Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 974

Chapter 974: New Idea
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Su Jingwen followed Ye Mo to the room and just remembered that the clothes she was wearing weren't the same she had been wearing before. She looked at Ye Mo and immediately realized what had happened. Although Ye Mo was the person she liked, she felt a little uncomfortable thinking that he saw her everything.

But then she immediately thought - she already was willing to be with Ye Mo, why care about that?

Ye Mo didn't know of course that Su Jingwen thought about that much in such a short time. He started his pill concoction.

Rainbow spirit pill was a heaven grade level one pill, but that was no pressure for Ye Mo.

"Such a pretty lotus!" Su Jingwen exclaimed as she saw Ye Mo take out the 5 coloured rainbow.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "This is the five coloured rainbow. It's not fully mature yet, but it's said that once it matures, it would have 9 colours and be called the 9 coloured lotus. It's one of the most precious things in the cultivation realm. Anyone would want it, even truth realisation state cultivators, but up until now, no one has seen a real 9 coloured lotus.

"Then isn't it a waste to use the 5 coloured lotus now for pill concoction?" Su Jingwen asked worriedly. She didn't fully understand, but she just felt that it was a pity to use such a pretty flower for mere pill concoction.

Ye Mo said softly, "Even if I have the 9 colour lotus, I would still use it without hesitation for you, much less this 5 color lotus."

"Ye Mo" Su Jingwen heard this and was touched. After these years of hardship and roaming, she finally understood how hard it was to get back what you had once lost. She had waited for this moment for more than ten years. They only met in the end due to chance amongst chance.

If Ye Mo wasn't concocting pills right now, she wouldn't be able to resist the urge in her heart to embrace Ye Mo again and express her feelings. Even though Ye Mo already knew, she wanted to say it again.

Ye Mo was immersed in the process of concocting the rainbow spirit pill. This was a special cauldron of pills - Ye Mo didn't use any materials besides the 5 color lotus and the 10000 year stalagmite marrow.

At this moment, Ye Mo was very grateful to Taiyi sect Li Cheng. If he hadn't given him all the stalagmite marrow, how many regrets would he have? If Ye Mo saw Li Cheng in Luo Yue, he would do all he could to help him.

The 5 colored lotus slowly melted in the cauldron and the impurities were expunged outside. Meanwhile, the stalagmite marrow enveloped the lotus as the two gradually merged together.

15 minutes later, the pill liquid rolled in the cauldron. The mist lotus heart fire switched intermittently from weak to strong. Ye Mo used all his means to concoct this rainbow spirit pill.

Half an hour later, even Li Jingwen and Yu Qiyang could smell the aroma. Su Jingwen was immersed in this pill smell.

45 minutes later, Ye Mo weaved a few pill collection signs and a 5 colored pill fell into his hands.

The pill seemed to be alive and jumped about in his palm.

Ye Mo had never seen such a beautiful pill. He looked at it and suddenly had a moment of enlightenment. He realized that his pill concoction skills had increased a level.

Before, he would only be able to concoct heaven grade level three pills but now he was sure he could even concoct level four pills.

In the pill king grade, there was a huge gap between level three and level four pill kings. It was quite an unexpected joy that he could reach this stage.

Putting away the cauldron and heaven flame, Ye Mo held the pill and walked to Su Jingwen, saying, "Jingwen, open your mouth."

The pill emitted a rainbow aura that was so pretty that Su Jingwen didn't want to eat it, but she still listened to Ye Mo and opened her mouth.

The pill entered her mouth and turned into nothing. At this moment, Su Jingwen felt every pore in her body filled with a sense of ease and bliss.

Ye Mo didn't say anything but Su Jingwen understood that she could now start cultivating. It was an unexplainable feeling of happiness.

Do I really have a spirit root now? Su Jingwen was just about to ask when Ye Mo took out the spirit root testing device, saying, "Test it again."

The activation didn't take long.

Su Jingwen put her hand inside and in no time, the spirit root device showed a bright white light on the white pearl.

"Jingwen, your spirit root is activated, and it's pure ice spirit root." Even Ye Mo couldn't resist the excitement in his heart. He was desperate to know her new cultivation speed.

Su Jingwen's eyes went red, not only did she find Ye Mo but she could also cultivate now. She could no longer hold back that impulse and love in her heart as she grabbed Ye Mo and whispered in Ye Mo's ears, "Mo, take me."

Ye Mo's body temperature rose up. When he was cleaning her naked body he didn't think much of it, but it would be a lie to say he didn't want anything now.

Although Ye Mo really wanted to do as Su Jingwen said but he still stopped himself. She wasn't suitable to do that stuff now. The hidden spirit root was powerful, but she was rather old. If they did it now, the ice spirit root would be weakened and this would impact her future cultivation. Ye Mo didn't want that to happen.

"When your cultivation stabilizes and the ice spirit root has finished growing, then we can." Ye Mo kissed Su Jingwen and continued, "I can teach you cultivation now. the cultivation method you will use is something I created myself. You can try it first, if it works then I'll give you the remaining parts of it."

Ye Mo didn't give her the Primordial Chaos chant. He was golden core state level two now and his knowledge of the Three Birth Chant had grown. He had his own ice spirit root too, he had decided to separate that part of the cultivation method and let her cultivate it.

Ye Mo wrote down the information pertaining to the chi gathering state with a pen and inscribed the foundation establishment state part of it on a jade slip.

"I created this cultivation method myself, no one knows about it. It's called Three Birth Ice Chant. It's name is ordinary, but if you can cultivate it, the results won't be ordinary," Ye Mo said.

Su Jingwen nodded. The two cuddled together for one night in the room, and only the next morning did Su Jingwen slowly fall asleep. Ye Mo knew that the reason she stuck to him the entire night was that she had made up her mind to cultivate hard.

Once she started doing that, they wouldn't have time for this.

The second night, Su Jingwen woke up and Ye Mo had already prepared everything she needed for cultivation, including a storage ring and pills.

He really wanted to make some good food for her, but Ye Mo just left her some food pills. It was best for her cultivation right now.

Ye Mo also set up a simple spirit gathering formation around her. She didn't need the high level things yet.

Ye Mo came to the head of the ship without disturbing her cultivation. Li Jingwen was teaching Yu Qiyang. Seeing Ye Mo, the two came over.

Yu Qiyang was already in foundation establishment state and wasn't suitbale to be given a new cultivation method. Ye Mo gave him a storage ring and said, "These are the resources for foundation establishment state cultivators. When you need to form your core, I will give you a cultivation increasing pill. Here's also some of my understanding on formations, you can have a look."

Yu Qiyang took the storage ring excitedly, he thought he was going be killed on the bandit ship for sure but had instead received such fortune. He suddenly knelt down, "Ye qian bei, please become my master, you got revenge for my master, you are my master now."

Li Jingwen looked at this scene in a daze and suddenly said, "Brother Ye can I also be your disciple?"

Ye Mo frowned and thought for a long time before replying, "Perhaps I should start a sect too."
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