Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Befuddled by Money
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Ye Mo could only listen and use neither spirit sense nor eyes to watch. The battle grew very intense and searing flames kept flying above his head. Sometimes, stones would strike him.

At the start, Ye Mo thought his stealth was fine, but when those rocks and pebbles kept hitting him, he finally felt something was wrong.

Both sides were nascent soul state tertiary stage and he was only in golden core state middle stage. If they didn't notice anything before, he could hide from them with Three Birth Chant but just from the rocks that kept hitting him, they would catch it with their spirit sense.

Since both of them knew he was hiding here, what was the point of staying here?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was forced to expose himself and immediately fled, trying to dart into the ocean.

Ye Mo was a decisive person, but just as he moved he heard that nascent soul state cultivator say, "Zheng Yuan, attack!"

Ye Mo didn't know what this meant, but he knew it was nothing good.

Immediately, he felt a strong blow hit the place where he had been hiding. It was blown to pieces.

'So close!' Ye Mo thought. If he didn't predicted it beforehand and left half a second earlier, he would've been blown to pieces.

Ye Mo already landed by the seaside and understood what had happened by now.

When the nascent soul state cultivator and spirit beast arrived, they had already noticed where he was. After all, he had observed them with his spirit sense before hiding. Plus, there was the bloody smell of a two-headed crocodile here. The remains of battle were also apparent on the scene.

But these two pretended they didn't know. That nascent soul state cultivator wanted to use him too. The nascent soul state cultivator knew that the spirit beast knew he was hiding there and gradually shifted the battle over here. When he was behind the spirit beast, the nascent soul state cultivator suddenly attacked and called out the name Zheng Yuan.

Because of this, the spirit beast thought he was ambushing him and was with the nascent soul state cultivator, so the spirit beast would attack him first.

In fact, both of them succeeded. The nascent soul state cultivator made the spirit beast attack and the spirit beast attacked him first.

If Ye Mo didn't already suspect that he was discovered, he wouldn't know what was going on even if he died. Even though Ye Mo already left the range of the attack beforehand, he still felt his chi roiling.

Two cunning bastards! Ye Mo wasn't in a rush now as he fell by the sea. The two were fighting, perhaps he could use it to his advantage. It was dangerous, but he wasn't the type to be used and suck it up.

Finally, Ye Mo could observe that spirit beast. It was a level six one horned flood dragon. However, it had two hands and looked very uncomfortable.

As soon as the nascent soul state cultivator yelled attack, he spat blood and it soon turned into an eerie picture. That guy wanted to use this moment to use blood escape.

He was smart, but the spirit beast wasn't dumb either. He attacked before the cultivator called out to attack, ignored Ye Mo and attacked the nascent soul state cultivator instead.

The nascent soul state tertiary stage had already started using blood escape but it wasn't completed. He only needed one or two more seconds.

If he still kept committing to his blood escape while a level six spirit beast attacked him with full power, then he would be dead for sure.

He took out a huge stamp-like magic artifact. After releasing it, it turned to the size of a mountain and clashed with the spirit beast.

The nascent soul state cultivator stopped the attack but had to cancel the blood escape.

The nascent soul state cultivator was clearly decisive, and before the spirit beast could attack again, he took out a dark bead and quickly cut off one of his arms.

The arm turned into a bloody mist enveloping the bead, and at this moment, the spirit beast's attack came again.

The mist and black bead happened to clash with the second attack.


The terrifying sound shook the earth a few kilometers away.

Ye Mo looked on and was amazed. He didn't know what that black bead was but was astonished it could release such power.

Ye Mo noticed that the cultivator's face went extremely pale after using it, but he glared at Ye Mo before spitting out more essence blood.

Although Ye Mo knew he was about to use essence blood again and this was the best time to ambush him, he was too far from the cultivator and he knew that although the nascent soul state cultivator was heavily injured, he could still kill him easily.

Ye Mo noticed that the spirit beast was injured as well, but not as heavily injured as the nascent soul state cultivator. He had lost an arm as well.

Both the spirit beast and nascent soul state cultivator were heavily injured but he still wasn't able to beat them.

This was the best opportunity to run. Without a thought, Ye Mo burst his cultivation essence and was about to run but suddenly, he stopped.

Ye Mo didn't choose the original direction and instead changed paths and grabbed something in mid-air before diving into the sea.

"Insect, you're asking to die!" the spirit beast saw Ye Mo grab the object and couldn't care about his injuries nor the nascent soul state cultivator anymore. He flashed across towards Ye Mo but only caught his shadow.

"Insect, you took my storage ring and you still want to run from the sea? Keep dreaming!' the flood dragon roared and charged into the sea.

The nascent soul state cultivator heard this and was shaken. His blast did seem to blow off the spirit beast's arm, but how did that golden core state level four get it?

Seeing Chi Hong chase into the sea, the nascent soul state cultivator was regretful. If he knew that Chi Hong wasn't going to chase him, why keep using the blood escape? He sighed in his heart at the same time, a golden core state level four cultivator dared to steal a level six spirit beast's storage ring.

Even he desired what was in Chi Hong's storage ring, but he knew that golden core state level four wouldn't be able to escape from Chi Hong.

Regardless, his blood escape activated and he turned into a shadow of blood disappearing from this island.

When Chi Hong chased into the sea, he stopped after a moment. He was worried because he had lost track of Ye Mo. How could a golden core state level four cultivator hide from him in the sea?

His spirit sense had a range of a few hundred kilometers in the sea, he would be able to see the egg of a shrimp clearly - but that golden core state level four was gone.

If he had only lost his arm, he could easily regenerate it with his wealth, but if he lost the storage ring, he lost everything.

Ye Mo knew he did something stupid once he stole the arm. Although he could go into the golden page world, this was the Heartless Sea, the realm of the aquatic spirit beasts.

His golden page world was like a golden light floating in the sea, it was very hard to trick that flood dragon.

Ye Mo immediately realized that he was too greedy and unsatisfied that both nascent soul state guys used him. That's why he wanted to get something back.

Suddenly, a group of rapid white fish dashed before the golden page world. This group of fish was in the ten thousands. Without thinking, Ye Mo controlled the golden page world to go into a fish's mouth.

Despite this, Ye Mo was still unnerved.
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