Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 963

Chapter 963: Ill take it
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Li Jingwen saw Ye Mo look over and put on a joyous face, but Ye Mo could see a sliver of unease in his eyes. Clearly, although he gave the two herbs to Ye Mo quickly, he still had some worry in the depth of his heart.

After all, he had only seen Ye Mo once.

Despite Li Jingwen not asking him about it, Ye Mo still gave him a jade bottle and said, "The pill's ready, have a look."

Li Jingwen heard this and his hands shook, he really couldn't find a level seven spirit pill master anywhere and thus took this gamble. He didn't think he would really get a bottle of blue wen pill.

Even though he was golden core state level seven, he still couldn't control his excitement. He carefully took the jade bottle and opened it. Inside were 12 special grade blue wen pills.

"This" Li Jingwen felt dazed for a moment and reacted, "I don't need that much, the supplementary herbs were supplied by you, you only need to give me four or five."

Although Li Jingwen knew Ye Mo might be a level seven spirit pill master, he didn't have much hope. But clearly, he trusted Ye Mo more than Sun Houhchang. Even so, he would be very happy if he got two pills back.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "You trusted me to concoct pills for you. Plus, you've helped me as well. Although the blue wen pills are precious, I don't really care."

Ye Mo knew that Li Jingwen probably could tell he wasn't poor, so he didn't need to act poor.

Li Jingwen thought for a moment and knew Ye Mo was telling the truth.

He said gratefully, "In that case, I'll be taking advantage of you this time. If you need me in the future, I will help for sure."

Ye Mo's impression of Li Jingwen was getting better and better. He intentionally said those things but Li Jingwen didn't seem like he intended to rob him at all. Many people would think of ways to rob another cultivator who was weaker than them but had more valuables. Li Jingwen's eyes didn't even flutter after learning Ye Mo was wealthy. He was truly an honest person.

"Hmm, wait, this is special grade" Li Jingwen thought of something and opened the bottle again. He looked at Ye Mo in shock. "You're a pill"

Li Jingwen realized he was at least a level one pill king. Ye Mo knew Li Jingwen was going to say pill king, but he waved his hand and stopped him. "You just need to know yourself brother Li. If you need help in the future, just ask me."

Li Jingwen was shook, he didn't think that a random person he met would turn out to be a pill king, and such a young one at that.

He could also concoct the spirit recovery pill, didn't this mean that he was at least a level three pill king? Such a young level three pill king?

Li Jingwen suddenly realized that this person wasn't Mo Ying, he was Ye Mo. The number one of the pill concoction hall of fame. Who else could he be?

"You're from the pill concoction hall of fame" Li Jingwen realized, and started to voice this thought.

How could Ye Mo let him? He quickly cut him off by interjecting, "Yes, brother Li, sorry for hiding this from you before, I had no choice."

Li Jingwen heard this and knew his guess was correct, his eyes reflecting more surprise and joy. It was like a heavenly gift for him to know a pill king.

As they spoke, a few more golden core state cultivators arrived. One of them knew Li Jingwen and greeted him.

Li Jingwen was originally planning to help Ye Mo get the Du Lan Chun Xiao no matter what, but since he knew Ye Mo was the pill concoction hall of fame number one, he knew why Ye Mo was so wealthy. He wouldn't need his help.

Miao Xiang tower was a brothel, the female cultivators here were all experienced in the art of dual cultivation.

But today, the golden core state cultivators weren't here for the girls, they were here for the social, so excepting a few, the cultivators didn't need female company. Ye Mo carried a woman on his back, so no female cultivator went up to solicit him.

"Brother Li, you're here earlier than me," Sun Houchang said.

Li Jingwen had already got his blue wen pill and would've left if he wasn't here to accompany Ye Mo, so he just casually replied to Sun Houchang's words.

Sun Houchang's face was unsightly. He scanned Ye Mo coldly and made up his mind that no matter what this person wanted he would buy it first, and he wouldn't mind killing this cultivator if he got the chance.

As for the beautiful woman on his back, if she could recover, she could become a female disciple to serve him. If not, he would just kill her as well.

The social was held in a bright and clean hall. When Ye Mo and Li Jingwen entered, there were already 40 people present.

Ye Mo sat in one corner with Su Jingwen; Li Jingwen sat not far from Ye Mo. Sun Houchang intentionally sat opposite to Ye Mo. In his mind, he would show this golden core state primary stage that there were some people he couldn't afford to offend.

15 minutes later, 53 golden core state cultivators sat in the hall. After the door closed, Ye Mo found that other than the female waiters, he was the weakest one there. The weakest cultivator besides him was a golden core state level four.

But Ye Mo didn't mind, his power had greatly increased and he had mastered the purple eye soul sever level one. He wasn't afraid of anyone here even before he had learnt it, but now, he was confident in killing golden core state peak stage.

Seeing that Ye Mo, a mere golden core state level two, dared to come to a high level golden core state social, many people were shocked. Seeing that he came along with Li Jingwen though, they understood that this golden core state level two was being protected by him. However, Li Jingwen was only golden core state level seven himself.

Seeing that all the cultivators were here, a golden core state peak stage cultivator got up and said, "This is a social within our small region, most of you people here are solo cultivators. The purpose of the social, as you all know, is for us to get what we need the most. Okay let's cut the bullshit, I'll start."

Then the cultivator took out a palm sized ship and began, "This is a top grade flying spirit artifact. I hardly need to explain it's value. It uses small spirit stones and is very fast. It also has a very special property - stealth."

Ye Mo saw this and was interested. Ever since his flying pike broke, he hadn't gotten a flying magic artefact. The ones he got from the golden core state storage rings were very low grade, even his Zi Xu was better.

This cultivator scanned the excited cultivators and continued, "I didn't want to sell this, but I've been stuck in golden core state for too long, so I want to trade for a Cao Huan pill or a similar pill."

People in the room were immediately disappointed. How precious was the Cao Huan pill? It was the most important pill for golden core state cultivators. No one would be dumb enough to trade a Cao Huan pill for this.

"Dao friend Jia, your flying spirit artifact is precious, but it's not worth a Cao Huan pill - plus, it has close to no defense abilities. This greatly diminishes its value," a golden core state level nine pointed out.

The golden core state peak stage felt a little awkward, he knew that it wasn't worth the pill but he wanted to test his luck.

"I'll offer 200k top grade spirit stones and one low grade flying spirit artifact," a voice suddenly said.

The cultivator shook his head and responded, "I don't need spirit stones. I need pills or herbs helpful to me. Plus, this price is far from what I wanted."

No one made a bid. Everyone wanted the flying spirit artifact, but the price was absurd.

Ye Mo had the Cao Huan pill, but taking it out here it would be tantamount to suicide.

But he still had a lot of good things.

"Does any friend want to trade for this?" the cultivator asked. "If not, then bring out the next item."

"I'll take the flying spirit artefact," a voice suddenly sounded out, catching everyone's attention.
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