Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 986

Chapter 986: Rich Second Generation Ye Mo
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The female cultivator didn't notice Ye Mo's expression and said to herself, "It's said that at the time, the manager of Yang Hai merchant association requested city management to take the land back, but for some reason, the person responsible for this, Manager Wang, was in solitary cultivation. It's said he was breaking through to nascent soul state. Meanwhile, the Yang Hai merchant association have always been domineering, so since the city management didn't do anything, they sent two Nascent soul state cultivators up there themselves."

Two nascent soul state cultivators and Li Yuqian wouldn't be able to stop them. Ye Mo had made up his mind that when he got back, he was going to concoct some nascent soul state cultivator pills no matter what so Li Yuqian could reach hollow spirit state earlier. But Ye Mo wasn't too worried. After all, with the formation he set up, two nascent soul state cultivators were nowhere near enough.

But what they didn't expect was that the disaster transformation state formation master was staying as a guest at Mo Yue, and when the disaster transformation state qian bei knew that they came to look for trouble, he destroyed their nascent souls on the spot and threw them out."

Ye Mo could finally breathe easy now. He didn't know how that disaster transformation state qian bei was related to Mo Yue, but he felt it had something to do with the formation he set up.

The youth also shook his head and said, "When those people realized that there was a disaster transformation state qian bei supporting Mo Yue, the owner of Yang Hai merchant association brought gifts to apologise instead of getting revenge."

That black clothed cultivator said, "Don't underestimate them, even Ao Cheng merchant association aren't as big as them. The disaster transformation state qian bei is from the South Peace State, he won't be staying in Pei Hai city forever. When the disaster transformation state qian bei leaves, Mo Yue will still face danger. Even if they aren't attack overtly, subtle means can still be used against them."

Ye Mo heard this and agreed strongly. It was not plausible to rely on a disaster transformation state cultivator from South Peace State for support.

"By the way, sister Tian, how can that disaster transformation state cultivator be related to Mo Yue?" that youth asked something Ye Mo long wanted to know.

The female cultivator shook her head. "That I don't know, but I'm sure that manager Wang knows and that's why he used the excuse to avoid seeing the Yang Hai merchant association. I heard that every time the disaster transformation state qian bei came to Mo Yue, he would walk around Mo Yue."

Ye Mo had understood by now that the disaster transformation state qian bei liked his formation means and wanted to discuss them with him, but he was in the deep sea and hadn't been back for months.

Ye Mo was relieved that a disaster transformation state qian bei had protected Mo Yue, but he didn't think Mo Yue would attract the enmity of Yang Hai merchant association in such a short time. It seemed they had fully utilized their business minds but they thought of the world too naively. This wasn't Ning Hai, if he was in Pei Hai, he would prefer to stay more low key.

Mo Yue can be built beautifully but they shouldn't be pressuring others business wise, at least not now.

But Ye Mo was no timid person, since he already offended others, he might as well eliminate the threat. If he couldn't kill the danger, then he would retreat.

Ye Mo got what he wanted and had no intentions of staying longer. He got up and saluted with his fists, "Thanks for telling me the latest news of Pei Hai city."

Before Ye Mo finished, the female cultivator said, "Little brother, you're not yet in the golden core state, you can't keep talking about the Ao Cheng merchant association in such a way. Otherwise, you won't even know how you will die."

Ye Mo smiled and replied, "I know, thank you big sister."

"There's a big auction on the island tonight, if you brought back anything good you can sell it at the door there, you'll get a good price," the female cultivator reminded him again in good will.

Ye Mo really didn't want to go to the auction. He had gained a lot but Pei Qi island wasn't a good place to sell it. He couldn't expose it yet, if someone knew he stole the spirit beast's ring, he would be finished.

Ye Mo left the bar and showed his golden core state level five power again. It could save him a lot of trouble here.

"The once a year big auction of Pei Qi island is being held tonight. All sorts of precious items."

"Only two low grade spirit stones and you will know everything inside"

A few chi gathering cultivators raised their booklets promoting everywhere

"Are the things in the auction tonight really all in your booklet?" a golden core state grabbed a booklet and threw two spirit stones over while asking.

The chi gathering cultivator quickly said respectfully, "Qian bei, more than 80% is in the booklet. Of course, there are some treasures at the end of the auction that we don't know"

"I know," The golden core state murmured and left.

"Give me one too." Ye Mo threw two low grade spirit stones over and took one.

There wasn't much on it but it was indeed not bad. There were even level six spirit herbs and top grade spirit artifacts.

"Level seven spirit beast Dihua beast core?" Ye Mo exclaimed. Level seven beast core was so rare that you can't even buy it.

Dihua beasts were very rare too, and very fast. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to catch one at all. Even hollow spirit state cultivators wouldn't be able to get Dihua beast core.

"Dihua beast core?" another golden core state heard this and immediately said to the chi gathering cultivator, "Give me a booklet too."

When he got the booklet he repeated in surprise, "Dihua beast core indeed, and a level seven at that..."

Ye Mo thought, the Dihua beast was hard to catch but it was only a level seven spirit beast, there was nothing special about it.

Although Ye Mo really wanted to go up and ask, he knew it would be too sudden and that person might not tell him.

Ye Mo wasn't interested in the auction originally, but because of the level seven beast core, he decided to go.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo left rapidly and went to a secluded place to put on 9 transformations.

This time, Ye Mo changed into a pale faced rich second generation man. He dressed himself appropriately and held a spirit artifact fan.

Although there were still a few hours before the auction began, Ye Mo didn't want to go enter along with a lot of people.

There was a foundation establishment state level nine at the door, and seeing Ye Mo's very fashionable and cocky look, he didn't dare to be disrespectful.

"Qian bei, there are still a few hours before the auction starts, do you really want to go in now?" that foundation establishment state cultivator asked carefully.

Ye Mo glared, "What, I can't?"

This foundation establishment state shivered at the unreasonable glare and thought, these rich second generations were too hard to deal with, which family let him out?

"No, you can, of course you can". the foundation establishment state didn't even dare to look at Ye Mo's face and quickly replied. He knew that if he offended someone like this, he would die really quickly.

"Give me the most expensive room." Ye Mo kept up his act.

Ye Mo thought it would be at least a golden core state reception.

"The most expensive room costs 100k top grade spirit stones, the one lower" the foundation establishment state replied. He knew that the most expensive ones were just for show, rarely anyone went in. After all, 100k top grade spirit stones were a huge fortune for a golden core state cultivator. Some golden core state cultivators only had about one or two thousand top grade spirit stones.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "No need for the one lower, I'll take that 100k one."

Then, Ye Mo threw him a bag with 100k top grade spirit stones and said, "Don't waste time, take me to my room."

"Huh" the foundation establishment state was dazed for a second, then immediately reacted, "Okay, okay, qian bei please follow me."
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