Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 956

Chapter 956: Break Free
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After Ye Mo said that, the voice turned extremely cold, "So that means you've been tricking me this whole time? You've got what you wanted, yet now you don't plan on opening the ruin?"

It was just two sentences, but Ye Mo almost felt himself shiver. What strong power! But Ye Mo soon regained his composure, "Trick you? Don't make yourself sound so pitiful. I'm disgusted. You've been saying this is a ruin non stop, you never said it was a seal. From the beginning to the end, you've been thinking of how to trick me to open the seal. As for these things, I found them here. I never asked about them from you, how is that tricking you?"

The voice's owner was speechless. Ye Mo never asked him indeed. He just said it would be great if he had them. The voice's owner just hadn't realized this.

The voice didn't keep arguing about this problem. It laughed, "Open my seal, and I can swear I won't hurt you and will let you go out. I have a lot of good things, and there are a lot of treasures here. I can give it all to you.

If you don't want to open it then after a few more years have passed, I will still be able to open the seal myself. By then, you would be the first person I want to kill. Moreover, even if you don't open the seal, do you think you can just leave? This is an eight gate spirit locking formation. Unless you also have a level 8 teleportation rune like that person from before you will be trapped here like me."

Ye Mo had still wanted to ask who had trapped this man here and why the key would be in the outside world but after hearing that, he lost interest. The most important thing for him now wasn't to ask about that but to find a way out. He didn't have a level 8 teleportation rune.

But Ye Mo didn't believe his last sentence. He was at most trapped outside the seal. This was completely different to being sealed inside the seal. If it really was inside the seal, then he was sure that even the woman before wouldn't be able to leave.

Seeing Ye Mo ignore him again, the voice said more things, but Ye Mo ignored it all. Eventually, the voice stopped talking, as the owner was made to wonder why he couldn't sense the key anymore.

Two days later, Ye Mo was still walking around the hall without any progress. At the moment, he was really getting a bit desperate, and eventually, he just sat down. He knew that if he kept going around like that, it wouldn't help him at all.

Ye Mo stared at the rink. He was sure that it changed places not because it changed to a different face of the wall, but because the hall was spinning. When he first came in, he was facing the wall with the rink, as long as he found the wall facing the rink, he would find the entrance.

Ye Mo sat down and started investigating how the wall with the door could have suddenly disappeared.

Ye Mo thought there might be a stealth formation hiding the door, but after Ye Mo used every method he could think of, he still didn't find any stealth formation.

Space formation door? Just when he didn't know what to do, these words popped into his head. He came in through a space formation door, would the entrance also be a space formation door?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo's heart sunk. There were many types of space formation doors and although Ye Mo couldn't lay down any of them, he knew there were conditions to activate one. If it really was a space formation door, then he really wouldn't be able to go out.

Unless he could reach the level of building a space formation door himself one day, he would never be able to leave through this eight-sided hall's space formation door.

A few more days passed without Ye Mo finding any way to escape. He was very worried being trapped there. The voice seemed to know that Ye Mo didn't want to talk to him, so it never talked, as though waiting for Ye Mo to ask for his help after experiencing defeat.

On the ninth day, Ye Mo in his dejectedness took out the half an eye he obtained from the Three-eyed Purple Frog and started to spirit control it.

Half a day later, the eye turned into nothing, and some simple spirit sense refining and basic attacking means appeared in Ye Mo's mind.

Ye Mo rejoiced and even forgot about going out.

"Hmm, a spirit sense attack?" the voice sounded.

After cultivating the Three Birth Chant, he could learn it with the slightest of hints and form his own cultivation method based on those hints.

The spirit sense attack was no different. When Ye Mo opened his eyes again, he felt that although his spirit sense hadn't gotten stronger, it was more refined. He could even make a simple spirit sense attack to stun the opponent now.

When Ye Mo tried his spirit sense attack on a wall, a huge door suddenly appeared!

Ye Mo rejoiced and was flustered at the same time No way, was his spirit sense attack that strong? He had just begun learning it!

But soon, Ye Mo understood what was going on. Someone else was coming.

Before anyone even appeared, Ye Mo already understood from the power waves that there were at least three nascent soul state cultivators coming.

The door had opened and they hadn't come in yet, so without wasting even a moment Ye Mo dashed out of the first door and stayed by the doorside, not daring to move.

Even if he was risking his life, he was going to try to get out. If he didn't get out, he would be killed by those who came in anyways.

As soon as Ye Mo left the hall, he heard the furious rage of that voice, but soon he couldn't hear it anymore. He knew why the voice raged - Ye Mo had taken away the key.

Ye Mo was very confident in his stealth cultivation method, but he wasn't too sure against nascent soul state cultivators. He acted like a rock on the side of the road emitting no chi whatsoever.

But Ye Mo knew that if nascent soul state cultivators were to continuously keep their spirit sense on him, he would be caught no matter what. Thus, he only dared to hide at a place not far from the door, so the cultivators would see the door and ignore him.

He didn't dare to hide into the golden page world yet. He couldn't change its color, so if a golden light suddenly appeared in mid-air, it would be found by them.

"There's a door here. It seems Cijiang went in from here," a low voice said not far from Ye Mo.

It seems these people came to find Fei Cijiang. It really was good to have a sect!

Four people had come, and three of them quickly passed through the door. The last person was almost about to step in as well when Ye Mo clearly felt him hesitate, about to step back. But eventually he didn't.

Ye Mo then couldn't help it anymore and dashed up the stairs towards outside.

"Was something wrong?" one of them noticed and asked.

The last cultivator frowned and said, "There's something strange here, so let's go back out first. When I first came in, I seemed to have felt someone hiding by the door, but when I wanted to check it, I came in subconsciously first."

"Someone who can hide even from us? Is he a nascent soul state cultivator too, maybe even stronger than us?" one of the party said.

The last cultivator shook his head, "He might not be as strong as us, but he must be at nascent soul state for sure. Otherwise, how could we be tricked. I'll go back to che- Hmm?"

As the three turned around, they saw the door that was behind them disappear!

"This place is very dangerous," the last cultivator said.
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