Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Scamming Each Other
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Just when Ye Mo sat down, he felt a very angry chi fill the hall.

"Kid, where did you put the key to the ruin? Hurry up and take it out!" Ye Mo heard an even angrier voice.

The voice was like the sound of screeching metals.

Ye Mo breathed easier after hearing this - this place was indeed a seal. Ye Mo couldn't see where the guy was nor his power, but he could feel his anger and how he was just an insignificant insect to this person.

The reason he breathed easy was that he was sure the person hadn't been released yet. If he had been, then he would have been dead by now.

Ye Mo took an life essence pill and got up, "Since this is a ruin, how come I don't see anything here? Aren't ruins usually supposed to have a lot of treasures? Why do I just see an empty hall?"

The voice sneered, "Insolent brat! If you put the key back into the rink, the ruin will open and you will see the treasure. You haven't even opened the ruin yet, how can you see any treasure?"

Ye Mo sneered. This place was clearly a seal, but this guy was trying to convince him that it was an ancient ruin.

However, Ye Mo didn't need to say that. What he needed now the most was an exit, not to make the guy speechless through arguments.

"As long as I don't see the treasure, I won't believe this place is a ruin," Ye Mo said and got up, wandering around the hexagon hall.

The voice realized that Ye Mo wasn't taking him seriously and fell silent for a while. He was no longer as angry as before and said, "What treasure do you want?"

His tone was still a bit sharp.

Ye Mo heard this and thought. Who knows who had released the key and had tricked him to come here to almost open the seal and lose this life? Yet, from this guy's tone, perhaps he could get something out of him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "If only there was a way to increase cultivation speed! Oh right, it'd be great if there was a escape cultivation method. If I can't beat my enemy, I can run away at any time."

The voice sneered. "These things are littered like trash in the ruin. As long as you open it, you will have anything you want."

Ye Mo couldn't be bothered answering. He just kept looking for a way out in the hall.

A while later, Ye Mo heard a clap. Two things fell into a corner of the hall. Ye Mo grabbed them telepathically and looked. It was a five element mobility cultivation method. It was at heaven grade level 5.

Ye Mo also opened the bottle of pills, which emitted a pleasant aroma. Clearly, it was some kind of very high-level pill. Ye Mo couldn't even recognize what kind of pill it was.

Then, Ye Mo heard that voice again, "This is a heaven grade 5 element mobility method, but this is rather ordinary inside the ruin. The pill is called the heaven ascension pill, it can help you reach a level higher. The bottle is enough for you to reach golden core state peak stage in half a year."

Ye Mo was amazed. He hadn't expected there would be such powerful pills here. Even if he took the blue wen pill and sat in the spirit marrow pond every day, he wouldn't be able to reach golden core state peak stage in half a year. The heaven ascension pill was truly powerful!

Ye Mo didn't doubt the effects of the pill, but that didn't mean he would take this pill. Even if he was going to use this type of pill, it would be after he made it himself.

Who knew if there was something dodgy with the pills this guy had given him! However, Ye Mo liked the five element mobility cultivation method greatly.

Ye Mo put the pills and the cultivation method away and finally felt a little better.

Seeing that Ye Mo still didn't have any intentions of taking out the key, the voice said impatiently after a while, "Why haven't you opened the ruin yet?"

Ye Mo looked around and said, "If only there was a flying cultivation artefact! Does the ruin have that?"

Ye Mo desired a middle-grade flying spirit artefact the most. However, if he could get a cultivation artefact, why would he settle with a spirit artefact?

The voice said in contempt, "A flying cultivation artefact is nothing, there's plenty of that in the ruin. Don't think that I'm trying to seduce you to open the ruin. The reason I want you to open it is because there's something I want from inside too. It's a level 9 spirit herb, it's called the Immortal Curl Flower."

"There are plenty of Immortal Curl Flowers inside, I just need one. Although I'm in the ruin, I'm only a spiritual body - I can't get close to the Immortal Curl Flower, so I need your help. You only need to give me one after you get it."

Ye Mo sneered. This person's words were a mixture of truth and lies.

However, Ye Mo could tell that this person had realized he had a Rare Flame and that was a pill master. That's why he said such things.

The Immortal Curl Flower was said to be a level 9 spirit herb, but it had long surpassed the realm of spirit herbs - it could be called the Immortal Herb. It was a treasure that everyone in the cultivation realm desired. Its greatest power was building a body. A ghost cultivator or a spiritual body could build the perfect body for themselves through the Immortal Curl Flower.

Even if one wasn't a ghost cultivator, with this flower, they had a chance to rebuild a new body. This herb was talked about in legends. He knew that no one in the cultivation realm that had ever found it before.

However, if a spiritual body was too weak and it didn't have a ghost core, it wouldn't be able to get near the Immortal Curl Flower. If they got near it, they would immediately be devoured. They could only use an Immortal Curl flower that had already been plucked.

Ye Mo could tell that the reason this guy had said this was to make him think that he hadn't reached golden core state in terms of ghost cultivation. Thus, he would be no match for him.

No matter what, Ye Mo didn't believe this guy and he wasn't going to do as he said.

"This means you haven't formed a ghost core yet?" Ye Mo asked intentionally.

The voice hesitated and then said, "But I believe that in a few more decades I will be able to form a ghost core for sure."

Only an idiot would believe that. Ye Mo shook his head. "Actually, I'm not interested in the Immortal Curl Flower. My greatest interest is having a flying cultivation artefact."

At this moment, the entity behind the voice had clearly realized Ye Mo was telling lies. Everything he had said before was a trick. He even suspected that Ye Mo could tell this place was a seal. Otherwise, why would he go through all that effort to pull the key out?

However, Ye Mo was his only hope now. Hence, even though he knew Ye Mo was scamming him, he could only say, "Look, this is the level 10 Nine Feathers Golden Perch. This type of feather can even make extreme grade cultivation artefacts. My power is limited, so I can't move some of the cultivation artefacts."

Ye Mo immediately grabbed it. He was filled with joy just by looking at the azure feather.

This feather itself was no less valuable than any top-grade cultivation artefact. The strong power the feather emitted even shocked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo placed the feather in a jade box and sent it into his golden page world.

Seeing that Ye Mo was ignoring him again, the voice released his anger and said, "Now, will you open the ruin already?!"

"If there are some other extreme grade spirit stones, then I'd be really interested. Are there some inside?" Ye Mo suddenly clapped his hand in excitement.

"Insect! Are you here to make fun of me?" the voice finally couldn't resist it anymore.

Ye Mo heard his and realized he couldn't get any more out of this guy. So he said coldly too, "Are you a ghost? A ghost that can see that I have a Rare Flame inside my body?"

"When did I see that?" the voice subconsciously answered.

"Then, how do you know I'm a pill master?" Ye Mo quickly asked.

"" The voice didn't remember when he had he called Ye Mo a pill master. He paused, and then he realized that Ye Mo was tricking him. Clearly, Ye Mo had realized that he could see that he had a Rare Flame after he mentioned the Immortal Curl Flower.

Such meticulous thinking process! The voice said helplessly, "You're right. I shouldn't have mentioned the Immortal Curl Flower."

Ye Mo sneered, "Even if you hadn't talked about the Immortal Curl Flower, I wouldn't have broken the seal to let you out. A ruin? You can trick other people, but not me."
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