Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 981

Chapter 981: Terrifying Pill
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Ye Mo wasn't really going to go back, he instead opened the stealth formation of the flying ship and followed carefully.

He could only follow in the direction that the ship had disappeared.

In the next few days, Ye Mo didn't find any signs of that ship but saw tens of islands. The islands were all wiped clean like the cultivators had said.

Ye Mo was shaken, was this really the case? If so, how many beasts were needed to collect the herbs? How many herbs had been collected? There were too many islands in a 100,000 kilometer radius from this point, but all their spirit herbs had been harvested. This was no different than a beast wave. Beast waves usually started without warning and had little organization, but what had just happened before his eyes was much too organized.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn't continue following the ship. Regardless if the cultivator's information was true, he didn't have the power to take part it. He changed the direction of his flying ship.

A few days later, Ye Mo found some more islands along the way, but they were all barren as well.

Ye Mo had decided to go deep into the sea. Although he was already in the deep sea and would face life-threatening danger if he went in any further, he was willing to risk it for the water weed. 7 days later, he found another island. What shook him was that the spirit herbs were still there and there were still spirit beasts on it.

Ye Mo suddenly felt that the Ao Chen merchant association's actions were quite eerie.

He didn't bother with that, it had nothing to do with him.

Ye Mo searched this island, they were all low level spirit herbs. The other islands that were harvested wouldn't have high level spirit herbs, but all these low level spirit herb were harvested clean. There definitely was something here.

Three days later, Ye Mo stopped on an island that was only a few hundred kilometers in circumference. He was very excited, he had finally found one water weed, one that didn't have any spirit beast guarding it. This was in the extremely deep sea.

One was not enough for Ye Mo, but it could let him know if he would be able to concoct the heaven glory pill.

Ye Mo found a safe place on this island and went into the golden page world. He was going to concoct the heaven glory pill.

Ye Mo had gathered all of the four main ingredients.

As Ye Mo threw a set of spirit herb into the Shen Non cauldron, he filtered out the impurities with his spirit sense. The pill liquid started to boil and mix.

Ye Mo took this trial very seriously and kept refining the pill liquid repeatedly.

Half an hour later, a faint herb aroma was spreading. Ye Mo rejoiced, he felt Su Jingwen's guess was right.

Another 15 minutes later, Ye Mo kept weaving finishing pill signs. The heaven glory pill was about to form. Ye Mo held the excitement in. his heart and was very careful.

But at this crucial moment, he heard an almost indiscernible crack. The pill was about to fail?

Ye Mo was shaking, was Su Jingwen's conjecture wrong? The missing herb wasn't the harmful part? Without it, the pill couldn't form?

Ye Mo's heart sunk, he stopped the pill formation process and used his spirit sense to stop the pill from cracking. The heaven glory pill was level nine spirit pill, with his level four pill king skills, he far exceeded the requirements to concoct the pill.

Ye Mo carefully started to check the pill with his spirit sense. Soon, he saw the problem.

The heaven glory pill was missing spirit power and couldn't condense. Ye Mo immediately thought of spirit crystals, he threw in three without hesitation and started to use the finishing pill signs.

This time, the heaven glory pill didn't crack and slowly condensed eventually forming three pills at the bottom of the cauldron.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and picked up the three pills.

Looking at three pills, Ye Mo knew that he indeed didn't discover one more ingredient.

It was quite possible that the heaven glory pill that person gave him was fine but Ye Mo shook his head. Even if he knew it was 99% fine, he didn't dare to eat it. He wasn't able to see what the terrifying existence did even if he did something to the pill.

He was planning to concoct six pills but had only three formed in the end. Ye Mo was sure that even if this was the heaven glory pill, ordinary people wouldn't dare to eat it.

He supplied spirit power with spirit crystals and although the pill eventually formed, it lost some harmony. Even if this pill could let people ascend, it would injure them. Those a little weaker might even explode.

At this moment, Ye Mo finally knew that the heaven glory pill had five main types of ingredients and he hadn't figured out the last one, but it was definitely not spirit crystal.

But Ye Mo already knew what the purpose of that last ingredient was, it was to provide spirit power and harmonize the power of the pill. Ye Mo couldn't think of what this herb was, he didn't even find it on Thing.

But Ye Mo wasn't very disappointed, his heaven glory pill was indeed the right pill but he just didn't dare to let anyone else eat it. He himself should probably be able to eat it though.

Ye Mo packed away the cauldron and started to eat it.

The pill turned into countless spirit liquids that instantly filled his meridians and dan tian.

Ye Mo felt that the pill liquid was very cool and was surprised. He thought that the pill wasn't very explosive. Without thinking too much, he started to use the Three Birth Chant to digest the liquid.

But as soon as he did, he started to shake. All his meridians turned from cool into a burning inferno. It was as though the next moment he would burn to ash from the inside out.

If Ye Mo didn't use the Three Birth Chant immediately, he might not even have had the chance to.

The Three Birth Chant made sure Ye Mo didn't faint, but his meridians started to crack and blood seeped out of his body. His ligaments were convulsing.

Ye Mo had never been in such a bad state since he began his cultivation. He became a man of blood and could only hold onto that sliver of conscious. He knew that he if he fell unconscious, he would be turned into ash.

This pill was that volatile.

But what agonized Ye Mo the most was that he was sitting on a spirit root. He didn't even need to absorb the spirit chi and it would go inside itself.

This was like a firefighter fighting fire with oil.

At this moment, Ye Mo finally understood how powerful his Three Birth Chant was.

His meridians were cracking but his golden core was getting bigger and bigger and his meridians were also healing at the same time too.

Ye Mo didn't know how long it has been, but when there was no more pain in his body, that explosive spirit power rapidly turned into cultivation essence. Ye Mo could clearly feel his power increase dramatically.
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