Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 977

Chapter 977: Sister Li's Injury
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

The golden core state level seven was dazed, this was hard to do as well.

Ye Mo sneered, "Since you don't want the trouble, then I'll do it myself."

"No, no, I'll choose the second choice," this golden core state level seven immediately said. The second choice was hard, but there was still a sliver of hope. This first choice was death. If someone could help him break the restriction, he could run away. He wouldn't need to stay in Pei Hai.

Ye Mo smiled and quickly planted a restriction on this golden core state level seven. Then, he said casually, "Other than me, no one else can break the restriction. If you try to force it, it you will have chosen the first choice."

Hearing this, the cultivator's heart went cold. His last sliver of hope was gone. However, the worst news came when Ye Mo said, "Of course, I don't care about time, but in one month the restriction will activate. Decide for yourself, piss off."

Seeing this, the golden core state level seven stumbled out of the store. The cultivators watching outside shivered. This Ning Hai pill store was the most honest pill store and many wanted to scam them, but none expected the terrifying existence of the store owner. This made many cultivators who planned on scamming the store as well break out in a cold sweat.

Ye Mo looked at the moaning golden core state level five cultivator and said to Li Jingwen, "Bring this person to the city management council and report what Ning Hai pills has suffered."

"Yes." Li Jingwen immediately took that dead dog of a golden core state level five and disappeared.

Everyone looked on in fear. Not only did they break someone, but they were suing them as well.

Ye Mo wasn't going to kill as soon as he came here of course. Even though he destroyed this man's cultivation core, he still needed to notify city management. After all, this city didn't belong to him. He was living here too. This was showing his attitude to Pei Hai city. He believed the city manager wouldn't do anything to him due to this.

Plus, Ye Mo felt a hidden spirit sense scan over when he broke the golden core state level five. He didn't know who that was, but after that spirit sense scanned over, no one came. Ye Mo immediately knew it was some significant figure of the city.

"Interesting, this is quite a character," in a luxurious place, a middle aged man took back his spirit sense and murmured.

"Who did brother Ziyu say is a character," an old man smiled and asked.

The middle aged man laughed, "A very interesting golden core state cultivator came to Pei Hai city, he's a golden core state primary stage too. Not bad."

The old man laughed. "He's clearly really good for you to be able to say not bad."

The middle aged man nodded. "Yes, he's only golden core state level five but he can instantly kill golden core state level fives and he deals with things in a very experienced way, interesting."

After all the people outside the shop had left, Ye Mo came up to Song Yangzhu and asked what happened at River state. Where was Li Yuqian, how come he didn't see her?

After hearing their story, Ye Mo realized how much had happened in this half year.

When they were at River state, China Pharmaceuticals had been broken in by Lu Jiucheng, who had reached nascent soul state, and the other manager of Immortal Treasure Tower.

Li Yuqian couldn't take on two nascent soul state fighters. In addition, there weren't just nascent soul states there at China Pharmaceuticals, there were many golden core state as well.

Due to the desperate situation, Zhen Xiaoshan ate the burst soul pill and would've exploded if she didn't have the stalagmite benefit pill. Even so, her power fell to foundation establishment state level four. She only reached foundation establishment state level eight again after more hard work and pills.

Meanwhile, Li Yuqian was heavily injured on the spot. Even so, she still brought people with her and left through the escape teleportation formation Ye Mo left behind. After putting up wards, Li Yuqian's nascent soul was depleted and unable to gather cultivation essence.

"How's Ye Ling?" Ye Mo was also worried about her.

"Ye Ling was also hurt at the time, but she wasn't completely affected during the battle. She has recovered now and is taking care of master inside," Song Yangzhu said worriedly.

No wonder those golden core state dared to come here, Li Yuqian was still injured.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo got up and said, "I'll go have a look at sister Li. Clean here up. Ning Hai will stop operation for now, we need to open a bigger pill shop."

There was spirit sense shielding formation outside Li Yuqian's room. Ye Mo went in the room and saw Li Yuqian sitting on a seat recovering while Ye Ling was carefully organizing some herbs on the side.

When Ye Mo came in he felt a sense of cold, as though it originated from Li Yuqian's body. Ye Ling's power level was too weak and she couldn't feel it.

"Brother!" Ye Ling saw Ye Mo come and immediately charged over in joy and started crying. As long as Ye Mo came back, her heart felt settled and those things didn't seem to matter.

"Ye Mo you're back." Li Yuqian also woke up and seemed a little easier but she was immediately shaken. "You're already in golden core state?"

Song Yangzhu and the others couldn't see Ye Mo's power level, but Li Yuqian immediately saw that Ye Mo was golden core state level two.

"Huh, brother, you're already golden core state?" Ye Ling grabbed Ye Mo's hands in excitement. Brother was golden core state, meaning that those scamming Ning Hai pills wouldn't dare to come again. There was a sound barrier and spirit sense barrier formation up, so Ye Ling didn't know what had just happened outside.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I'm already golden core state." Ye Mo thought that if he found the water weed, then nascent soul state wouldn't be far from him too.

He then looked at Ye Ling and said, "Sister, Jingwen is here too, go say hi."

"Huh, sister Jingwen is here too?" Ye Ling rejoiced but then rolled her eyes. "Brother, you're going to have one extra wife right?"

Ye Mo blushed and said, "This is the last time, last time for sure."

"Pfft, do you think I will believe you? For Yangzhu, you also said it was last time. But then, there was Xiaoyun." Ye Ling felt she had spoken a little too much and quickly changed the subject ."Okay, I'll go see sister Jingwen, you must treat master."

Seeing her go out, Ye Mo could finally breath easy. He really didn't know how to tell Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue about Jingwen and Xiaoyun. For Yangzhu, it was actually easier.

"Sister Li, what happened to you, how come you still havne't recovered?" Ye Mo asked worriedly.

Li Yuqian smiled and said "I just injured my foundation, it's actually no big deal. I just need to rest for another month or two and I will recover."

Ye Mo asked suddenly, "Sister Li, did your nascent soul get frozen by something?"

Li Yuqian looked at Ye Mo in shock. "You can feel the frigidness from my body? You're only golden core state level two."

Ye Mo smiled, "That's because I have a special sense when it comes to coldness and flame. Should I have a look for you?"

Li Yuqian was a bit embarrassed. Although Ye Mo wasn't that much younger than her, she was Ye Ling's master. If Ye Mo helped her check, he would need to use his cultivation essence to run through her meridians.

Ye Mo knew her hesitation.

"Okay, have a look." Li Yuqian reached out her wrist.

A cultivator was pursuing the great dao of the heaven and earth, why should she care so much about such little things?

Ye Mo nodded and didn't think anything of it.

Ye Mo sent his cultivation essence into her dan tian carefully and saw that her nascent soul was indeed bound by a layer of frost.

Such a powerful cultivation method, Ye Mo sighed, this was a completely different level than his winter's arrival.

"Sister Li, help me later. I will suck away the frost from your nascent soul." Before she could say anything, Ye Mo started using winter's arrival to suck.

Li Yuqian was shook, this was Lu Jiucheng's ultimate move, even another nascent soul state cultivator wouldn't dare to do this. Ye Mo was a mere golden core state primary stage, this was suicide!

Just when she was about to stop Ye Mo, Ye Mo already started siphoning. Li Yuqian sighed and could only cooperate.

But Li Yuqian soon found that layer of frost was really being sucked away and Ye Mo was still fine.

Was he an ice spirit root? This was impossible, there was no such thing as an ice spirit root pill master.

Ye Mo felt good. His winter's arrival's power had stagnated, and now after absorbing so much frost chi, it immediately grew.
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