Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 969

Chapter 969: Bandits
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

"Brother Ye, we've been stopped by bandits," Li Jingwen held the universal ruler and said.

Ye Mo saw that their boat had been stopped by another boat. It was a middle-grade flying spirit artifact, but it was much bigger than the flying boat and seemed a lot sturdier. However, it was ugly.

Just when Ye Mo was confused about how such a ship could stop their flying boat, Li Jingwen said, "Sorry brother Ye, I was so focused on studying the universal ruler that I didn't notice we had been stopped by these bandits."

Ye Mo thought that these bandits probably wanted his ship. Even if Li Jingwen hadn't lost focus, these guys probably would have a way to stop their boat. There were more than bandits aboard the ship.

There were also two golden core state tertiary stage cultivators. One was golden core state level nine and the other a golden core state level seven. In addition, there were three golden core state middle stage, five of the primary stage, and four foundation establishment state cultivators. A cloaking formation prevented Ye Mo's spirit sense from reaching inside.

The head golden core state cultivator had messy hair. When he saw Li JIngwen call out to a golden core state level two cultivator, he sneered and said coldly, "Leave behind your ship along with your storage rings and I can let you leave."

As he said this, a few cultivators from the ship surrounded Ye Mo's flying cloud ship.

Ye Mo estimated that if these people attacked at the same time, he and Li Jingwen would be no match. But the good thing was that they were on this ship - it's agility and speed were such that the bandits' ship couldn't compare. This made Ye Mo think of a good idea.

"Control the ship and escape south," Ye Mo quickly said to Li Jingwen.

This was heard not only by Li Jingwen, but also by the people from the other ship. The golden core state level nine quickly ordered, "Stop him, don't let him go!"

Those cultivators with quick reactions had already charged south, ready to stop them. They might not be able to completely stop the ship, but they only needed to slow it down a little.

The four golden core state cultivators went south. To them, Li Jingwen was the person they needed to be wary of, but he was controlling the ship and letting Ye Mo pave the way. This was too beneficial for them.

Ye Mo stood at the head of the ship. Before the ship neared those few golden core state cultivators, he released Zi Xu. He was facing only golden core state primary stage and middle stage cultivators, so he didn't need to worry at all.

He cast the Illusion Cloud Division strike - Zi Xu activated and released countless sword rays that formed a sword veil.

The two golden core state level one cultivators were swept away in this shock, and the two golden core state middle stage bandits just barely managed to protect themselves.

The cultivator who charged up to stop Ye Mo stopped quickly, but Ye Mo didn't stop. He used the second strike.

Ye Mo found that his spirit sense and cultivation essence was far superior to ordinary golden core state middle stage cultivators, so he didn't need to use Illusion Cloud. This second strike was just an ordinary strike.

The golden core state level four that just blocked Ye Mo's sword ray didn't even have time to react before Zi Xu hacked over. His only thought was, 'Such a fast blade'.

In just two moves, Ye Mo had killed off three of the four cultivators who came to stop him. The remaining golden core state middle stage fighters weren't able to stop Ye Mo's ship no matter what.

Just when Li Jingwen was about to break free, Ye Mo commanded, "Go east."

Li Jingwen immediately realized what Ye Mo's intentions were. Ye Mo had never planned to escape, he was instead planning to finish off the weaker cultivators and then go kill that golden core state level nine.

Thinking about how Ye Mo had instantly killed 3 golden core state cultivators, Li Jingwen could feel his blood boiling as well. There were one golden core state middle stage and two golden core state primary stage cultivators here along with three foundation establishment state cultivators. This power was enough to hold them up for a bit.

But Ye Mo never intended to run. He released Zi Xu and used the Illusion Cloud Division strike again as well as the purple eye soul sever to pierce the spirit stones of the golden core state middle stage cultivator.

Ye Mo wanted to test how powerful his purple eye soul sever was in the first level.

A purple ray swept over and the foundation establishment state cultivators couldn't resist at all. One of the two golden core state primary stage had an arm severed and fled. The golden core state middle stage was disoriented under the purple eye soul sever and was instantly killed off by Ye Mo's purple sword rays.

At this moment, the golden core state level nine realized that his enemies had never planned to escape. If they really did, they could've just fled from the south side.

He thought that if his men could stop the two, then he could attack them, but the reality was that he never had a chance to attack.

As Ye Mo killed more people, the bearded cultivator was furious. He now knew that Ye Mo was at least of his caliber, or else he wouldn't have been able to kill golden core state primary stage cultivators so easily.

When Ye Mo wanted to kill more, he was stopped by that golden core state level seven and level nine.

Ye Mo wasn't worried now. He used his lightning battle to kill many golden core state cultivators. Now there was just one more golden core state middle stage and two golden core state primary stage opponents left. Ye Mo ignored those foundation establishment state cultivators. One of the golden core state primary stage cultivators was also heavily injured.

Ye Mo was sure he could deal with the two golden core state tertiary stage, and Li Jingwen could clean up the remaining people.

Because Ye Mo killed so many of them in such a short amount of time, the golden core state level nine was adamant on killing Ye Mo. These people had followed him for a long time. Due to how quickly they got wealthy from robbing others, their cultivation speed was fast. Originally, it was just him and the golden core state level seven who were in the golden core state in this group and the rest were all foundation establishment state, but after many years of robbing, they had amassed 10 people in the golden core state. Now, half of them had already been killed by Ye Mo.

This meant their team was broken - how could he not be furious? He was also regretful. Their power wasn't overly strong, so they would usually choose their targets carefully before taking action. They had carefully studied the flying cloud boat and only took notice of Li Jingwen.

This sort of boat was supposed to be their goat, but now the goat had turned into a fierce tiger.

The golden core state level nine came up and used four level five runes while releasing 7 flying swords.

The level five runes couldn't affect Ye Mo and would at most force him to use some cultivation essence. Ye Mo knew that the golden core state level nine didn't expect the runes to do anything. He just wanted to use them to gain the advantage and take the opportunity to attack him with the flying swords.

A sword formation? Ye Mo looked at the 7 flying swords and immediately could tell this cultivator was a tough opponent.

His sword formation skills weren't perfect as he had needed to buy time with a few runes. This was the first time Ye Mo had encountered this opponent, but if it was the second time, he could make sure he wouldn't even have time to set it up.

After the sword formation was formed, the golden core state cultivator used a few hand signs and the flying swords left him and surrounded Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly felt as though he had sunk into mud. He couldn't really move and this mud was filled with sharp knifes.

'Such a powerful sword formation,' Ye Mo thought, using his Illusion Cloud Exert Will Sword.

Other than this move, Ye Mo couldn't think of another way to defeat the formation. He was sure that with his formation master skills, it wasn't a problem to see through this formation, but he didn't have the time right now. If he hesistated even slightly, he might really be minced by this sword formation.
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