Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 976

Chapter 976: Ning Hai Pill Store
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Ye Mo and his group were looking for Song Yangzhu and the others as well as the water weed at pill towers.

What surprised Ye Mo was that a lot of people knew about the water weed, meaning that it wasn't something very rare. However, Ye Mo was disappointed to find that there weren't a lot being sold. It wasn't that it was too precious but because this herb was too low valued. Also, it was very dangerous to pick this herb.

Water weeds usually grew on the distant islands in the distant sea. Most of them time, they were protected by level five or even level six beasts. Many marine beasts liked to eat water weeds.

So, one had to kill the guarding beasts first before collecting the mere level four water weed. On top of that, the water weed could only be made into the water algae pill. It's use was for water element cultivator to cultivate. However, it's effects were far weaker than the clear essence pill and worse than even benefit essence pill.

It was because of this that no one was willing to go into dangerous waters to collect it. Even if someone went out into the distant sea, it wasn't for collecting the water weed but for beast cores or other herbs.

Ye Mo heard this news and had decided to search around in Pei Hai city. If he couldn't find Song Yangzhu and them, he would open a pill shop here first.

"Ye Mo, Ning Hai pills!" Su Jingwen suddenly pointed at a corner and said in joy.

Ye Mo immediately looked over and saw Song Yangzhu and Zhen Xiaoshan. Without a thought, he pulled Su Jingwen and the others over. At the same time, his heart felt easy. Clearly they were fine.

"Return the pill? Do you know how much trouble this pill caused me? Do you think that's enough?" the two golden core state cultivators looked coldly at Song Yangzhu and Zhen Xiaoshan with ridicule in their eyes.

Ye Mo looked at Song Yangzhu and the others and knew that this wasn't the first time they had encountered this situation. But Ye Mo knew that they weren't living too well in Pei Hai. How come Li Yuqian didn't come out? Why did Song Yangzhu and Zhen XIaoshan have to deal with this?

Song Yangzhu was only foundation establishment state level two and Zhen Xiaoshan clearly fell below golden core state and was only foundation establishment state level eight.

"Yangzhu, I'm back, what's going on?" Ye Mo walked into the small pill shop and asked.

Song Yangzhu was dazed when she saw Ye Mo. Joy flashed across her eyes as she ran into her husband's arms crying.

"Hehe, perfect. Pei Hai city isn't a place where you can be over domineering," one of the two golden core state cultivators said coldly.

Ye Mo patted her back and said, "Don't worry, I'm back. Jingwen is here too."

"Jingwen!" Song Yangzhu just saw Su Jingwen and quickly came to say hello. Su Jingwen saw Song Yangzhu's distressed face and clearly felt she was living better than her.

Seeing the two catching up, that golden core state walked to a closet and smashed it, saying coldly, "Do you not want to give me a resolution? You want to act dead?"

Li Jingwen was already furious, but he could only stay behind Ye Mo since Ye Mo hadn't said anything.

Ye Mo patted Song Yangzhu's hand and asked, "Yangzhu, what happened, tell me about it."

Song Yangzhu felt even more wronged hearing this. Zhen Xiaoshan saw this and quickly said, "These people bought our pills and changed them to bad ones, saying that the pills we're selling are problematic. So they come up asking for compensation. This isn't the first time. A few times before, we just compensated them, but they're getting more and more ridiculous"

"Little girl, watch your words, since when did we use fake pills to trick you? If your shop is selling real pills, would you compensate us before?" the golden core state cultivator pointed his fingers and cursed.

Zhen Xiaoshan took a few steps back in fear. Ye Mo got up and said, "Show me the pills you bought."

The golden core state heard this and sneered in contempt. A mere golden core state level two, other than accepting his fate, what else could he do? He had a golden core state level eight behind him, but this was their land. He was golden core state level five and his friend was golden core state level seven. They wouldn't dare to do anything.

The golden core state threw out a benefit essence pill into Ye Mo's hand and said coldly, "This is the benefit essence pill."

Ye Mo took this and knew immediatley that it wasn't made by him, this was a waste pill.

Ye Mo crushed it and threw it on the ground, saying coldly, "I'm curious, what does a golden core state cultivator need to buy a foundation establishment state pill for?"

"Even if you crush the pill, you still need to compensate me. Do I need you to boss me about why I bought the benefit essence pill? I like to eat it, is there a problem?" the golden core state said.

Ye Mo nodded and said plainly, "That's fine."

Before he could react, Ye Mo suddenly punched out. The golden core state level five was instantly bound by the cultivation essence of this fist.

This fist was derived from the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding strike. Ye Mo kicked on his dan tian. He spat blood and his dan tian was crushed by Ye Mo's kick.

That golden core state level seven just reacted and looked sluggishly at Ye Mo. He turned around and was about to leave.

"You still want to go?" Without Ye Mo's need to order, Li Jingwen blocked the door with his universal ruler.

"How dare you fucking destroy my dan tian." the golden core state level five was full of fear.

Ye Mo sneered and walked up, slapping him in the face many times until his mouth was completely broken. Then he waved his hand and the powder of the pill he had crushed fell in this golden core state level five's mouth. Ye Mo then kicked him to the door and said coldly, "Since you like eating benefit essence pill, don't waste it."

Ye Mo didn't kill this golden core state cultivator.

Now, this golden core state finally realized his predicament. He was full of fear. Even if he left now, someone with a destroyed dan tian and golden core wouldn't be able to survive in this city.

"Qian bei, this has nothing to do with me," the golden core state level seven cultivator turned around and said in horror.

He didn't think that Ye Mo would be this cocky, daring to do such a thing to a golden core state cultivator in Pei Hai. Clearly Ye Mo was already golden core state peak stage. He wouldn't be a match for this guy no matter what. Thinking about this, he started to regret ever coming.

He had also heard that Ning Hai pills were easy to abuse. If you went up to scam them you would get benefits.

"Oh, it's not related to you. Why are you here then? Why did you bring the essence benefit pill?" Ye Mo's tone was cold.

"Qian bei, qian" he wasn't even able to say a complete sentence. He had endured so much to get to golden core state tertiary stage. There were many times he had almost died, and now he was going to be completely destroyed.

"You want me to let you go?" Ye Mo asked coldly.

The golden core state level seven quickly nodded, "Yes, yes, please qian bei"

Ye Mo said calmly, "That's fine but if I let everyone go, then how can I run my business?"

"I can let you go" Ye Mo said this and the golden core state level seven felt as if he had heard heavenly music and wanted to kneel.

But Ye Mo's tone changed, "But you have two choices. First is to destroy your own dan tian and golden core and piss off."

The golden core state dazed, this was no different than killing him. He quickly asked for the second option.

Ye Mo knew this would happen and he said, "The second way is very simple. Other people have come to scam my store. If you let me plant a restriction in you, you can go bring over all the people who scammed my store. If I'm sure you didn't miss anyone, I can let you go."
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