Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 971

Chapter 971: Jingwen Wakes Up
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

This time, shadowless didn't keep devouring essence blood and instead landed on Ye Mo's hand and fell asleep again.

Ye Mo threw shadowless into the golden page world and started to collect his loot. He noticed that Li Jingwen had already killed the foundation establishment state cultivator and was battling with the two golden core state primary stage and one middle stage fighters, but he still had the upper hand.

Those people fighting Li Jingwen didn't even believe that their big boss would lose so quickly, so when Ye Mo killed that golden core state level nine, it was already too late for them to run.

They were already had the lower hand in the battle, and now that their big boss had been killed, they were worried. Just when they wanted to run, Li Jingwen took the opportunity to kill the two golden core state primary stage cultivators. The remaining golden core state middle stage cultivator didn't make it very far before he was finished off by Ye Mo.

Seeing Ye Mo take part in the battle again, Li Jingwen sweated and said, "My battle power is too weak, if I was a little stronger, this wouldn't have dragged on for so long."

Ye Mo shook his head and responded, "These people have been fighting everyday and are very experienced. Unless you're more powerful than them, the outcome of the battle would remain uncertain. Of course, this has something to do with your low level cultivation method, but don't worry. Once you reach nascent soul state, I will get you a better cultivation method."

"I can reach nascent soul state?" Li Jingwen asked in joy.

Ye Mo smiled, "Of course."

Li Jingwen had already chosen to follow him. If he couldn't even expedite a cultivator of Li Jingwen's talent to the nascent soul state, then he didn't deserve to be pill king.

Li Jingwen resisted his excitement and didn't continue asking. His main purpose of following Ye Mo was to progress further. Now that Ye Mo promised him personally, what was there to worry about?

"Wait for me here, I'll go take a look at that flying ship." Ye Mo landed on the bandits' ship.

A middle grade spirit artifact was very precious.

After Ye Mo went inside, he found that the ship was indeed big. It had nearly 20 rooms and a big storage depot ful of spirit stones, magic artifacts, ores, and herbs. Ye Mo swept all of these into his ring without hesitation.

The reason they stored the loot here in the depot and not in their storage rings was probably to reward cultivators and let them pick what they wanted themselves.

The only room in here with a person was found by Ye Mo. A cultivator was locked up here, he was only foundation establishment state primary stage power. Ye Mo really couldn't understand why they locked him up.

His eyes were full of despair and he only looked up a little when Ye Mo came in.

But when he saw Ye Mo, he asked in shock, "You're Ye qian bei? Ye Mo Ye qian bei?"

Ye Mo looked at this foundation establishment state cultivator in confusion. He didn't know this guy, so how did he know him?

Seeing this, the foundation establishment state cultivator quickly said, "Ye qian bei doesn't know me, but I know you. I came from the teleportation formation on Xin Jia Mountain. I'm from the magical continents. I've long been admiring Ye qian bei's power after you exerted your godly strength and killed countless enemies atop the Magical Continent Mountain."

Ye Mo realized, "So you're from the inner hidden sects?"

"Yes, yes, I'm Yu Qiyang. I'm from the Liu Li sect, after the Xin Jia Mountain teleportation formation activated, I came with other people. I was lucky and met a golden core state level master here. My master was very nice to me and taught me cultivation, but two months ago these bandits killed my master"

Suddenly, Yu Qiyang thought of something and looked at Ye Mo in shock, "Ye qian bei, this ship belongs to bandits, why are you"

Ye Mo knew what he meant. He shook his head and told him, "I'm not a bandit, they stopped my ship so I killed them all. I just happened to see you in here. But how come you're still alive after they killed your master?"

Yu Qiyang was dazed and looked at Ye Mo in shock. He even forgot to answer Ye Mo's question. After a long while, he asked, "Ye qian bei, you're already a nascent soul state cultivator?"

But he immediately realized this wasn't something he could ask. He quickly said again, "Thank you for getting my revenge for me Ye qian bei."

Ye Mo stopped him from kneeling but waited for his answer. After all, Yu Qiyang was older than him.

Yu Qiyang said, "I liked to study formation in Liu Li sect and the big boss of the bandits heard I had some knowledge on formations, so he kept me to discuss about formations with me."

Ye Mo realized, the big boss left him alive because he wanted to cultivate the sword formation further. But this Yu Qiyang reached the foundation establishment state in a mere year. This talent was absurd.

"Is your talent very good?" Ye Mo asked. He had to go through life and death to reach golden core state, yet other people reached foundation establishment state so quickly. He was curious.

His cultivation stagnated now and he had been stuck in golden core state level two now.

Yu Qiyang shook his head. "Although my talent is not bad, the reason I reached foundation establishment state so quickly was due to my master. He taught me a way to turn my inner qi into cultivation chi. This saved a lot of time."

Ye Mo nodded, it seemed Yu Qiyang's master was rather smart.

"I'm going to take this ship, what do you plan to do?" Ye Mo asked.

"I want to follow Ye qian bei, I don't know anyone here. You're the only person I know," Yu Qiyang said.

"Okay." Ye Mo thought if he wanted to expand China Pharmaceuticals, he would need more people. It was fine if Yu Qiyang came along, and he knew about formations too, these sort of people were hard to find.

Ye Mo spirit controlled the bandit ship and then took Yu Qiyang back on his own ship and introduced him to Li Jingwen.

Yu Qiyang knew some formation knowledge and liked to play with flying ships, so Li Jingwen let Yu Qiyang control the ship while he gave him a few pointers and cultivated.

The first thing Ye Mo did when he came back was to concot some pills.

Du Lan Chun Xiao was mixed with a few other herbs, and through his whirlpool pill concoction method and the stalagmite marrow, Ye Mo soon developed a new type of pill. He made 6 on the first try.

The pills smelled aromatic and Ye Mo could feel that the potency of the herb wasn't lost at all. He rejoiced, but still tried one first.

It turned into this unexplainable spirit silk in his mouth that reached into his soul and started strengthening it.

"It's potent indeed, and heaven grade level one." Ye Mo grabbed the other pills and said, "I'll call this Du Stalagmite Pill."

It was ready but Ye Mo became nervous. He wasn't sure if it could cure Su Jingwen. If this didn't work, what should he do?

Ye Mo put the pill in Su Jingwen's mouth anxiously. Immediately, the pill melted into spirit liquid and disappeared.

Ten seconds later, Su Jingwen didn't move at all. A minute passed, she still didn't move. 15 minutes passed but still nothing.

Ye Mo couldn't feel any mental waves from her. He began to worry.

Just when he wanted to check her body, he found that she woke up from her slumber and opened her eyes.

Ye Mo rejoiced but didn't talk. He knew that he needed to give her time now.
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