Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 982

Chapter 982: Shocking Secret
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Ye Mo breathed out and stood up. He estimated that it had been a few days since he had eaten the pill.

He was golden core state level three and his cultivation essence was dense. He didn't have any feelings of discomfort. Not just that, he even felt that his meridians had expanded and become more durable. This was indeed one pill, one level. If this pill recipe was leaked, how much madness would it cause?

Ye Mo didn't rest, he started to consolidate his power. Five days later, he felt his power had completely consolidated and then he took out the remaining heaven glory pill.

He stared at it for a long while before eventually deciding to keep eating.

Clearly, he didn't want to experience that life and death pain again, but he knew that without power, perhaps what he would encounter next wouldn't just be pain, but death.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and sat on the spirit root once again. He knew it was more dangerous, but without the spirit root, the power of the pill wouldn't be fully utilized.

This time, Ye Mo was prepared and started using the Three Birth Chant long before he felt pain.

His meridians broke and repaired in a repetitive cycle. This time, Ye Mo didn't suffer as much as last time and reached golden core state level four.

Although he reached golden core state level four, he felt the pill didn't seem to be as effective as last time.

Even so, Ye Mo was very happy. He reached golden core state middle stage with just two pills. He had spent no more than one month in the golden page world. The guy didn't lie to him when he said that he could reach golden core state peak stage in half a year.

Reaching level four, Ye Mo consolidated his power but didn't eat the last heaven glory pill. He cultivated using the condense red pill and started to study the fifth strike of Illusion Cloud and the purple eye soul sever.

For the fifth strike, Ye Mo felt that if he could merge formations into his sword, then his Illusion Cloud 9 strikes would go up a level.

Ye Mo kept testing and verifying, but he was always missing that little bit.

After cultivating with condense red pills and spirit crystals for a month, Ye Mo's state completely stabilized. He didn't eat another heaven glory pill and left the golden page world instead. He wanted to kill some spirit beasts.

He knew that the reason he far exceeded cultivators of the same level in combat capabilities was due to his constant fighting.

Ye Mo left this island and found another island. There were no water weeds here, but there were quite some spirit beasts above level three. There was even a level five two-headed crocodile.

It was laying lazily on the beach and ignored Ye Mo's invasion, but after Ye Mo killed more than ten level three and level four spirit beasts, it finally couldn't stay seated anymore.

It roared and charged at Ye Mo, shooting out a dark ray towards Ye Mo by raising one of its head.

If Ye Mo was in golden core state level two, he might be interested in fighting with it, but now, he really wasn't interested in this level five middle stage crocodile.

Ye Mo hacked with Zi Xu and wanted to test his incomplete Illusion Cloud fifth strike.

The purple ray clashed with the dark ray of the crocodile. As the sound disappeared, Ye Mo was disappointed to find that his strike didn't do anything at all. The sword formation didn't activate. The only use was that it blocked the crocodile's attack.

Ye Mo was disappointed, but so was the crocodile. It saw that its first move was blocked by a cultivator at a lower than it. It was furious and swept its huge body at Ye Mo.

Clearly, he was waiting for Ye Mo to come down so it could attack again.

Ye Mo lost the will to keep fighting seeing that his 5th strike was incomplete. He just hacked out with Illusion Cloud Essence Binding strike.

The spirit beast clearly didn't expect that it would be instantly bound. Before it could even feel fear, it had lost a head to Ye Mo's reverse slice.

The crocodile immediately charged towards the ocean.

Ye Mo was just about to stop it when he felt an extreme sense of danger. Without thinking, he quickly kicked the crocodile head into the sea and found a place to hide. He felt two cultivation essence waves rapidly approaching.

This was the deep sea and Ye Mo knew danger was around every corner.

Just when Ye Mo hid himself and masked his chi, the two cultivation essence waves arrived above the island.

What shook Ye Mo was that he was familiar with one of the cultivation essence waves. Soon, he remembered it to be one of the people who got off from the low grade cultivation artifact flying ship.

It was a nascent soul state cultivator, but what shook Ye Mo was that the nascent soul state cultivator was the one running away from a chasing spirit beast.

Ye Mo didn't dare to watch with his spirit sense at all. He focused on camouflaging himself. He suspected that he had already been found.

"Chi Hong, why did you go back on your words? Are you not afraid of our merchant association's revenge?" that nascent soul state landed on the island knowing that there was no point in running.

Ye Mo could tell that this nascent soul state cultivator was heavily injured.

Then, he heard a coarse voice sneer, "Keep my words? Bullshit, we agreed on sending 300 golden core state cultivators over, but you wanted to use those golden core state cultivator to start a rebellion. Luckily I was prepared too, or else you guys would've succeeded."

"How many times have I told you, their rebellion has nothing to do with us. I really don't know how they got the news," the nascent soul state cultivator said with annoyance.

"Very well," the coarse voice said coldly. "Since it has nothing to do with you, why didn't you help me when they had the upper hand and instead tried to plunder? Does that have nothing to do with you too?"

The nascent soul state cultivator was at a loss for words, he said after a while, "If we wanted to trick you, we wouldn't do it at this time. Why don't we wait till next time when we send over the nascent soul state cultivator and start the rebellion?"

"Yeah," the spirit beast said in contempt. "Luckily you reminded me, dealing with you cultivators are like dealing with shrewd schemers. Luckily we didn't wait till the nascent soul state deal."

Ye Mo was shaken, they were up to no good indeed. The Ao Cheng merchant association found some golden core states just so they could hand them over to the spirit beast for a deal. It was a pity that those golden core state cultivator had no idea at all.

Although he didn't know for what reason that this was eventually exposed, Ye Mo rejoiced that he didn't listen to those two golden core state cultivators. If he did, he might not be able to get out alive.

Ao Cheng merchant association, such a cruel and sinister merchant association!

"Chi Hong, it's not the first time we've done deals like this. We did wrong to you this time, I'm willing to give you my storage ring. Please, on account of our many deals, let it go this time," the nascent soul state cultivator said.

"Let it go? You guys killed a level six brother of mine and you want me to let it go? Keep dreaming Gu, die!" Then, Ye Mo heard explosions.

From their conversation, Ye Mo could tell that the nascent soul state cultivator really wanted to do business with the spirit beast, but it probably wasn't his fault that it didn't work out in the end. The spirit beast probably knew this too, but still wanted to kill the nascent soul state cultivator. There must be some other reason.
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