Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 970

Chapter 970: Powerful Sword Formation
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Seeing Ye Mo trapped in his sword formation, the golden core state level nine sneered.

If his sword formation could be so easily defeated, he would've died many times before.

His sword formation wasn't merely a combination of sword rays - there were also some discrete ray combinations. Unless they possessed very strong spirit senses, the discrete rays would be enough to kill any cultivator.

He had used this move to kill many cultivators stronger than him. It had never failed him.


Zi Xu's sword rays clashed with those of the formation. Their cultivation essence barriers were shaking from the remnant sword rays.

The golden core state cultivator was very surprised to see Ye Mo release such dense sword rays with a single strike, hitting his sword rays accurately. But he wasn't worried, his sword formation attack had just begun.

Ye Mo's Illusion Cloud Exert Will sword was the fusion of sword and will. Whereever his will was directed, the sword ray would arrive. Because his spirit sense was strong, all the sword rays he released were in his spirit sense and so had the ability to find the sword rays from the formation.

But after Ye Mo hacked out with this strike, he felt something was wrong.

He didn't have time to think properly, but he trusted his instincts. Quickly, he formed another cultivation essence barrier before he withdrew Zi Xu.

As soon as he did this, he felt a chill. His reaction was rather fast, but a few sword rays he hadn't noticed still pierced through his cultivation essence barrier and struck him.

Although he was injured, Ye Mo immediately ate a cultivation recovery pill and life force pill.

Seeing that Ye Mo's injuries immediately began to heal from his heavily injured state, this golden core state level nine was very shocked. He immediately knew that this cultivator had a lot of good pills.

Thinking about this, he grew even more fervent. In his eyes, Ye Mo must be a golden core state peak stage cultivator. If he had such good pills as well as the precious top grade flying spirit artifact ship, it meant that he might even have pills that helped in reaching the nascent soul state.

If he could get such a pill, it was worth it to lose his brothers. Just when he wanted to attack Ye Mo again, he found that Ye Mo instantly left his sword formation.

He was shocked, his formation only managed to attack once before Ye Mo broke free. Although his power was low and he didn't know how to use consecutive attacks, he realized that this cultivator must be experienced in formations.

Ye Mo indeed instantly found the life door of the formation when he got injured and immediately came out. If he didn't get injured, he could stay and study the sword formation, but he wasn't going to take that risk now that he was injured.

After coming out, Ye Mo wanted to check what was it that tricked his spirit sense and injured him, but that golden core state level seven attacked once more, not giving Ye Mo a chance to breathe. He used a middle grade spirit artifact longsword.

Ye Mo was already annoyed that he got hurt. How dare this golden core state level seven ambush him? He shot a soul spike over without caring if his spirit sense got injured or not.

The golden core state level seven was stunned for a moment, and Zi Xu brought about a purple veil that sliced off his head. Before he could fall, Ye Mo had already collected his long sword and storage ring. Then, he ate a spirit recovery pill.

The soul spike was effective, but it cost him greatly too.

The golden core state level nine wanted to trap Ye Mo again but found that in such a brief moment, his other companion had been killed.

Ye Mo calmed down. Although he had lost a lot of blood and used up a lot of spirit sense, this golden core state cultivator didn't seem to be doing too well either. His face was pale, so it was obvious that this sword formation was taxing on his spirit sense and cultivation essence.

Ye Mo instantly let out shadowless, and before the seven swords could trap him again, Zi Xu hacked out.

Even though he really wanted to fight with this golden core state level nine for a while and test his sword formation, Ye Mo knew it wasn't the best time since he was injured. Who knew if someone had followed him? This guy was no weaker than Ji Zhiyuan, maybe even a little stronger. The earlier he killed him, the better.

*Thud thud thud*

Zi Xu clashed with the sword formation, but this time, Ye Mo felt the hidden sword ray through his exert will strike. It was very hard for spirit sense to scan it, but it existed within the sword formation. If he went in again, even if he blocked the obvious sword rays, he would still be injured by those hidden ones.

That was how he got injured the first time.

Although Ye Mo didn't have a good way to block this hidden sword ray, there was no way he was going to be injured by the same thing twice. Before the sword formation ray activated, he used his soul spike.

He wanted to stop this golden core state level nine before he even activated his attack.

The cultivator didn't expect there to be such a peculiar spirit sense attack method. He paused for a moment but this caused his sword formation to erupt into chaos and the hidden sword rays were gone.

Ye Mo rejoiced, he knew that this sword formation was very taxing on spirit sense, he couldn't allow himself to be interrupted at all.

At the same time, Ye Mo hacked out Zi Xu again and again. This time, it was the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool strike. Ye Mo didn't even need to command shadowless as it locked onto the cultivator's meridians.

This cultivator's battle experience was very good. He knew things weren't going well already.

Usually, cultivators would try to run a way as far as possible in the face of danger, but he knew he couldn't run now. His first reaction was to use a rune instead.

When Ye Mo saw it, he felt a sense of threat. It was a soul pill rune. Strictly speaking, it was not a rune but a one use magic artifact that those in the nascent soul state could make. It only had one strike and was equivalent to the strike of a nascent soul state cultivator. However, lower leveled cultivators needed some time to activate it.

Ye Mo was also experienced in battle and knew he couldn't run at all now, he had to stop it from being activated.

The whirlpool strike surrounded the cultivator but he didn't mind it at all and still tried to activate the soul pill rune.

If Ye Mo didn't have shadowless or if this cultivator had activated it earlier, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to do anything, but now it was too late.

Before Zi Xu fell upon his head, the cultivator felt his meridians hurt. Immediately he knew the situation wasn't good.

He no longer dared to keep activating the rune now, instead quickly enveloping shadowless with his cultivation essence, but Zi Xu's countless swirling sword rays enveloped him nontheless.

*Crack crack*

Ye Mo realized that his strike didn't do any real damage to the cultivator, it just broke his top grade spirit artifact and added a few light wounds.

Ye Mo realized why this guy didn't care about Zi Xu's attacks and still tried to activate the soul pill rune.

When the golden core state level nine saw his spirit artifact break, he knew he no longer had the ability to keep on fighting and turned to flee without hesitation.

How could Ye Mo let him flee? He hacked out again. Without any choice, the cultivator had to control his sword formation to block Ye Mo's strike. However, shadowless broke free of the cultivation essence binding and devoured his golden core as quickly as possible.

With his golden core gone, the cultivator could only look on as Zi Xu sliced through his body.
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