Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 957

Chapter 957: The South Peace State's Black Ice Mountain
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Ye Mo dashed outside through the space formation door and the stealth formation as fast as he could. He got on Zi Xu without even daring to turn around. He carried a purple beam with him as he howled past the sky of the All Herb Mountain Ranges. He could no longer care about staying lowkey. It would be success if he got out of the All Herb Mountain Ranges.

There were four states on Luo Yue Continent and each continent was boundless. However, all of them put together weren't even close to the size of the Heartless Sea.

The South Peace State was the best cultivation ground on Luo Yue Continent.

The Black Ice Sect was one of the nine-star sects there, which was situated on the famous Black Ice Mountain. It was said that the sect had been built more than 100,000 years ago. It had always been on the top three amongst the nine-star sects.

In the past millennium, the Black Ice Sect was no longer as glorious as before and it was at the bottom of the nine-star sects. Even it's nine-star grade was in danger. Yet recently, they had acquired a few genius disciples. All of these sort of signs showed that the Black Ice Sect seem to be able to rise up again and reach the top three.

In a 10,000 km radius around the Black Ice Mountain, there was one main peak, 18 side peaks and 108 supplementary peaks. The main peak was the Black Ice Peak, where the core of the sect was. Truth realisation state cultivators used to be the only ones that could stay at the side peaks, but that had changed too. Now, there was only one truth realisation state cultivator in the sect. Hence, those who reached cauldron filling state could live on the side peaks. Those above cauldron filling state were the grand elders of the sect.

As for the supplementary peaks, they had been accommodated for the inner sect elders and some managers, as well as cultivator who had made huge contributions to the sect.

Other than these peaks, there were countless small peaks on the Black Ice Mountain. These were awarded to excellent sect members.

To all the cultivators there, their greatest desire was to study under one of the 18 side peak leaders and become a core disciple. Only then could they live there. However, most sect members wouldn't even be able to get into the 108 supplementary peaks.

The Black Wind Peak was also one of the 18 side peaks. This peak's leader was one of the cauldron filling state grand elders of the sect, Fan Lianzhu. The spirit chi there was extremely dense and there was an individual spirit range underneath the spirit gathering formation.

From a room on this peak, a woman of unparalleled beauty walked outside. There was some joy in her despondent eyes.

"Sister Susu, have you reached golden core state?" another beautiful woman came out of the house next door and said in excitement.

"En! Beiwei, you're almost at golden core state too. Hopefully, someday we will be able to cross the Heartless Sea and go to the East Black State to see if your brother is there," Susu replied.

Beiwei nodded. "En, I also miss my brother. Sigh- We came together as five before, but now we've gone to three different sects. I wonder how Sister Qingxue, Ziyi and Luo Fei are."

Clearly, they didn't know that Ye Mo was in the North Far State. So Luo Ying, who had recovered her memories, believed Ye Mo had gone to the East Black State. They wanted to cross the Heartless Sea to find Ye Mo. However, without having power above body condensation state, it was a joke.

Hearing this, Luo Ying's joy of reaching golden core state disappeared. It was fine as long as they cultivated non-stop everyday. However, once they stopped, that burning longing scraped their heart. Luo Ying didn't tell Beiwei that Ye Mo's talent was average. In a few decades, they might have still not found Ye Mo yet - even if they reached cauldron filling state.

Moreover, Luo Ying was worried that Ye Mo hadn't come to Luo Yue Continent at all. If that was the case, they would never be able to see Ye Mo again. She knew it was a coincidence that they had come there. If they wanted to go back, it would be impossible unless they had world-dominating power. That kind of power wasn't something that could be achieved by the cultivators of the cultivation realm.

If she could choose, Luo Ying would rather go back to Earth and live with Ye Mo in Luo Yue City. In her eyes, it was so-so to live thousands of years without Ye Mo. She would rather live a few decades with Ye Mo.

Tang Beiwei was also worried that her brother hadn't come there, but she didn't say it out loud. If they said it out loud, then they would lose hope and stop cultivating.

"Sister Susu, we didn't go to the Desert Plane Herb Valley this time because our power was too low. Are we going to the South Peace City cultivator meeting next April?" Tang Beiwei changed the topic.

Luo Ying came back to her senses and nodded. "Core disciples like us aren't allowed to leave the sect without a certain level of power. Qingxue will probably go to the meeting next year. It'd be good if we saw each other."

"Sister Susu, last time I went to Treasure Tower, I heard something. That nine-star Infinity Sect's core disciple Wen Caiyi said she would challenge you after reaching golden core state. If we go to the South Peace City next year, will we meet her there? She ranked number 1 in the golden core state hall of fame," Tang Beiwei asked worriedly.

Luo Ying looked at Tang Beiwei in confusion. "I don't even know her, why is she challenging me? I'm not interested in fighting. If she thinks she's strong, I won't disagree. What has that got to do with me?"

Tang Beiwei shook her head "It's not that. You and her both ranked 1st beauties of the South Peace State. On top of that, the person she likes is Yuan Guannan from the Infinity Sect, but the person he likes isn't her. That Yuan Guannan said after he reached nascent soul state, he would come and propose to us. Yuan Guannan liked Wen Caiyi a lot before we came, but after we got here-"

Luo Ying said calmly, "I'm not going to compare myself to her. I have a husband, she can like whoever she wants. It has nothing to do with me."

Tang Beiwei nodded. "Yes, she's the most beautiful in the South Peace State, yet she's that bored. I heard there's a Dong Tianyan who likes her in her sect, but she doesn't like him back. I really wonder who that Yuan Guannan is, how can he make her love him so much?"

"Beiwei, let's not care about such things. We need to focus on cultivation. This isn't our home," Luo Ying said.

"I know, Sister." Tang Beiwei poked her tongue out.

The North Far State's Jiang Chuan city was as populated as Broken Leaf City. Cultivators and mortals lived amongst each other.

The spirit chi there was arid and there weren't many cultivation resources nearby. It was also very far from the Heartless Sea. So, so there were rather less cultivators there, and no high-level cultivators. The highest level there was only at foundation establishment state. There were occasional golden core state passerbys. Even the city lord there was just a martial artist.

Those with higher power wouldn't stay there. They would go to a place with more spirit chi.

When Ye Mo got there, it had already been three months after he had escaped from the All herb Valley.

During these three month, Ye Mo had been to 15 cities and 4 small countries. Some were cultivation cities and some were just mortal cities.

Ye Mo had tried to avoid cultivators from the the Ghost Immortal Sect, as well as that Black and White halfway pill king. He chose distant places. Ye Mo was still wearing Nine Transformations.
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