Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 954

Chapter 954: Eerie Six-Star Hall
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Luo Youping was also worried, but not as worried as before, because he realized that this formation was as strong as he thought it would be. He was very shocked that Ye Mo took control of his formation so quickly.

He thought he was dead for sure, but he didn't expect that he would be able to see through a gap of the formation after his strike. With time, he would be able to break this formation.

Once he broke free, he wouldn't need to worry. This cultivator was only golden core state level 2 after all. He was golden core state tertiary stage. Even though he had used up half of his cultivation essence, it was still enough to take on a golden core state level 2.

When that cascade of ever-increasing purple sword rays swept over however, he finally realized that Ye Mo's sword technique was also extraordinary. This made him worry again, while he used his yellow umbrella to stop the purple sword rays.

But when the purple sword rays clashed with his umbrella, he realized just how wrong he was. He had used half of his cultivation essence, but even if he hadn't, he might not be a match for the golden core state level 2 opponent he was facing.

Before he could speak, the purple sword rays completely overwhelmed the radiance of the umbrella with the help of the trap formation.

Rip- Luo Youping's umbrella was torn apart and became tattered. Meanwhile he was sent flying by the purple sword rays, crashing into the trap formation. He spat many mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground, looking at Ye Mo in shock.

He even forgot to beg for mercy, never had he in all his years seen a golden core state level 2 cultivator as powerful as Ye Mo.

Even though he wasn't in his prime, it was too absurd for a golden core state level 2 cultivator to break his umbrella shield in one strike.

Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu again. Prior to his death, Luo Youping would have never believed that he would die this simply.

After taking Luo Youping's storage ring, Ye Mo burned the bodies before studying this hall again.

This hall was very spacious, and there was nothing inside. Other than the wall made of unknown materials, there was just that door to enter the place.

Ye Mo turned around and wanted to set a trap formation at the entrance. It would alert him when someone came in. He believed it was necessary to be careful at all times.

But when Ye Mo turned around, he was dazed. The door which he came in through was gone, and there were just six walls now.

He couldn't tell which direction he had come from anymore, and what shook Ye Mo was that the wall with the rink also seemed to have changed.

What was going on?

Ye Mo was flustered.

He had been in there the whole time and if something changed, he should have noticed right away. But the rink had really changed from the Li position to the Kan position.

Ye Mo calmed down. Regardless of whether the door was still there, it was very eerie that the rink changed positions.

He closed his eyes and felt around with his spirit sense. The entrance disappeared probably because some mechanism had activated. Perhaps the whole place was spinning.

But Ye Mo was disappointed to find that the hall didn't have any signs of spinning.

Ye Mo frowned. He suddenly didn't really like this place. It seemed too eerie, so without hesitation, he took out the sword and walked to the rink.

He had no exit, it was impossible to break the walls, and he wanted to get the fortune here and leave as soon as possible.

When Ye Mo was about to put the sword into the rink, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. This feeling was very strange.

Ye Mo trusted his sixth sense very much. Was there some hidden danger there? Ye Mo hesitated, and he suddenly subconsciously wanted to take the sword away.

However, before he could, a suction force came from the rink, and it targeted the key sword.

The sword flew out of his hand and slid tightly into the rink.

Ye Mo was shook. He immediately wanted to retreat but found that now, the entire hall did start to spin. It spun faster and faster, if this kept going on, Ye Mo could imagine he would be spun to pieces by the centrifugal force!

Ye Mo realized at this point that this was no simple ruin. Ruins were for people to find and excavate, not to be killed by them.

Wait- Ye Mo suddenly realized that this place resembled a formation.

What formation was shaped like this and didn't use formation flags?

A seal? Ye Mo suddenly realized - this place was a seal! When he came in, the hall didn't spin. This wasn't a hexagonal hall. If you included up and down, this was an octagonal hall!

So if this was a seal, then what was it sealing? Ye Mo didn't keep thinking, as no matter what was sealed there, it would be no good for him to release the seal.

Since this was a seal, Ye Mo also realized that the sword was the key to unlock the seal.

Realizing this, Ye Mo cursed.

He immediately focused on resisting the dizziness and charged to the rink grabbing the sword.

The seal hadn't been completely unlocked yet, so he just had to take the key away.

But when Ye Mo used his cultivation essence to pull it out, he found that the sword was stuck there and wasn't budging at all.

Ye Mo seemed to hear a sneer, as though someone was mocking him for his feeble attempt.

Ye Mo started to sweat. He used all his cultivation essence, but the sword still wasn't moving at all.

Without hesitation, he took out that burst yin pill he had. He hadn't even used it against Ji Zhiyuan, but he had to use it now.

He threw it onto the rink and at the same time went into the golden page world.


A huge explosion sounded, and the entire hall shook, the explosive power was stronger than the formation Luo Youping and company used. It was akin to the strike of a nascent soul state primary stage expert's strike!

The hall seemed to have paused for just a moment, before it began to spin again.

Before the explosion ended, Ye Mo came out from the golden page world. The violent concussion hadn't disappeared as it tore Ye Mo's clothes apart, but he didn't care at all. He only had one burst yin pill, he couldn't come out after the effects were over.

After Ye Mo came out, the first thing he did was to spit out essence blood. He started to burn his essence blood and then reached his hand into the rink and grabbed the sword, pulling it with all of his cultivation essence.

The key loosened under the effects of the burst yin pill and after this grab, it was actually pulled out! The powerful suction force came again. Ye Mo held onto the sword tightly and immediately sent it into the golden page world. He knew that even if he put it in his storage ring, it might still be summoned out.

Finally, the hall shook and started to slow down until it stopped completely.

Ye Mo let out a sigh of relief and slumped to the ground feeling powerless.
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