Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 966

Chapter 966: Follow
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Ming Yujiang, how come I heard you're the one breaking the rules of the social? Do you think that I can't kill you?" Jia Renjiu was already unhappy with Ming Yujiang asking for high prices. Plus, he got something from Ye Mo too. He traded his top grade flying spirit artifact for the crisp green vine, but this Ming Yujiang still dared to threaten people during an exchange.

Ming Yujiang saw Jia Renjiu come out and threaten him and immediately looked down. He was inwardly very unsatisfied, but he had no choice but to take a seat.

Sun Houchang didn't think Ye Mo really wasn't going to have the Du Lan Chun Xiao. This wasn't what he expected, he wasn't able to sabotage Ye Mo.

But when he heard Ye Mo had the blue wen pill, his hatred for him grew. He finally understood why Li Jingwen asked for the blue wen herbs back. He had been trading blue wen pills with this golden core state level two.

He had to kill this golden core state level two or else he would feel unsatisfied. He would ask for Ming Yujiang to help him later. Even with Li Jingwen standing on his side, they would win for sure.

Even though he was going to kill Ye Mo later, he didn't want to let Ye Mo off now either. "Dao friend Jia, Dao friends here today, that golden core state level two clearly said that Dao friend Ming can choose one of the two options, but now he says he doesn't want it. Is this not challenging our social rule?"

Then, he looked at Ye Mo and said, "You're a mere golden core state level two and you dare to challenge the rules of our social! Even if other people will let you go, I won't let you go. Even though I'm a spirit pill master and am not good at combat, I still demand justice."

Sun Houchang was reminding others that Ye Mo was only golden core state level two and he was golden core state level seven and a spirit pill master, trying to force them to choose sides.

No one who cultivated until golden core state was dumb, and they could understand what Sun Houchang meant. Some people didn't think they would need help from Sun Houchang, but no one wanted to offend a spirit pill master for something irrelevant.

Even Jia Jiuren didn't speak out this time.

Ye Mo looked at Sun Houchang and said coldly, "Scum, show me what you have."

He didn't bother explaining anything.

How could Sun Houchang resist such an insult? He was about to stand up and speak again.

But that big sister Lian said coldly, "Sun, you're just a shabby level six spirit pill master, what's there to show off about? Anyways, what has this even got to do with you? Ming Yujiang was unhappy with the bid and already rejected it clearly. Are you deaf, or do you think everyone else here is deaf? The Dao friend opposite you called you a scum, I think even scum is much better than you."

Sun Houchang's face turned green, but he didn't dare to rage at big sister Lian. She was much more powerful than him. Truly, a level six spirit pill master really wasn't much. He had a lot of friends because he knew how to concoct pills, but his level of friends wasn't too high. If he was a level seven spirit pill master, this woman wouldn't speak to him like this.

Big sister Lian's words brought a wave of sneers. Everyone knew that after this, Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang weren't going to let go of that golden core state level two cultivator, but no one cared.

Sun Houchang sat down reluctantly. He wanted to charge over and kill Ye Mo immediately, but he had to wait till the social ended.

The social continued, there were a few more things that Ye Mo wanted but he didn't bid at all. He knew that although he only bid twice, he had shown too much and couldn't bid anymore.

The social ended quickly due to the first deal being too good and people being unable to get what they wanted.

Sun Houchang didn't see Li Jingwen take out the blue wen herb and wanted to kill Ye Mo even more.

When it was just daybreak, the cultivator left Miao Xiang tower.

He was going to say goodbye to Li Jingwen when he said, "Brother Ye, I don't have any place to go now, if you don't mind, I'll follow you."

Ye Mo knew what Li Jingwen was thinking, he was worried that Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang would ambush him. But another reason was that he was a pill king. If he followed a pill king, his future would certainly be bright.

Ye Mo trusted Li Jingwen's character and said, "Brother Li, you know I'm hiding from people. The power that is hunting me is bigger than you can imagine. If you stay with me, it might bring misfortune to you."

Li Jingwen laughed, "Brother Ye, if I don't even have this little courage, I don't deserve to stay with a pill king. With my talent, even if I reach golden core state peak stage, it would be very hard for me to reach nascent soul state. I might as well follow brother Ye."

"Okay." Ye Mo nodded.

"Brother Li, I was planning to go to Pei Hai city, but big sister Li told me telepathically to deal with the Du Lan Chun Xiao outside the city. If you've decided to fight for a future with me, then we'll go to Pei Hai city separate ways. I have too many enemies, so be careful."

Li Jingwen nodded. "Okay, in that case, I will go with you to deal the Du Lan Chun Xiao first. I suspect Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang aren't just going to leave. After you get the Du Lan Chun Xiao, we'll split up and meet in Pei Hai city."

The two walked around Gan Shuo city for a while and came to the small garden 300km east of the city.

Big sister Lian had long been waiting there. She saw Ye Mo and Li Jingwen arrive and smiled, taking out a big jade box for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo liked this straightforwardness. He checked the box and found there were indeed 8 Du Lan Chun Xiao inside, upon which he immediately put it away. He took out another jade bottle and a spirit crystal without hesitation.

Big sister Lian was dazed and asked, "I just asked for three blue wen pill, why did you add a spirit crystal?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Thank you for helping me twice. This is the price I named before, I don't like going back on my words so don't mind it, big sister Lian."

Big sister Lian heard this and put on a seductive face. "Little brother, you really know how to talk, my bones are going numb hearing this."

Ye Mo immediately knew this big sister Lian was no saint either. She looked average but knew some seduction methods, but this had nothing to do with him.

When she opened it to see that there were 5 blue wen pills she became very happy. But when she saw they were special grade, she couldn't calm down anymore. "You're dealing special grade blue wen pills?"

Ye Mo smiled but didn't mind. Even if this woman had any bad intentions, he was leaving immediately. He was grateful that this woman helped him, but he had other plans for giving her the extra in the form of two blue wen pills and one spirit crystal.

Seeing that Ye Mo only smiled and didn't speak, big sister Lian immediately knew that while her goods seemed expensive, Ye Mo didn't care about them at all. Her interest in this golden core state level two was immediately piqued.

She smiled seductively. "Seeing how you're giving me so much, let big sister help you out too."

Ye Mo knew Sun Houchang and Ming Yujiang were trailing him. He wasn't planning to let big sister Lian help nor take out the extra goods, but the third person who came made him change his mind.
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