Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 967

Chapter 967: This Cultivator is Too Scary
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo estimated that even Big Sister Lian had only noticed Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang. It seemed she hadn't noticed the third person. If she had, she probably would be taking her things and leaving already.

If it was only those two, how could Ye Mo ask someone for help? He could get it done himself.

The third person who came was Jin Shi, the golden core state peak stage cultivator who dared to fight with Jia Renjiu.

Before Big Sister Lian said anything, Ye Mo saluted with his fists, "Thank you for helping, Big Sister Lian. Mo Ying is very grateful."

She looked at Ye Mo with astonishment, "You know that Ming and Sun are following you?"

Big Sister Lian was just bemusedly asking a rhetorical question, so without waiting for an answer from Ye Mo, she immediately looked a few hundred meters away and said, "Come out, stop hiding. I hate sneaky people. A mere golden core state level seven and level eight dare to rob others? It's your bad luck that I'm here."

Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang's expressions were very bad. They didn't expect this woman to intervene in the matter. With her here, they would lose for sure.

Li Jingwen felt very guilty. Both Ye Mo and Big Sister Lian knew they were being followed, but he didn't.

The two were about to leave when suddenly a voice sounded, "What if you include me?"

Other than Ye Mo, everyone looked over at the voice.

"It's you, Jin Shi, what are you doing here?" Big Sister Lian had a bad feeling. She had the feeling she had been used by this golden core state level two fellow. Although she could ignore her shame and leave now, but she was quite a known figure in Shuo Gan City. It would be too embarrassing to be scared off by Jin Shi like that.

JIn Shi didn't mind her words and said calmly, "I was interested in this little brother's Crisp Green Vine, but he ignored me. I'm very uncomfortable with that, so if he's willing to apologize and let me check his storage ring, I'll leave immediately."

Big Sister Lian looked at Ye Mo with a troubled look. This would be like slapping his face and killing him. Even a golden core state peak stage cultivator shouldn't ask a golden core state level two cultivator to do that.

Ye Mo sneered as though he didn't hear what Jin Shi said at all. Li Jingwen knew that the big battle couldn't be avoided and took out his magic artefact, standing on Ye Mo's side.

Big Sister Lian had a troubled look. It's not that she didn't want to help Ye Mo, but she really couldn't beat Jin Shi. Jin Shi was a solo cultivator, but he was renowned for his savagery. Even Jia Jiuren didn't want to mess with him. He cultivated a gold element cultivation method and had a top grade spirit artefact spear that was made with 18 types of metals.

Jin Shi said to Ming Yujiang and Sun Houchang, "Help me a little, I can give you 30% of the kid's storage ring."

"Brother Jin, what are you saying? I have feud with that little punk anyways, it's my duty to help Brother Jin!" Sun Houchang immediately said. Although he couldn't get all of Ye Mo's wealth, even 15% was enough for him. He could tell that this golden core state level two cultivator was very wealthy.

Ye Mo looked at Big Sister Lian and suddenly said, "If you can help me stop this Jin scum for eight minutes, I'll be very grateful. I don't need you to be involved anymore than that."

Big Sister Lian heard this and immediately said, "Okay, I can do that. Although I'm no match for him, I can still stall him for that long."

Jin Shi heard that a golden core state level two dared to call him scum and immediately felt the same rage Sun Houchang felt before. He waved his hand, and a faint red spirit artefact spear appeared in his hands. Then he attacked Ye Mo with blood-red killing intent.

Before the spear could reach Ye Mo, Big Sister Lian blocked it with a spirit artefact shield.

Jin Shi didn't say anything and attacked Big Sister Lian.

Ye Mo said to Li Jingwen, "Brother Li, stall Ming Yujiang. I'm going to kill Sun Houchang, this scum, first."

Ye Mo wanted to kill this guy the most. If it wasn't for this guy, he would've been able to buy Ming Yujiang's Du Lan Chun Xiao for the most reasonable price. If that happened, none of this would've happened.

"Brother Mo, you're just at golden core state level two!" Li Jingwen was worried that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to deal with Sun Houchang.

But Sun Houchang and Ming Yujiang had already charged up towards Ye Mo, clearly both wanting to kill Ye Mo to ease their fury.

Li Jingwen didn't have time to talk, and he could only stop Ming Yujiang who was slightly stronger and watch Sun Houchang attack Ye Mo.

Sun Houchang was a very ordinary golden core state level seven fighter.

Ye Mo waved his hand, and Zi Xu appeared. At the same time, an Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike was chopped out!

When Sun Houchang saw Ye Mo use a kitchen knife spirit artefact, he was stunned. This shouldn't be, right? This guy was so wealthy, how could he use such a trash magic artefact?

Before he could think too much, though, he felt that his cultivation essence was bound. He was shook and immediately knew things weren't good. This guy was no golden core state level two fighter, he was clearly stronger than him!

Sun Houchang was sweating, and his only thought was to escape Ye Mo's bind and run away.

When Sun Houchang wasn't able to break free, he burned his essence blood without hesitation and broke free from the bind.

But as soon as he broke free, the second strike came - Illusion Cloud Division Strike!

Countless sword rays came pouring over him. Despair appeared in Sun Houchang's eyes. What sort of person was this? How did he have such a terrifying sword technique and enormous cultivation essence?

If he got another chance, he would rather suck up to Ye Mo than stop him! This was suicide!

Sun Houchang only had time to release a shield, but before he could even insert cultivation essence into it, he was consumed by Ye Mo's purple sword rays.

Blood and flesh flew all over the sky. Ye Mo didn't show any mercy.

Ye Mo sneered. He had overestimated this Sun Houchang. He only used two moves, and he was dead.

Ye Mo didn't stop there, he waved Zi Xu and used the Illusion Cloud Division strike again.

It covered the heavens as it swept towards Ming Yujiang this time. More and more sword rays appeared as they flew towards him.

Ming Yujiang was only a little bit stronger than Li Jingwen, so he was caught up by Li Jingwen already.

He wasn't too worried at first as he believed Sun Houchang would help him after he killed that golden core state level two cultivator.

However, what awaited him wasn't help but endless purple sword rays. As they quickly completely enveloped him, his heart sunk rock bottom.

He was tricked! This was no golden core state level two fighter at all. If he were, he wouldn't be able to kill Sun Houchang so easily and release such powerful sword rays!

Ming Yujiang now felt like his threat to kill Ye Mo had been too ridiculous. He should've been alerted when he felt this cultivator's intense killing intent, but he was blinded by greed.

He wanted to stop the sword ray but couldn't break free from Li Jingwen. Before he could even regret, his head was sliced off and fell tens of meters away. His eyes were still wide open in disbelief that he had just died like that.

It was less than a minute and Ye Mo had killed both Sun Houchang and Ming Yujiang.

Jin Shi and Big Sister Lian stopped their fight subconsciously. They both looked at Ye Mo in shock. Even they wouldn't be able to kill a golden core state level seven opponent in such a short time, much less two of them. This golden core state level two cultivator was too scary!
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