Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Not Minding Your Own Business
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

The golden page world left along with the school of fish. It was still within the range of Chi Hong's spirit sense range but there were so many fish in the sea, he couldn't scan each one. Even a level seven spirit beast wouldn't be able to check the insides of all the fish.

Chi Hong would never expect that Ye Mo had something as powerful as the golden page world, that was its own realm. There was nothing in the cultivation realm like this. There were small pocket worlds, but nothing as powerful as the golden page world.

Most pocket worlds were artificial but Ye Mo's golden page world was born from chaos.

No matter how powerful you were, even if you cultivated to be a god, you wouldn't be able to create something as powerful as the golden page world.

So, Ye Mo was clearly worrying too much. Unless Chi Hong could find the golden light in this fish's stomach, he would never be able to find him.

Ye Mo didn't dare to leave the golden page world so he took out that spirit beast's arm and took a large storage ring from it before burning the arm.

This storage ring was made differently from ordinary ones. He could also make some simple artifacts and storage rings, but the ones he made were the simplest and had very little space.

This storage ring looked and was made differently. When Ye Mo sent his spirit sense inside, he could tell that there was a very strong spirit sense restriction in it.

Ye Mo was sure that if he wasn't a formation and restriction master, he wouldn't be able to open the ring. Luckily it was him who got this ring, if someone else had taken it, it would be as if they had got nothing for them.

Ye Mo started to remove the restriction bit by bit with his spirit sense. Even though he knew how to break it, it took him nearly three days.

But when Ye Mo saw the football field sized space, he was astonished, not because of the size but because it was the first time he saw a storage ring this wealthy.

This was no storage ring, it was a warehouse. When he got the bandit's storage ring, he was also shocked, but that was nothing compared to this.

There were tall shelves placed tidily, the lowest level spirit herb was level three. There were mountains of level four and level five herbs. He even saw a few hundred level six spirit herbs and two level seven spirit herbs.

What made Ye Mo rejoice was that he saw thousands of water weeds.

After coming out of the plain of herbs, he realized that he had thought he knew what being wealthy meant, but he actually had no idea before now.

Other than spirit herbs, there were about 50 million top grade spirit stones. There were countless middle-grade spirit stones and all sorts of magic artifacts and spirit artifacts fully stacked on a shelf. Ye Mo believed that they were mostly taken from the human cultivators he killed.

There were very few beast cores, only about 20. The lowest was a level five and the highest was a level seven.

To Ye Mo, Level five and above beast cores were priceless.

Ye Mo's spirit sense reached the last white shelf. It had the fewest things but Ye Mo felt this was the most precious shelf.

The first thing that caught Ye Mo's eyes were 3 extreme grade spirit stones. Beside it was a flame restricted by a seal.

"Snow essence flame?" Ye Mo was shocked. It was one of the 36 rare flames of the cultivation realm. It was only ranked 15 though.

However, it was the hardest flame to collect. It was a water type flame like the Purple Flower flame. However, the flame was pure water element. Some pills needed water and fire to concoct, and this snow essence flame was the best choice.

It was good indeed. Ye Mo was very happy and took it away. There were also two level six materials next to it, extreme blue gold and thousand level spirit sand.

Ye Mo was excited and at the same time sighed, a mere nascent soul state tertiary stage spirit beast had such wealth, what if he stole the storage ring of a hollow spirit state cultivator?

But Ye Mo immediately thought of the black and white face and killed the thought.

What Ye Mo didn't know was that Chi Hong's storage ring was a small warehouse and it just happened to be Chi Hong's turn to keep it, which was why Chi Hong hunted Ye Mo like crazy. If he lost the ring, there would be no good consequence for him. He was only one worker working under a level seven spirit beast.

Ye Mo put away the ring but still didn't dare to leave. He started cultivating, preparing to eat the third heaven glory pill.

Another month passed and Ye Mo reached golden core state level five. He had lots of water weed and could continue concocting the heaven glory pill, but Ye Mo didn't want to eat anymore for now. The powering up was satisfying but the process was too terrifying.

Ye Mo took out the 5 element mobility and made up his mind to study it. This was his main method of escape from now on.

5 element mobility was just a name, it wasn't actually five types of mobility. This was very easy to learn but hard to master. Even if you learned a little bit, your speed wouldn't be faster than using a magic artifact.

It depended on your cultivation essence, spirit sense and your understanding of the technique. It had 7 levels, but without a strong spirit sense and cultivation essence, you might never get past level one. Even if you had powerful spirit sense and cultivation essence, without adequate understanding you would never reach level two.

Ye Mo cultivated the Three Birth Chant, so his understanding was unparalleled. He reached level one on the first day.

Time passed quickly in cultivation and soon two months had passed.

He couldn't keep hiding in the golden page world. He had left for half a year and acquired a lot, but he wanted to go back and check on Mo Yue.

Ye Mo couldn't control the golden page world to leave the mouth of the fish so he could only say sorry to that fish and left the golden page world.

But when he came out, it was very dark. He scanned his spirit sense out and saw that he was in the belly of a whale. Clearly, that white fish had already been eaten.

Well, he could finally get revenge for the white fish that saved his life. Ye Mo released Zi Xu and a gash was opened from inside of the whale's body. Ye Mo came out from the whale's back and took a shower in the sea water before standing on top of the water.

He was speechless to find that as soon as he came out, he saw another fight between two cultivators.

But this time, it was one golden core state level nine and one level eight.

The golden core state level eight was in danger and was about to be killed.

At that moment, the golden core state level eight saw Ye Mo suddenly appear and said, "Dao friend, please send news back, Ao Cheng merchant association conspired with spirit beast to trick golden core state cultivators to go out in the sea and hand them over to spirit beasts"

"You're asking to die!" The golden core state level nine attacked even harder.

The golden core state level eight was hit by a white jade ring and spat out more blood, but he still yelled, "Hurry and leave, bring the news back. Otherwise, you'll be next after he kills me"

Ye Mo wasn't going to meddle in the business of others, but this involved the Ao Cheng merchant association, who Ye Mo was very annoyed with.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo released Zi Xu.

It brought a long purple ray and passed a few kilometers above the head of that golden core state level nine.

Even the golden core state level nine didn't expect that a golden core state level five would refuse to run and come up to suicide instead.
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