Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 972

Chapter 972: There is so Much Snow Here
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Su Jingwen saw Ye Mo and suddenly closed her eyes. Then she opened them again and got up, murmuring, "This isn't a hallucination?"

"Jingwen, I didn't expect to see you here. This isn't a hallucination, it's real." Ye Mo looked at her and felt his heart ache. He could only imagine how much hardship she had gone through.

When she was in Ning Hai, she had never experienced anything close to this due to her great social status.

Ye Mo felt even more guilty. He knew why she came here, but he just didn't know how to face it because he didn't know how to deal with relationships like this. The only way was to pretend he didn't know.

"It's really not a hallunication?" Su Jingwen asked again. Then, as though she suddenly woke up, she charged into Ye Mo's arms and started crying.

Ye Mo embraced her quietly and didn't talk, she needed to let out her emotions now.

Su Jingwen cried for a while and looked up asking, "Why are you here, the snow here is so much, so cold"

Ye Mo wiped the tears from her eyes and said softly, "There's no more snow, you won't be roaming in the snow alone anymore. This is my flying ship, this room isn't cold."

Su Jingwen heard this and looked around, then looked at Ye Mo again in surprise. Finally, she cried out again and hugged Ye Mo tightly, not willing to let go. "Ye Mo I finally found you."

Ye Mo breathed easy, he knew that she finally fully recovered now. He looked at her excitement and didn't dare to let go at all. The softest spot in his heart was pinched hard.

He let Su Jingwen let out her emotions and didn't ask about Yimo.

After a long while, she calmed down and got up from Ye Mo's arms with a blush. She sat next to Ye Mo and asked quietly, "How did you find me?"

She didn't know that day why Ye Mo was just standing in the snow and not talking, but now she knew that rather than her having found Ye Mo, Ye Mo had found her instead."

"After I came to Jiang Chuan city, I saw this bracelet and followed it all the way here." Ye Mo took out the bracelet.

Su Jingwen immediately took the bracelet and studied it before putting it back on her wrist. She looked down and didn't seem to want to say anything else.

Ye Mo didn't know what to say either now, and the reunion quietened down.

Su Jingwen felt sad, she met him earlier than Song Yangzhu and Ning Qingxue so why didn't he express anything?

Suddenly, Su Jingwen thought that she couldn't cultivate at all and calmed down. She wasn't the same ignorant Su Jingwen anymore. She understood that some people could cultivate, and as long as their cultivation progressed, they had infinite life. She could at most only live 100 years and a third of it had already passed. What about 100 years later?

A century later, Ye Mo would still be Ye Mo, but she would be a cup of earth. What love was there to be? That loss and melancholy filled Su Jingwen's heart.

Feeling this, Ye Mo suddenly grabbed her hand and said, "Jingwen, this is my flying ship spirit artifact, I'll take you outside and see."

She didn't object.

Seeing the two walk out, Li Jingwen cried out in surprise, "Brother Ye, you succeeded? You really added Du Lan Chun Xiao into a pill and it cured her?"

Ye Mo nodded and smiled, "Thank you, if you didn't remind me about it, I really wouldn't know what to do."

Li Jingwen realized just now that Su Jingwen was even more beautiful alive than when she was asleep. The sadness in her eyes made her seem feeble but render a unique sense of beauty. It made people look at her more. He couldn't help but admire Ye Mo's choice of beauty.

Su Jingwen realized that the reason Ye Mo could cure her was because of this person's help. She quickly went up and thanked him.

Li Jingwen didn't dare to accept her bow and quickly moved aside.

"So beautiful." Su Jingwen stood at the head of the ship and looked at the untainted blue sky. Clouds flew beneath her feet and her mood lightened up. Her worry and loss suddenly disappeared. She didn't want to speak at all, she just wanted to watch the peaceful clean sky outside.

Perhaps on the other side of the sky was her home, perhaps her mother was also watching her from there.

Ye Mo stood by her and didn't disturb her.

Li Jingwen pulled Yu Qiyang away and left the space for Ye Mo and Su Jingwen.

After a long while, Su Jingwen sighed and looked peacefully at Ye Mo, saying, "Ye Mo, I want to go back home."

Ye Mo understood what she meant by this. She was tired and wanted to go back to Ning Hai. If he could do it, he would take her back without hesitation, but he couldn't.

He pulled her into his arms and said softly, "Sorry Jingwen, I can't take you back yet, but I promise I will be able to one day. You can stay with Luo Ying, Qingxue and Yangzhu"

'And Xiaoyun Ye Mo,' he added in his heart. He felt this was too absurd, he must not take another one like this.

Su Jingwen shook and looked up. There was sourness in her nose, is this the promise he gave me?

Ye Mo kissed her slowly. Su Jingwen's lips were very soft but cold too. However, they soon became warm.

After some time, Su Jingwen came to her senses and remembered there were two other people here, but when she looked over, they had already left. She found she was completely immersed in Ye Mo's arms. It was as though she couldn't feel safe if it wasn't like this.

"Jingwen, starting from today, you can cultivate with me." Ye Mo felt she had no cultivation chi inside her at all. Ye Mo wasn't going to let this situation continue.

"Huh" Su Jingwen shook and her soft body turned stiff. It was as though Ye Mo's words reminded her of a scary result.

"What's wrong?" Ye Mo passed some cultivation essence over to her to calm her down.

Su Jingwen fell silent for a while and sighed, "Sorry, Ye Mo, I don't have spirit root, I can't cultivate."

She looked up at Ye Mo wanting to see how disappointed Ye Mo was but Ye Mo's eyes didn't even flicker.

She pushed Ye Mo away, "I can't cultivate"

Her tone was disappointed, this was something she couldn't overcome.

Ye Mo pulled her over and smiled, "I know you can't, my sister Ye Ling couldn't either before, but now she's foundation establishment state so you don't need to worry. With me here, not having a spirit root doesn't matter."

"You can really let me cultivate" Su Jingwen couldn't calm down.

She heard that no spirit root meant no cultivation, but Ye Mo still had a way? She couldn't resist her excitement. Cultivation meant that she could stay with Ye Mo forever.

He didn't know that he was the only man she had danced with, the only man that rode in her car, and the only man she liked.

When she felt tired and lost, the heavens sent him to her again. Heavens gave her another chance.

Ye Mo nodded with certainty, "Yes, I can concoct a pill called 5 essence pill that can let you develop a spirit root, and a good one as well. So don't worry."

"Oh by the way, how do you know you don't have spirit root?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Su Jingwen just wanted to answer when she thought of something else. She grabbed Ye Mo and said, "Yimo was taken away, hurry and bring her back!"

"What happened to Yimo?" Ye Mo couldn't stay calm anymore.
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