Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 959

Chapter 959: Search
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Then he looked at the two martial artists at the door. Clearly they were the guards. The two guards walked over and said to Ye Mo, "Sir, if you're not here to buy anything, lea-"

Before they could finish, they were thrown out and smashed onto the door sign, shattering the luxurious shop sign. They fell onto the streets holding their legs and were crying out in pain.

Then, Ye Mo said coldly, "Tell your manager to come. If you say anymore bullsh*t, I will tear this place apart."

Ye Mo was burning with desperation and was not going to use calm means. He needed to know where Su Jingwen was as quickly as possible. Su Jingwen was the first girl he met on Earth, and Yimo was with her too.

Without the attendant even having to call, a very fat man suddenly rushed down. He immediately saluted with his fists and said respectfully, "I didn't know Immortal Master had arrived. My apologies for all the rudeness, please have a seat upstairs."

Clearly, this manager had been watching what was happening downstairs.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and said, "Did this come from your place?"

The manager now knew that Ye Mo had to be there because of the bracelet and quickly said, "Yes, yes, it was sold from my shop five days ago by the Young Miss of the Qin Manor, Qin Baihe."

"I didn't ask you who bought it. I want to know where you got it from." Ye Mo calmed down a little seeing the manager was cooperating.

The manager was clearly astute, and he knew that the bracelet hadn't come through proper means. If ordinary people came to investigate, he wouldn't tell the truth, but now an immortal master came and asked. He didn't dare to lie at all. If he offended an immortal master, his entire shop would be immediately disintegrated, much less his fame.

Although they also had an immortal master behind their back, who knew if they wouldn't reach some deal? Also, it just wasn't worth it for an ordinary person to hide things from an immortal master.

And so without hesitation, the manager said, "It was the four Pei brothers we got it from. They used to dominate the local martial scene and every once in a while, they would come sell some things. This bracelet-"

"Where are they now?" Ye Mo asked.

The manager immediately replied, "They aren't in Jian Chuan City. They're in the Pei family manor outside the city. It's 50 km to the east from here."

The manager gave very specific details without Ye Mo needing to ask. Seeing Ye Mo suddenly disappear from right in front of him after saying that, he was even more scared. Luckily, he didn't offend the immortal master. It seemed this was no ordinary immortal master!

It was near winter, and there were rarely people outside the city. People gathered inside the city walls, and so the streets seemed busy. When Ye Mo got to the Pei family manor, it was also very populated.

Four men were drinking in a room with a few beautiful maids serving them wine on the side.

"That Ma Yanwen really knows how to enjoy life, starting dual cultivation with that Lao Shenzi. Does he have nothing to do? How can he live joyfully like us, drinking wine and eating meat?" a man on the left said with a little drunkenness.

The skinny man opposite him smiled and said, "Third brother, aren't you just jealous that us four don't have spirit roots?"

That man gulped another cup. Clearly he was a little jealous.

The man sitting at the head seat said, "Second brother, you don't need to say that. Although we live an enjoyable life, it's not as good as those immortal masters'. Living hundreds of years and all that. I heard that next spring, the Chang He River will start taking in disciples. We should go have a look too."

Just when they wanted to agree, a voice said, "That's if you have the life to go."

The four shot up and saw a man suddenly appear in their room, watching them coldly.

"Who are you?" the big brother stopped them from attacking and asked. He knew that this person quite possibly might be an immortal master to be able to appear in their room without them noticing.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet, "Where did you get this bracelet from?"

All four brothers could tell Ye Mo didn't harbor good intentions, so the fourth brother suddenly said, "This is the first time I've seen this bracelet. We have never had anything to do with it."

Ye Mo didn't look at him, but his spirit sense easily caught the glimmer in his eyes. Clearly the fellow was lying.

Ye Mo threw out a wind blade casually, and the fourth brother was sliced in half before he could even scream!

Blood splashed out onto the floor.

The maids immediately fainted at such a bloody scene.

The other three couldn't take it anymore - one of the four brothers was killed! They pulled out their swords and charged up.

Ye Mo could tell that their brotherhood was extreme, so it would be impossible to interrogate them.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo no longer had the intention of asking questions. He killed another one and controlled the souls of the other two to interrogate them.

The two had never cultivated before, so it was very easy to do so. If they had formed spirit sense, it would be very hard.

Soul searching someone with spirit sense would be even more implausible as it required at least truth realisation state power and a soul searching cultivation method.

15 minutes later, Ye Mo killed the last two and left this Pei Manor. He had learned of the bracelet's story. Two months earlier, Jiang Chuan City had a battle with the nearby Fu Mo City. It was a battle between two cultivators initially, but countless people in the cities died. People soon started to flee, including the wealthy families.

Some wealthy families brought along guards, but most of them were in a chaotic state, so the four brothers used the opportunity to rob all those asylum seekers. From what they knew, this bracelet was taken from some very ugly woman.

Ye Mo asked repeatedly, but the men assured him that the woman didn't have another girl by her. Clearly Yimo wasn't there, whether that ugly woman was Su Jingwen in disguise or not.

Finding out that those asylum seekers had all ended up in Jiang Chuan City, Ye Mo came back to the city again. He searched with his spirit sense, and in order for Su Jingwen not to be shocked by seeing him, he took off Nine Transformations. Ye Mo believed that as long as Su Jingwen was there, he could find her.

Meanwhile, the sky grew dark, and more and more snowflakes started floating. Soon, the ground was covered in a thin layer of white snow.

Ye Mo stood above the city. The city walls were big but could only block some wind.

If Su Jingwen was in the city, she would have nowhere to go once it snowed. Ye Mo could only hope she found a good place to stay.

Ye Mo was very desperate, but he couldn't find Su Jingwen in the end.

He gradually calmed down. He knew he had to calm down to find one person out of a million people. So he stood in the center of the street and searched with his spirit sense again and again.

As the snow grew bigger, the busy streets quickly quietened down.

Soon, there was only Ye Mo on this street. Ye Mo kept searching very carefully and didn't even notice a layer of snow was forming on him.
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