Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 980

Chapter 980: Reject Invitation
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Ye Mo stopped his flying boat because he was blocked by a battleship like magic artifact. It was huge and it seemed like a moving continent from afar. It was a much higher level than Ye Mo's flying boat. It was a low grade cultivation artifact.

In fact, this big ship had been parked here before and two golden core state cultivators got off and stopped Ye Mo's flying boat. They looked the ship with greedy eyes.

Ye Mo didn't do anything. The person who could control such a huge cultivation artifact would be no ordinary person. Even if he could beat the two golden core state, he couldn't do anything.

The low grade cultivation artifact had offensive and defensive capabilities. It was very easy for them to catch up to his ship even though it was huge.

Plus, Ye Mo guessed that there were about 100 golden core state cultivators on board and about two in the nascent soul state. Ye Mo had no hopes of running away from such power.

The downside of this ship was that it was so big that ordinary storage rings wouldn't be able to store it. Some wouldn't even be able to shrink.

It was normal for some nascent soul state cultivators to have cultivation artifacts, but such massive flying artifacts were really not common. Ye Mo believed this probably belonged to some sort of power.

"Golden core state level two cultivator?" the two golden core state came up to Ye Mo and smiled. Clearly, Ye Mo's power meant nothing to them. The greed in their eyes grew. A mere golden core state level two dared to fly out with such a top grade spirit artifact, this was no different than suicide.

"Where are you going?" seeing that Ye Mo didn't reply, that golden core state level seven suddenly asked coldly.

Ye Mo stood up and replied calmly, "Does everyone who goes out to the Heartless Sea need to report to you?"

The golden core state level nine was shocked, he didn't expect Ye Mo to dare to talk back like this.

But clearly, the two didn't dare to overtly attack Ye Mo.

The golden core state level seven felt unhappy that Ye Mo had no respect for him, "Of course it has nothing to do with us and you don't need to report to us, but you can't take this path. You have to go around if you want to go to the Heartless Sea. Our Ao Cheng merchant association will be using this path for these few days. Even if you want to leave from here, you have to wait till our ship has left.

Ye Mo fell silent. The island he wanted to reach was not far ahead. If he had to go around, he would still need to come back here. Who knew how long this boat would be parked here for?

"You want to go to duo horn island right? Although I don't know why you want to go there, you can't go there as well," the golden core state level nine said.

Ye Mo didn't hide it and said, "That's right, I want to go there to collect some water weed."

Water weeds were worthless to golden core state cultivators.

The two golden core state were dazed and laughed.

The golden core state level seven laughed again, "If you want to go look for something else, I can't say for sure, but I can tell you that there certainly won't be any water weed. You won't even be able to catch a whiff of it."

"Even in the area with the radius of a few hundred thousand kilometers, you won't find any water weed."

"Why?" Ye Mo blurted out. Water weed was very important to him. Without it, how could he concoct the heaven glory pill, how could he reach nascent soul state?

The disappointment on Ye Mo's face was obvious, the two could easily tell that the water weed was important to Ye Mo. The golden core state level seven used this opportunity and pointed at the big boat not far away and said, "If you want water weed, it's not impossible. That's the ship our Ao Chen merchant association uses to go into deep waters. You can take our boat over. Otherwise, even if your spirit artifact is top grade, it would be suicide to go into deep waters."

Ye Mo frowned and that cultivator continued, "If you want water weed, you need to follow our ship into the deep sea. I'm not lying, if you don't believe me, you can ask other people on board."

"Then why are you guys stopped here?" Ye Mo asked.

The golden core state level seven smiled. "It's fine if I tell you, our elder Hao is about to reach nascent soul state tertiary stage so we need to stop here and wait for the elder to ascend. It's your luck that you met us. Our ship has nascent soul state qian bei, there basically won't be any danger. But every cultivator on our boat needs to pay some price"

Ye Mo sneered, he had his flying boat and they wanted him to go on their boat and give his boat away. These two were crazy.

Ye Mo guessed that even though they desired his boat, they wouldn't dare to steal it in front of all the other cultivators. Many of the cultivators on board had probably been lured on like this.

The golden core state level nine intervened, "Although you have this top grade flying spirit artifact, it's easy to get here but it would be very hard for you to go back alone later."

"I'll tell you the truth, there's a level seven beast here and he went crazy. He took his lower level minions and cleared all the spirit herbs around here. This includes the water weed. Many solo cultivators were also killed. Our merchant association's hollow spirit state elder battled that level seven beast and both got injured. The level seven beast retreated and the lower leveled minions also retreated."

"However, the herbs they collected weren't taken away. They're still on an island. But other than the herbs, there are many beasts below level six on it, so many cultivators formed a small squad and hired our ship. Our merchant association sent out two nascent soul state elders to support this project. So it's indeed due to luck that you can get on it."

Then, he scanned Ye Mo's flying boat hoping that Ye Mo would go on now. As long as he went on, Ye Mo's flying boat would belong to them.

Ye Mo didn't object. This cultivator's words were a mix of truth and lies, but one thing was for sure, the herbs nearby were all swooped away.

The golden core state cultivator was getting a little desperate seeing that Ye Mo didn't express anything.

Just when he wanted to say something, Ye Mo saluted with his fists. "Thank you two for your goodwill but I won't go to the Duo Horn island. I'm going back now."

The two wanted to trick Ye Mo onto the ship and then slowly threaten and trick Ye Mo into giving away the flying boat, but now, there was nothing they could do.

Just when they wanted to say something, the horn on the big ship sounded. It was about to depart. Although they were very unsatisfied, they flew back onto the ship without hesitation. Soon, the ship disappeared.

Ye Mo didn't leave. He was sure that most of what they said was real but why would the merchant association only send two nascent soul state cultivators? The store of herbs should attract way more people. Why were there only golden core state cultivators forming squads and only two nascent soul state cultivators sent here from the merchant association?

Ye Mo stood thinking for a while and decided to go see the island first.

A few hours later, Ye Mo stood on the island. This place was indeed empty, not a single beast nor spirit herb.
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