Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 962

Chapter 962: Golden Core State Gathering
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"That's right, I'm a level seven spirit pill master. If you're willing to trust me, I can concoct the blue wen pill for you. I'm sure that Sun Houchang is tricking you. Whether or not he has the ability to concoct it is questionable, but just based on how he says it will be done in a month, it doesn't sound trustworthy." Ye Mo really didn't like this Sun Houchang, but he had a good impression of Li Jingwen.

Ye Mo thought Li Jingwen would be rather careful about letting him concoct the pill for him, as after all, the Blue Hen Herb was precious.

But what he didn't expect was that Li Jingwen only hesitate for a moment before saying, "Brother Mo, I trust you. I believe you're a level seven spirit pill master."

Ye Mo was surprised. He didn't think Li Jingwen would be that honest. It's good Ye Mo wasn't planning on tricking him.

Li Jingwen said, "If you can give this woman a heaven grade level three spirit recovery pill, it means you're someone who values the more important things in life. I don't believe someone like that is a liar."

Ye Mo knew what Li Jingwen meant. In the cultivation realm, even a husband and wife might not give each other a heaven grade level three pill.

Sun Houchang was very happy today - he just got two Blue Wen Herbs! Although he couldn't make it yet, once he became a level seven spirit pill master, he would. The blue wen pills made from these two herbs would be enough to support him up to the golden core state peak stage.

As for Li Jingwen, he would find some excuse and compensate him with a bit of spirit stones.

But before he could finish enjoying his mood, his two female disciples reported that Li Jingwen was outside.

He felt strange. Why had Li Jingwen come back right after he'd just left? In any case, Sun Houchang kept his two Blue Wen Herbs and went. He couldn't just avoid him after all.

Thinking about this, Sun Houchang left and came up to Li Jingwen with a serious face, "Brother Li, did you forget about something?"

Li Jingwen said with awkwardness, "Pill Master Sun, could you give back my two Blue Wen Herbs for now? I would like to ask for your help in four days instead."

Sun Houchang was shook and quickly asked, "Why? I was studying the herbs right now. If I get them four days later, it will delay the time you get the pills."

Li Jingwen shook his head, "I know, but I have no choice. I want to see if I can trade the herbs for some blue wen pills during the gathering in four days in Shuo Gan City. If not, then I'll come back to ask for your help. Please understand."

Sun Houchang heard this and looked at him in shock, "You want to trade Blue Wen Herbs for blue wen pills? You know that's impossible."

Li Jingwen sighed, "I know it's very hard, but how can I be sure it won't work if I don't try. If I don't try, I can't put my heart at ease."

Sun Houchang looked at Ye Mo. Li Jingwen was someone very easy to talk to, so why did he change his mind so quickly? Clearly this had something to do with Ye Mo. But he was sure that even if someone had blue wen pills at the gathering, they wouldn't trade it for Blue Wen Herbs. But the Blue Wen Herbs belonged to Li Jingwen, and he had only just given them to him. He couldn't even find an excuse not to give it back. If Li Jingwen came back the next day, he could say that he had already started making it. But Li Jingwen hadn't even left for 10 minutes.

Not to mention that Li Jingwen was no weaker than him! If they fought, he might not be a match for him. Sun Houchang felt very unhappy. Even though he was sure that Li Jingwen wouldn't be able to trade his herbs for the blue wen pill, he would still feel more secure if he kept the blue wen herb on himself.

"Pill Master Sun?" Li Jingwen reminded Sun Houchang of his presence seeing he wasn't talking.

"Uh, okay, since Brother Li wants to try, I agree of course." Sun Chouchang took out the two jade boxes in the end.

After Li Jingwen confirmed that the boxes contained his Blue Wen Herbs, he nodded and said to Sun Houchang, "Thank you, Pill Master Sun, I'll be leaving now. Brother Mo, let's go together."

Sun Houchang looked at Ye Mo and said, "Friend, if you don't mind, I would like to invite you to my place. I can help you look at this patient."

How could Ye Mo not know what Sun Houchang was planning? He didn't want to let go of the Blue Wen Herb and hated him for seemingly meddling.

Or perhaps he called him in so that Li Jingwen would follow as well. This way, he could take revenge against him and get the Blue Wen Herb from Li Jingwen at the same time.

But Ye Mo had no time to bullsh*t with this random person. Even if he could save Jingwen, he wasn't going to beg Sun Houchang.

So Ye Mo ignored Sun Houchang and said to Li Jingwen, "Well, let's go then."

Then, he released a simple flying sword and left the place with Li Jingwen quickly.

Seeing the two leave like that, Sun Houchang's face turned green, "Insolent brat, how dare you ruin my plans and act so cocky! In four days, you will be dying at Shuo Gan City."

After Li Jingwen left the mountain, he immediately stopped and gave the Blue Wen Herbs to Ye Mo. He didn't ask Ye Mo to give him anything in return as insurance or anything and just left Ye Mo to concoct the pills. He simply arranged to meet up with Ye Mo four days later in Shuo Gan City and left.

Seeing him leave, Ye Mo sighed. Li Jingwen was nice and trusted people easily, but he wasn't really an idiot. Or else, he wouldn't use the excuse of trying to trade his herbs at the gathering to ask for his herbs back.

No one who had cultivated to the golden core state tertiary stage was dumb. Li Jingwen's character was just much better than ordinary cultivators'. But once it involved his interests, Ye Mo believed this man would surely have a way to retaliate.

Although Sun Houchang took back his herbs easily, if Ye Mo couldn't provide him the blue wen pills at the latest a month later, he wouldn't end well. The reason why he trusted Ye Mo was because he gave a spirit recovery pill to Su Jingwen and didn't even care. Compared to the spirit recovery pill, the blue wen pill was nothing.

That night, Ye Mo arrived at Gan Shuo City.

It was tens of thousands of kilometers from Jiang Chuan, but Ye Mo finally found out why the cities around there were so arid in spirit chi.

There was a level six spirit gathering formation here! This high level formation required supreme means and top quality materials. With such a powerful spirit gathering formation around, of course the spirit chi from the area would get sucked over.

The spirit chi here, however, was almost as good as in Broken Leaf City. But without a spirit range, Gan Shuo City would become like Jiang Chuan City eventually.

Ye Mo found a hotel to settle down Su Jingwen before starting to concoct the blue wen pill.

Li Jingwen had only given the two Blue Wen Herbs to Ye Mo. He didn't provide any supplementary herbs. But Ye Mo didn't really mind.

Li Jingwen had helped him. Furthermore, Ye Mo had too many Blue Wen Herbs and more than 100 blue wen pills.

The herbs he got weren't very aged, but he still made twelve blue wen pills in two tries. They were all special grade pills!

Ye Mo put them inta bottle and started organizing his loot.

He had obtained multiple golden core state storage rings from the All Herb Mountain Ranges, but there wasn't anything really good inside.

Fei Cijiang's storage ring had a level seven water mobility rune and the stone stool.

It was exactly the same as the one he got from Tian Ze! The two stools resonated with each other.

Ye Mo didn't know how Fei Cijiang could have the stone stool, but he knew it wasn't ordinary. Tian Ze was no ordinary old man.

Ye Mo put them inside the golden page world and started counting his spirit stones. He had more than 1.7 million top grade spirit stones, more than 5 million middle grade spirit stones and more than 4 million low grade spirit stones.

Three days passed by quickly, and Ye Mo didn't go anywhere. He was studying the tian hua pill. As for Su Jingwen, she was sleeping most of the time.

When Ye Mo carried Su Jingwen on his back to the location of the gathering, Miao Xiang Tower, Li Jingwen was already waiting for him.
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