Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 960

Chapter 960: The Moment I Met You
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The places Ye Mo needed to search were fewer and fewer, but this just made him more worried. He had searched 90% of the area, but there were still no signs of Su Jingwen.

A woman wearing rags stumbled across the street Ye Mo was at. She noticed Ye Mo standing in the center of the street, cloaked in snow, and had a sudden resonance in her heart.

Was this person standing in the snow like her due to something he didn't want to let go? She knew that once the snow fell, the frigid winter had arrived. Her days of roaming outside would be over.

If she couldn't find a good place to go, then she would have to prepare for death. She wanted to roam around in the snow and think about her days in Ning Hai. Think about how she went from Ning Hai to Luo Yue City for him. From Luo Yue to that small world, and then from the small world to this living hell.

After reminiscing those days, she would leave Jiang Chuan City and find a peaceful place in the wilderness to settle and leave this world peacefully. Perhaps in her next life, she would find a place where she truly belonged. Perhaps in her next life, she would find love in someone who also loved her back.

Her only pitty was that her bracelet had been stolen. If only she could leave the world with the bracelet still on her! She had no regrets. Sometimes, people needed to pursue what they wanted in life and she wasn't a woman who could settle for anything.

She just wondered if her mother was alright - if Yimo, Wanqing and Sister Yuehua were fine. She wondered if he was fine.

Perhaps no one would ever know that her final destination had been a place like this - a world like this.

She walked past Ye Mo, who was standing still. When she was only a few meters away, her heart suddenly acked. She turned around and looked at the man who stood still in the middle of the street.

The bracelet he was holding in his hands!

She was dazed. After a long while, she moved her eyes from the bracelet to Ye Mo's face.

Although Ye Mo's eyes were closed and there was a layer of snow on his hair and brows, she was still shook. An unexplainable feeling gushed out from the depth of her heart.

Am I dead? Am I hallucinating? Is this person really him? Why is it so real?

She didn't wipe her eyes, she didn't dare move. She was scared that this figure would disappear and she would wake up from her hallucination to realize she was still by herself in that endless strange world.

Tears flowed down her eyes, finally letting go countless hardships. She had never teared up, but at that moment she couldn't control her tears anymore.

In her loneliest and most helpless moments, she hadn't considered crying even though she had been about to die. But seeing this person before her, she could no longer bear the feeling of helplessness, loneliness and grief in her heart.

She wanted to cry.

However, this was even more of a reason not to move. She would rather die slowly like this than make the hallucination before her eyes disappear. She didn't dare say a word.

When I first met you,

I was walking down the busy streets of my hometown.

The hustling crowd around us.

You were alone in a corner of the street selling charms.

At that time,

You weren't a part of world yet.

But you saved my mother.

When I met you for the last time,

I was walking on the streets of a foreign place.

Flying snowflakes around us.

You stand alone in the middle of the street waiting for the snow.

At that moment,

You were only the hallucination of my mind.

You allow me to leave without any regrets.

The snow had also covered her body, but she didn't move nor blink. She wasn't going to let the person before her disappear even if it was just an illusion.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He hadn't let anyone pass his spirit sense. He had fully committed his mind to searching. Even if someone had tried to attack him, he wouldn't have noticed. He probably had never been so focused on doing something.

However, he had been searching nearby and hadn't found Su Jingwen at all. Ye Mo sighed. He was prepared to take back his spirit sense and leave when he saw someone standing a few meters from him, not moving.

How far does someone have to search? Sometimes, you search around everywhere, but you can't see that what you're looking for is right in front of your eyes.

"Jingwen." Ye Mo immediately realized that the person in front of him was Su Jingwen. He had been looking for her, but she had found him first. Since she had found him, why wasn't she talking? Why was she just standing there?

Su Jingwen had a faint smile on her face. Two rows of tears were frozen on her face. She didn't have Ye Mo's cultivation essence power. Her body was weak to begin with. If she hadn't had that faith holding her, she would've fallen down already.

Ye Mo's spirit sense immediately noticed that Su Jingwen was on the brink of death. He was shook. He quickly grabbed her and took her to his hotel.

Ye Mo took off her disguise, unveiling that pretty and familiar face of hers.

With Ye Mo's power and pill king prowess, it wasn't hard for him to heal Su Jingwen. Yet, what disappointed Ye Mo was that no matter what he did, Su Jingwen simply had a smile on her face and looked at him. If he disappeared from her sight, she would tear up.

Ye Mo was sad. He hadn't thought Su Jingwen had such feelings for him. In the depth of his heart, he felt guilty. He had thought of many people, but he had been worried about Su Jingwen due to Yimo.

He remembered when Su Jingwen invited him to dinner. The first dance of his life had been with Su Jingwen.

"No matter what, I will cure her", Ye Mo made up his mind. He started to remove her clothes and shower her.

Ye Mo was just going to stay in this city for a day, but because of Su Jingwen, he stayed for three days. On the fourth day, he took her to the most famous doctor there.

He was a cultivator, so he never had thought he would need a mortal doctor.

Even though he was powerful and a pill king, he didn't know what was wrong with Su Jingwen. He had refined Su Jingwen's marrow for her and even cured her old sickness, but she was still like this.

Ye Mo had taken her to many clinics, but none of them could even tell what was wrong with her.

However, at least he knew that one person might know what was wrong with her. That man was Doctor King Sun Houchang.

It was said that he was not only a doctor king, but also an immortal master. He lived on the Min He Mountain thousands of kilometers from there.

Ye Mo immediately headed towards this place.

Yet, Ye Mo could only hold Su Jingwen in his arms. He couldn't carry her on his back as she would start crying as soon as she couldn't see him.

After getting there, Ye Mo immediately realized that Sun Houchang was just an ordinary solo cultivator - and one who wasn't so powerful. Spirit chi was scarce there too.

Seeing this, Ye Mo was greatly disappointed. Sun Houchang was worse than him and he was perhaps this famous only due to his status as a cultivator.

But regardless, he had to check if this Sun Houchang actually had skills.

Ye Mo didn't know if Sun Houchang had the skills, but he certainly thought highly of himself. Ye Mo was stopped outside the formation. Two chi gathering female disciples said that their master was outside and he hadn't come back yet.

As soon as they said this, two men came out. One had a beard up to his chest and seemed like an immortal, the other was an ordinary-looking man. Yet, Ye Mo realized that these two cultivators were at golden core state level 7.

"Brother Sun, I'll rely on you for this matter," the ordinary looking man said.

Ye Mo immediately could tell that the bearded man was Sun Houchang.

Sun Houchang laughed. "Dao Friend Li, don't worry, I will do my best. In one month, you will receive good news."
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