Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 96

Chapter 96: The Old Ginger Song Yuanyi

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Of course, Chi Wanqing knew how chaotic Flowing Snake was and wasnt even planning on talking with those hoodlum looking people. She wasnt like Ning Qingxue; the things she had learned in the military werent for show, she immediately kicked the two men who didnt even take her seriously and were kicked to the ground, and she didnt stop here, she went up and kicked twice again. Everyone could even hear the sound of bones cracking.

Shi Wei was very annoyed that the women he had seen today dared to resist, but before he was able to release his anger, he found that his two men had their leg broken by Chi Wanqing. Before he was able to scream, Chi Wanqing kicked again right on his leg that had been just plastered.

Shi Weis howl could be heard almost a mile away, but in a place like Flowing Snake, no matter how much you screamed, no one would come and see.

The remaining two men carrying Shi Wei were already shaking. They had never seen a woman with such strong power who didnt even hesitate when fighting. There were a few youths who had seen Chi Wanqing in the distance and wanted to harass her, but they immediately backed off after seeing this scene. This woman dared to beat Shi Wei, how could she care about them?

In fact, if Shi Wei had immediately chosen to send all of his men to attack Chi Wanqing at the same time, perhaps Chi Wanqing would have some trouble, but only two went first, and these two had such a whimsical attitude that the result could be expected.

However, even if Shi Wei took it seriously at the start, Chi Wanqing wouldnt mind; at most, she would have released Little Wolf, but if she did, people would die. Although Chi Wanqing knew how chaotic this place was, she didnt want to kill people so easily.

Amidst the howls, Shi Wei didnt think the second beautiful girl would be so troublesome. Shi Wei who was under unbearable pain saw that this woman didnt seem like she wanted to punish him more, so he resisted the pain and called out, Leave quickly! Chi Wanqing saw them leave but didnt care. She was prepared to ask someone, but unexpectedly, the person who walked up toward her was a woman even prettier than her; however, this woman had a few men following behind her and appeared to be the leader of a gang.

Was the head of Flowing Snake a woman? However, this woman didnt seem to dress like that. She seemed more like a docile, well-educated girl.

No matter what, it was better to face a woman than a man. Thinking about this, Chi Wanqing walked toward this woman. She wanted to ask about Ye Mo.

When Ning Qingxue first saw Chi Wanqing, she felt that something was strange but couldn't say what it was; however, it felt very real.

"Didn't they say that Flowing Snake was chaotic? How come such a pretty woman, not one bit inferior to me, is here?" She was startled.

Fang Nan and several of his men were accompanying Ning Qingxue who went to see the pagoda, and when they saw that breathtaking woman, they started to wonder what was going on recently in this place, since two women of such caliber came consecutively in two days.

Fortunately, they hadn't seen Chi Wanqing kicking the other men, or their impressions would have been different.

"Hello, do you know if a man named Ye Mo is here?" Chi Wanqing asked as she blocked Ning Qingxue's group.

"You are also looking for him!?" Ning Qingxue was surprised as she looked at the woman in front of her, she was charming, yet had the look of a martial artist. It was not surprising that she had such a strange feeling earlier, almost as if she had a 6th sense.

You are? Chi Wanqing looked curiously at Ning Qingxue, wondering what Ye Mos relationship was with such an excellent woman.

Oh, shes called Ning Qingxue, Brother Yes wife, Fang Nan saw the atmosphere was awkward, and obviously, this handsome looking girl also knew Ye Mo, so he quickly introduced her. Meanwhile, he thought, Brother Ye is indeed strong, even the girls he knew arent ordinary.

Huh, youre brother Yes wife? That Chi Wanqing managed to hold back one who used Brother Ye as a shield. However, she no longer had a good impression of Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue also seemed to notice that she had some enmity toward her and didnt know what to say anymore. She didnt even ask what she was to Ye Mo as she was scared that she wouldnt be able to handle the result.

The atmosphere was awkward once again.

Even Fang Nan could tell what was happening: the two seemed to have a conflict over Brother Ye, and he was immediately worried. Both of these women seemed to be related to Brother Ye, so it was not good to help either of them. One seemed to be the legal and the other the hidden.

He couldnt let them stare off like this. If they had a fight, he would be the one to suffer. Thinking about this, Fang Nan wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, Hum, its already noon, and were all starving, why dont we go eat first. We can talk about Brother Ye after food.

He was the gang leader and always lived his life on the edge, but now, it was really hard for him to be the peacekeeper between two women.


Other than Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue looking for Ye Mo, the Song Family was also discussing about Ye Mo. Although all sorts of signs indicated that Song Shaotans death was related to Ye Mo, it was not surprising that he could kill Song Shaotan; however, it would be shocking if he could actually kill Hu Qiu. Thus, the Song Family still couldnt be sure that Song Shaotan was killed by Ye Mo.

Can we confirm that the Shi Ying who suddenly appeared in Ning Hai and disappeared is Ye Mo? The Song Family had two of their third generation children murdered, so Song Qimings anger could no longer be described. Although Song Shaowen was his son, Song Shaotan was the brightest one in the third generation, yet he was killed in Ning Hai.

We cant be sure yet because even though he looks quite similar to Ye Mo, the face of Shi Ying is too blurred. The main thing is, Shi Yings power is definitely higher than Hu Qiu. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to beat Pu Dongheng in one move. The greatest point of suspicion is that Fang Weicheng first saw Shi Ying at Ning Du District, and thats where Ye Mo was living at the time, Song Hai reported every detail of his investigation.

It doesnt matter whether Shi Ying is Ye Mo or not, he has a great connection to Shaotans death. Besides, Shi Ying kills with metal nails and, up until now, we havent found any ancient martial arts family that likes to kill with metal nails, the old man who spoke was 50 or so, Song Qishen. He was called Uncle Shen, his status was just below Old Man Song and Song Qiming.

Although Song Qiming was the leader of the family in this meeting, his status wasnt the highest; Old Man Song, also known as Song Yuanyi was the real leader. Old Man Song could stay calm if Song Shaowen died because even though Shaowen was his direct descendant, he didnt have much of a future; however, concerning Song Shaotan, it was different. It was the grandson he had the most hopes for, but now that he was dead, Old Man Song could no longer be indifferent.

Normally, he rarely came to the family meetings, but today, he came. Although he was full of rage, he still appeared to be composed. After hearing these few people, Song Yuanyi opened his closed eyes and said, Continue to investigate the relationship between Shi Ying and Ye Mo. But were only investigating, stop the hunt for Ye Mo for now.

When everyone looked confusedly at Old Man Song, he said plainly, It doesnt matter whether we have Ye Mo or Shi Yings location, we just need to think of a way to make Qian Longtou know. Ye Mo had already raised the attention of that Ye Family. What you need to do is to let Qian Longtou know that Ye Mo killed his son.

After pausing for a bit, Old Man Song continued, And, you need to let the Ye Family know Ye Mos excellence, but dont reveal that Ye Mo possibly killed Qian Longtous only son. Other than that, we just need to enjoy the show. Besides, could it be so simple to kill Hu Qiu?

Near the end, Song Yuanyis tone grew bleak.

Everyone understood the old mans intentions and couldnt help to think that the oldest gingers were the spiciest. Making Qian Longtou deal with the Ye Family and at the crucial moment, all the Song Family had to do was give it a push. The old mans intentions were to use this opportunity to completely smash the Ye Family to a point where they would never be able to recover.


Of course, Ye Mo didnt know that two women had been looking for him in Flowing Snake, and he didnt know the shenanigans that the Song Family was using against the Ye Family. Even if he knew, he would pretend he didnt know since he had no relationship with the Ye Family anymore. He had opened his little clinic but was still operating without a license. Not only was the position far off the center of the city, but there were only him and Yu Erhu now.

He chose this distant place because other places were too expensive, but the main reason was that this place was in an old private house, and when Ye Mo rented the old house, he had paid for two years rent. There was a yard in the back of the house where he could grow Silver Heart Grass which was exactly what Ye Mo wanted.

For him, business came after growing the Silver Heart Grass.

However, the third day that the clinic had opened, they had their first patient when they least expected. Ye Mo and Yu Erhu were awoken by a hurried knock in the middle of the night.
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