Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 985

Chapter 985: News of Mo Yue
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

There are really still heroes in this world? That golden core state level eight forgot about his situation and looked in a daze at the sword ray. He shivered at the sight of such a quick sword ray.

"Insolent" the golden core state level nine sneered and was about to release his white ring again but he felt his cultivation essence slow down. He couldn't completely activate his white ring.

What was going on? The golden core state level nine just wanted to run and immediately realized that his cultivation essence had been bound. He was shaken and broke out in a cold sweat. He knew the consequence of this too well. If the second strike arrived before he broke free, he would be dead for sure.

He couldn't underestimate this golden core state level six anymore. He burned three mouthfuls of essence blood and barely broke free.

This golden core state was definitely not only level five, the golden core state level nine realized, and he turned to run.

If he kept fighting with Ye Mo, he might have had a chance to run but as soon as he ran, that sliver of a chance was gone.

The second strike swept over the heavens at him. He could barely release the ring to block it and was encapsulated by the sword rays.

The storage ring fell into Ye Mo's hand, who then looked back at the dumbfounded golden core state level eight.

The golden core state level eight's eyes were wide open. From such a distance, Ye Mo finished off a golden core state level nine with two strikes? Even though the golden core state level nine already fought with him, he shouldn't have been killed in two strikes. This was too absurd, was Ye Mo golden core state peak stage? But even golden core state peak stage cultivators shouldn't be able to do that.

In reality, the golden core state level nine was too terrified of Ye Mo. Fighting with a cultivator that could bind his cultivation essence, was like suicide. If he didn't feel fear and run away immediately after breaking free, Ye Mo would need to spend some time fighting before he could beat him. If Ye Mo didn't lay down any formations during the meantime, he could even run away.

But he was too scared of death and lost the will to fight after the first strike.

"You're a golden core state peak stage qian bei?" the golden core state level eight was dazed for a long time before blurting out.

Ye Mo smiled and asked, "Where is this, how far are we from Pei Hai city?"

The golden core state level eight just realized that he had been saved and bowed to Ye Mo and said, "Wan bei Li Qishan, thank you for saving me qian bei. Pei Hai city isn't far from here. 10,000 kilometers east lies the Pei Qi island. The shameless Ao Cheng merchant association conspired with spirit beasts and tricked golden core state cultivators to go out and die. I must expose this qian bei, I'll be leaving first. After I do this, I will come and thank qian bei."

Ye Mo nodded. Li Qishan didn't know if he would live or die, that's why he said he would come back and thank him later.

Ye Mo quite approved of this Li Qishan. He saw that Li Qishan was about to leave and stopped him. He took out the white ring and gave it to him. "This middle grade spirit artifact is not bad, it's yours. If you don't have a place to go, you can come find me in Pei Hai city. I'm Ye Mo, I'm staying at Mo Yue."

"Okay." Li Qishan didn't reject and disappeared after taking the ring. He had been in the deep sea for a while but hadn't heard of Mo Yue. He thought it was just a small place.

Ye Mo headed towards Pei Qi island. If he got there, he would know which direction to go.

Ye Mo crossed 10,000 kilometers quickly.

The island was densely populated, making Ye Mo feel that this was no island but an island city.

Ye Mo wanted to get some news about Pei Hai city and go back there through the teleportation formation.

As soon as he got here, he heard the exciting news that South Peace State, North Far State, and East Black state were setting up intercontinental teleportation formations.

He was planning to get a huge cultivation artifact flying ship after reaching hollow spirit state and taking everyone to South Peace State, but for now, this was heavenly news.

Ye Mo wasn't even planning to go into that small bar, but upon hearing this news, he walked in.

The few foundation establishment state cultivators who had been talking didn't even realize that Ye Mo came here due to overhearing their conversation.

Ye Mo knew that if he showed his golden core state power, these golden core state cultivators would be more vigilant, so he showed his power to be foundation establishment state level five.

"Dao friends, I'm Ye Mo, I've been cultivating in the deep sea, I just heard you guys talking about the teleportation formation, is it true?" Ye Mo walked over and saluted with his fists.

There were three cultivators at the table, one black clothed man at foundation establishment state level nine, an honest looking youth to his right who was foundation establishment state level seven, and a female cultivator who was curvaceous and golden core state level eight.

Ye Mo's sudden appearance surprised them, but when they saw that Ye Mo was only foundation establishment state level five, they didn't feel so vigilant.

The female cultivator smiled sweetly. "Little brother have a seat, what we said is true. You haven't been back to Pei Qi island, is that why you haven't heard about it?"

Ye Mo nodded in shame. "Yes, I just came back from an adventure. I was very shocked at this news."

"Sigh, even if we want to go out for adventure, it would be hard. The nearby islands have been swept clean by spirit beasts. There are so many cultivators on this island because they have nowhere to go now. Some golden core state qian beis were organizing squads to go into the deep sea, but those people haven't been back since. After all, it takes longer to go into deep sea. We're too weak to go there," the honest looking youth said, sighing.

The black clothed cultivator said, "I heard some golden core states hired Ao Cheng merchant association's ship to go into the deep sea, I wonder if they have succeeded."

Ye Mo wasn't here to discuss this, he smiled and said, "I also heard that these golden core state cultivators were organized by the Ao Cheng merchant association, but they're not out there to cast away spirit beasts. The merchant association organized them to deal with spirit beasts. Their goal is to trick them to join them and then sell them to the spirit beasts."

Before Ye Mo could finish, that female cultivator quickly stopped Ye Mo and looked around carefully. "Little brother, do you not want to live? How dare you say these sorts of things? There are people from Ao Cheng merchant association everywhere. If they hear you, you will die for sure, and we will also be involved."

Ye Mo knew this was true and smiled. "Okay, let's not discuss this, how far is that North Far State teleportation formation?"

The female cultivator quickly said, "It's located in Pei Hai city. I heard a few truth realisation state cultivators came to set it up and there are more disaster transformation state cultivators. By the way, have you heard of Mo Yue? They're the biggest merchant association in Pei Hai city because it's said that they're closely related to a disaster transformation state formation master who came."

Ye Mo was shocked. He knew everyone who was in Mo Yue, since when were they connected to a disaster transformation state cultivator? How come he didn't know?

Ye Mo immediately said, "I know Mo Yue, but they're a new merchant association. How can they be associated with a disaster transformation state formation master?"

The female cultivator got more into the conversation. "Everyone from Mo Yue are business geniuses, and in just two months, they became the number one merchant association. But because of this, they offended the previous largest merchant association, Yang Sea merchant association."

Ye Mo began to worry, Yang Sea merchant association wasn't an entity that Mo Yue could mess with.
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