehehe. I was threatened as well, otherwise, how could I have known it was you? Fei Cijiang. Mr Fei."

"You- It's you!" Fei Cijiang pointed at Ye Mo and his hands started to shake. After a moment, he suddenly said, "The key is on you!"

Ye Mo took out a rusty looking sword and said, "You're right, but there's no reward. By the way, let me borrow your storage ring."

Ye Mo waved his hand and Fei Cijiang's finger fell off, along with his storage ring. However, Ye Mo threw it inside his golden page world without looking.

Fei Cijiang looked dazily at this comical scene and said after a while in joy, "So you're the person with the key?! That means we can go into the ancient ruin now?"

Then, Luo Youping sliced off Fei Cijiang's head with a shake of his sword, as though he had done something insignificant.

But Ye Mo looked calmly at Luo Youping and said, "You're wrong. I can go into the ruins, not us."

Luo Youping was dazed. He then looked at Ye Mo with cold eyes. "You want to fight me? You're a mere golden core state level 2! Even though I've used some cultivation essence, it won't be a lot of trouble killing a golden core state level 2 cultivator."

Then, Luo Youping took out formation flags and started throwing them. He was careful in nature. Even though he was sure he could kill Ye Mo, he was still going to make preparations. He was laying out a trap formation.

However, Ye Mo just stood on the side watching him, as though he didn't know what he was doing. Ye Mo was sneering inside. This was his usual method and it was amusing to see Luo Youping using it now.

Luo Youping rejoiced as he kept throwing formation flags and said, "Brother Ye, if we work together on this ancient ruin, it'll be much better than doing it alone. If you agree, I will let you choose three items first."

Ye Mo sneered. Luo Youping was mean-hearted. If he hadn't used up half of his cultivation essence, he would've already attacked him.

Although Ye Mo was sure he could kill Luo Youping, he wasn't sure he wouldn't get injured. Who knew if this guy had some killing blow like Ji Zhiyuan did!

Ten minutes later, Luo Youping's face looked joyful. He took out the controlling formation flag and threw it. "P*nk, you're too immature to fight me! Thanks for bringing the key."

Yet before his formation flag could land on the formation, it was grabbed by Ye Mo. Just when he got curious about how Ye Mo had managed to go into his formation so easily, he saw Ye Mo take out a few formation flags too and throw them in the formation.

Instantly, his trap formation turned into a reverser trap formation.

Luo Youping had understood now. This golden core state level 2 cultivator's formation skills were far better than his. How could this be? He looked so young. How could he have such formation mastery?!

He had been studying formations for more than two centuries and he was only at level 3. However, this guy, with simply throwing a few formation flags, had turned his formation against him and trapped him instead. Clearly, he was a level 4 or maybe even level 5 formation master.

Luo Youping soon woke up. Now he had realized why Ye Mo hadn't done anything while he had been laying down the formation flags.

He had tried to trap a formation master with a trap formation. Luo Youping's face turned pale.

"Let me go. I'm willing to give you everything," Luo Youping said.

However, he released his huge sword at the same time and took out a dark and yellow umbrella-like magic artefact.

Ye Mo ignored Luo Youping's plea for mercy. As he threw his formation flags, he activated the formation. A yellow light ray stopped the umbrella.

Luo Youping knew it was pointless to beg now. He charged with his sword at Ye Mo's formation.

The sword almost broke the formation's yellow light ray.

Ye Mo was shook. Luo Youping was good at formations indeed! He had used half of his power, yet his strike had been more powerful than the strike of the golden core state peak stage cultivator at the herb plain.

If he attacked the formation a few more times, it would break. Although it was due to the fact that Luo Youping had set up the formation and Ye Mo was only using it, it still showed his mastery in formations.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo released Zi Xu. The Illusion Cloud Division Strike brought a cascade of purple sword rays towards Luo Youping.
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