Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 988

Chapter 988: Madman Pill Recipe
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Ao Qilong didn't think this arriviste really dared to bid against and slapped his face by adding an extra 10k spirit stones.

"Very well, I keep to my words. The rainbow silk dress is yours, I hope you can hold it long enough to make it warm." Ao Qilong's face was bleak.

No one dared to be this rude to him, even nascent soul state cultivators wouldn't show bad attitudes when they saw him.

Everyone else also thought that this arriviste had balls. Some even guessed that Ye Mo had a large backing and was probably the young master of another big power or he had conflicts with Ao Qilong already, that's why he added 10k.

Otherwise, he could have added 50k or more. Although that would still offend Ao Qilong, it wouldn't offend him as much.

Now, no one wanted to add more spirit stones. They all knew that Ao Qilong would rob the item back in the end.

"520k spirit stones one, 520k spirit stones twice". The auctioneer seemed to want to insult Ao Qilong and dragged her voice on.

"520k third time." The female cultivator slammed the hammer. "Deal, congratulations, friend from the 11th room."

Ye Mo sneered. This made Ao Qilong even angrier, but this female cultivator didn't have any good intentions either. He didn't care, he already offended Ao Qilong so it didn't matter how badly Ao Qilong hated him.

The rainbow silk dress was sent to Ye Mo's room. Ye Mo opened it and saw it was indeed made very exquisitely and emitted a soft chi. He was sure that if one wore this, it was not only very beautiful but comfortable as well.

Ye Mo was very happy that he could get this for 520k spirit stones.

The only ones unhappy were Ao Qilong and the beautiful woman in his arms.

The auctioneer took out the third item. She showed it off and said, "This is a level four formation disk, it can attack or defend, the starting bid is 100k top grade spirit stones"

Ye Mo had lost interest in what she had to say but Ye Mo didn't expect that a level four formation disk would have a 100k starting price.

Ye Mo knew that if he had the materials now, it was no problem for him to make level four formation disks. His formation skills had reached level five.

It seemed that both pill concoction and formations were lucrative businesses. If he went to learn forgery sometime, then he would be a master of all the cultivation realm crafts.

Ye Mo shook his head. Any of the arts, whether it was formation, pill concoction, forgery, or rune making was each enough for a cultivator to study for their entire life, yet he wanted to learn all of them.

After the formation disk was bought for 160k spirit stones, the following items were either pills or spirit artifacts. There were a few spirit herbs that were useful to Ye Mo, but he didn't buy them. After all, he had too many spirit herbs in his storage ring. He didn't need to buy everything he saw.

Half a day passed quickly and Ye Mo didn't buy anything else. He wanted to buy the level seven Dihua beast core. He felt that this beast core would benefit him, but he didn't know exactly how.

Just as he was thinking about this, that female cultivator said, "The next item is definitely explosive. Many friends have already guessed it, that's right, the level seven Dihua beast core!"

As expected, the cultivators down below burst into pandemonium. Many people didn't even know what the Dihua beast was or knew what it was for.

After the noise, the auctioneer said, "Many people just think this is just a level seven beast core but if you think like that you're wrong."

"The difference between other beast cores is that the Dihua beast core can increase your chances of reaching nascent soul state. if you spirit refine the beast core, you will have above a 60% chance of reaching nascent soul state"

Seeing that someone was about to talk, she pressed her hands together and said, "Friends, don't be hasty. I know you want to say that if you just spirit refine the beast core directly, you would explode even if it was a level five beast core right? That's true for other beast cores, but the Dihua beast is an exception. Instead of calling it a beast core, the Dihua beast core is more like a spirit item."

"Of course it's not a spirit fruit, but it's the only beast core that can be spirit refined by a cultivator. It contains astounding amounts of spirit power but it's not volatile. It's very calm and doesn't contain any negative emotions. If you get the Dihua beast core and spirit refine it with Mist Flower, then you'll have an even greater chance of reaching nascent soul state because the beast core can neutralize the explosive power of the Mist Flower. So this beast core is like a Cao Huan pill but better."


The crowd burst into excitement. No one expected that the auction would have something similar to a Cao Huan pill.

Although a level seven beast core was something that a nascent soul state used to reach hollow spirit state, even nascent soul state cultivators wouldn't be able to spirit refine other beast cores.

Ye Mo's head also rumbled. He finally understood what the heaven glory pill was missing, it was the level seven Dihua beast core.

If this woman didn't explain it, he would never think that the beast core of Dihua had large amounts of neutral spirit energy. His heaven glory pill needed something with large amounts of spirit power.

Plus, if the beast core could neutralize the volatility of the Mist Flower, then it could also neutralize the volatile power of the other herbs in heaven glory pill.

Ye Mo smiled bitterly. If he didn't know what the 5th ingredient was it was fine, but after learning it, he realized how absurd his trial before was.

He was thinking that if he could find the fifth ingredient he could concoct large amounts for everyone around him, but now he knew that was impossible. This beast core was very rare. Plus, the pill itself was absurd. Which madman thought of using such an extravagant way of concocting pills for golden core state cultivators?

If a level seven beast core couldn't let a golden core state cultivator increase one level, then this level seven core didn't deserve to be level seven.

The reason this guy was crazy was that even one whole bottle of heaven glory pill might not be worth a Dihua beast core.

But Ye Mo was also crazy like this. He wouldn't care if it was a level seven beast core or not. If it was useful for his cultivation now, then he would be willing to get it no matter the cost.

The auctioneer waited for the crowd to calm down before saying, "The starting bid is 1.5 million top grade spirit stones. Each increment must be no less than 50k, you can start bidding now"

Everyone knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but 1.5 million top grade spirit stones as a starting bid was too insane. The scene fell silent.

But the auctioneer wasn't worried at all, she stood on the stage waiting for bids. She knew there would be people who could afford it.
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