Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 961

Chapter 961: Obsession
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Hmm, this looks like a case of the will overexertion syndrome. What a woman of strong obsession!" it was the ordinary-looking man who said this.

Ye Mo heard this like immortal music and quickly went up and saluted with his fists, "Daofriend, do you know the cause for her illness?"

The ordinary-looking man was much stronger than Ye Mo but seemed very amicable, and he nodded, "I know the cause of her illness because I've seen it before. You're probably here for pills from Pill Master Sun, right? But you're probably going to be disappointed."

Sun Houchang glanced coldly at Ye Mo and Su Jingwen and didn't say anything.

Ye Mo was very unhappy with this Sun Houchang. He was just an ordinary pill concocter, was this act necessary? Did he think he was a pill king? But since this ordinary-looking man recognized Su Jingwen's condition, Ye Mo couldn't underestimate Sun Houchang.

Moreover, he had come to ask for help, so he saluted with his fists, "Pill Master Sun, may I ask-"

Before Ye Mo could finish, Sun Houchang waved his hand and said, "No need to ask, I can't cure this. This is the first time I've heard of such a condition."

Then, he ignored Ye Mo and saluted with his fists to the ordinary-looking man, "Brother Li, I'll be going."

Then, he went back inside and shut the formation.

The person he called Brother Li showed his hands to Ye Mo and said, "He's such a strange-tempered man, but he's a level six spirit pill master. I came to him for pills, but I think he really doesn't know about such a disease. I've only heard about it here and there as well."

Ye Mo wasn't going to let this opportunity to gain information pass, and he saluted with his fists and said, "Daofriend please, do you know how to cure this will overexertion syndrome?"

The cultivator shook his head, "The reason why I even know about it is because 70 years ago, I went with an Elder to visit a Qianbei. He had seen this sort of patient before. That Qianbei said that this condition was caused by an obsessive will that surpassed the patient's love for life. If the patient can't be awakened on the mental level, he or she will be incurable otherwise."

"What did that Qianbei say in the end?" Ye Mo asked desperately.

Seeing Ye Mo was so desperate, the cultivator called Li replied with sympathy, "That Qianbei couldn't cure it either. He just said that you need to understand the patient's obsession and then wake the patient up with mental and soul type pills. But the soul type pills are very precious-"

As though not wanting to see Ye Mo lose hope, Li added, "Even spirit sense repairing pills are very expensive. I heard that in the last pill concoction hall of fame tournament, one pill master used Spirit Attraction Grass to create the spirit weaving pill. Perhaps you can go find him and see?"

Ye Mo was dazed. That person was him! If he had a way to cure this, why would he ask some level six spirit pill master?

Seeing Ye Mo flustered, the cultivator continued, "That Qianbei did say that there's a herb called Du Lan Chun Xiao. If you use this herb in a pill, it could perhaps wake up the patient.

If the number one hall of fame pill master would be willing to help, perhaps this pill could really be made."

Ye Mo suddenly realized his thinking had really been clouded because of being personally involved. Wasn't he a pill king level master? Yet in his desperation, he couldn't think of that much. He didn't even come up with the diagnose that Su Jingwen was just in a state of too much obsession.

He knew the Du Lan Chun Xiao. It was a type of level three spirit herb. It did have great potency for curing spirit and mental type conditions, and perhaps he could really use this herb to make a pill and test it out. Not to mention, he knew that Su Jingwen's obsession might be related to him.

The only difficulty now would be to find the Du Lan Chun Xiao. It was just a level three spirit herb, but it was very rare. As rare as level five spirit herbs!

The herb wasn't as difficult to make a pill with as the Spirit Attraction Grass, but it was still very hard. But since he could put the Spirit Attraction Grass into a pill, why couldn't he do the same to Du Lan Chun Xiao?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt relieved. Even if he couldn't make the Du Lan Chun Xiao into a pill, he still had the spirit recovery pill. That was a heaven grade level three pill, the best pill for recovering injuries to the soul. Even if he couldn't cure Su Jingwen, he could make her better.

Ye Mo immediately put a spirit recovery pill in her mouth.

It melted immediately, and Su Jingwen's eyes shut. After a while, she fell into sleep.

Ye Mo rejoiced. Su Jingwen hadn't slept for a few days, and that's what worried him the most. If he hadn't refined her marrow for her, she really might not have lasted this long. Now that she was asleep, even if she didn't recover, it would allow him enough time to look for the herb.

Seeing the possibility of curing her, Ye Mo rejoiced. He was very thankful to this cultivator, and he said, "Brother Li thank you, I was enlightened thanks to you."

The cultivator looked at Su Jingwen in shock, "I heard that Qianbei say that patients with this condition can't fall asleep. How did you make her fall asleep?"

This man had helped him a lot, so Ye Mo didn't want to lie to him, "That was actually a spirit recovery pill I obtained by chance."

"What?" The cultivator was shook, "Are you talking about the heaven grade level three spirit recovery pill?"

He didn't know how the spirit recovery pill was made, but he knew it was a heaven grade level three pill. It was worth a fortune, and yet this cultivator just gave one to the woman in his arms. How wealthy was he?

Ye Mo didn't want to talk much about it, "Brother Li, I'm going to find the Du Lan Chun Xiao. Farewell."

Ye Mo wanted to tell the man his name, but since he was being hunted by so many people, he couldn't.

The Li cultivator realized Ye Mo didn't want to talk about the spirit recovery pill, so he didn't ask and said, "If you want to find the Du Lan Chun Xiao, I know a place that will have it in four days."

"Where would that be?" Ye Mo asked.

"In four days in Shuo Gan City, there will be a small-scale golden core state gathering. I heard that someone will be bringing the Du Lan Chun Xiao there. I'm going there too, if you want to go, you can come with me," he said.

This was too coincidental! Yet as Ye Mo studied this Li cultivator, he could see that his tone was genuine, and Ye Mo didn't feel there was anything wrong with him.

He nodded, "Thank you then brother Li, my name is Mo Ying. I'm a solo cultivator. What pill are you asking Sun Houchang to make that it will take a month?"

The cultivator smiled, "I'm Li Jingwen. I am similarly a solo cultivator. I got two pieces of Blue Wen Grass, and so I wanted to ask Pill Master Sun to concoct some blue wen pills."

This Li Jingwen had helped him, so Ye Mo couldn't let him be scammed.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "Brother Li, I'm not saying what you did was wrong, but the blue wen pill isn't something a level six spirit pill master can concoct. It requires at least a level seven spirit pill master. As for special grade ones, only pill kings can make them."

Li Jingwen smiled bitterly, "Of course I know that, but out of all the pill masters I know, Pill Master Sun is the highest level. I wouldn't be able to afford level seven or above spirit pill masters. Sigh"

Ye Mo immediately understood the hardship of Li Jingwen. Ye Mo was a pill king, so he didn't experience the pain of ordinary cultivators.

He thought for a moment and said, "Brother Li, if I'm not wrong, Li Jingwen shouldn't be able to make it. He's lying to you saying that it takes one month to make too. I've made the blue wen pill before, and even a bad level seven spirit pill master wouldn't need a day."

"You- Are you a level seven spirit pill master?" Li Jingwen was shocked.
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