Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 989

Chapter 989: What is an Imbecile?
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

"1.6 million" the auctioneer didn't wait for long and some cultivator already made a bid.

Soon, more people started to bid.

"1.7 million."

"1.8 million"

"2 million, mine."

Some even stood up while making bids and raised their fist.

However, this Dihua beast core was worth much more than this price. Soon, when Ye Mo wanted to bid, it was already 2.15 million. After this price, no one made bids anymore.

A golden core state peak stage stood up in excitement and said shakily, "No one else is bidding, call time."

Everyone could understand how the golden core state peak stage was feeling, and so could Ye Mo, but he was still going to make a bid. He had to buy it. This core decided if he could reach nascent soul state.

Ye Mo was really sick of using spirit crystals to concoct the heaven glory pill. That pain wasn't something ordinary people could endure. Plus, he didn't even know if there were side effects with the pills made with spirit crystals.

The female cultivator smiled and just wanted to speak when someone else made a bid.

"2.2 million," another voice said before Ye Mo could bid.

The golden core state peak stage slunk down after hearing this price. Clearly, this was the highest price he could afford.

Ye Mo heard this voice and sneered, it was that Ao Qilong again. This guy wanted what he had his eyes on every time, how angry would this guy be once he took the Dihua beast core from him?

"2.2 million first time." Seeing Ao Qilong make a bid, the auctioneer wasn't happy but could only start calling.

Before she could call twice, Ye Mo bid "2.5 million."

The competition was intense before but rarely did anyone add 300k spirit stones each time. Ye Mo's bid immediately caught the attention of everyone. When they saw it was the same guy, they had looks of understanding.

That arriviste in the luxurious room clearly had some great conflicts with Ao Qilong, otherwise he wouldn't be fighting with him for every bid.

Ao Qilong was furious hearing that it was Ye Mo bidding. He knew that he wasn't going to let this guy go after the auction, but he was now outbid publicly again. He was extremely unhappy.

"2.6 million." Ao Qilong added 100k without hesitation. Even if he gave the auction holders more spirit stones, he didn't want to be outbid by Ye Mo twice. The young master of the Ao Cheng merchant association was outbid by an arriviste, he couldn't lose that face.

"3 million," Ye Mo said calmly. He didn't consider Ao Qilong a threat at all. The level seven beast core was worth at most 2 million spirit stones. Even if the Dihua beast core was more valuable, it wouldn't be worth over 3 million. After all, these beast cores were only effective for the golden core state and nascent soul state.

"3.1 million." Ao Qilong cursed. How dare this insolent brat dare to compete with him, did he not know he was the young master of the Ao Cheng merchant association? He couldn't lose face for that name.

"3.5 million," Ye Mo said. He picked up tens of millions of top grade spirit stones for free, it didn't hurt him at all.

Everyone took a deep breath, this arriviste was so wealthy! 3.5 million top grade spirit stones had far exceeded the value of the Dihua beast core already. Even ordinary nascent soul state cultivators wouldn't have this much wealth.

Just when Ao Qilong wanted to increase the bid, a manager-like person next to him whispered, "We only brought 5 million spirit stones along and you've already spent 2 million on the things you bought before. We don't have more spirit stones."

Ao Qilong heard this and almost spat blood. Since when was he, young master Ao, insulted like this, and that too in front of the pretty girl he just got? He really wanted to bid more but he didn't have enough spirit stones.

"Okay, okay, okay you have balls," Ao Qilong said coldly to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered, he was never afraid of threats and replied coldly, "Ao, you have balls too, how dare you bid against me? If you don't have money then don't like you do. Cheap shit."

The scene fell silent. Even the auctioneer didn't understand. Ao Qilong was threatening Ye Mo but he didn't name names. But now, this arriviste not only won the bid but also named Ao Qilong and cursed him. He sounded like a hippy on the streets. The insults had no technique at all.


Ao Qilong pulverized the tea table in front of him. Everyone in the auction place could hear it clearly.

Ye Mo said calmly, "You're an imbecile indeed, you don't have money to buy things so you vent your anger on the property of the auctioneer. But luckily your dad has enough money for compensations."

"What's an imbecile?" a voice suddenly asked, clearly not liking Ao Qilong too.

"No matter who you are, if I don't repay you dearly I'm not a human," Ao Qilong gritted his teeth and said.

Ye Mo replied to the cultivator who asked the question, "See now, this is an imbecile."

Everyone heard this and burst into laughter.

Ye Mo sneered, he wasn't someone without a brain. He wasn't going to fight with Ao Qilong by swearing at him. But since Ao Qilong wanted to attack him, he was going to stand up for himself. The more he angered Ao Qilong, the more Ao Qilong would want to kill him personally. This way, he wouldn't think of getting help.

If he left Pei Qi island and Ao Qilong chased him by himself, he wouldn't mind killing this guy. He'd been annoyed at Ao Cheng merchant association for a long time, killing one of them was still one dead. If this guy calmed down and found a nascent soul state cultivator, then it would become quite difficult for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was not interested in the next items so he left the auction scene after getting the Dihua core.

He knew that with Ao Cheng merchant association's influence here, Ao Qilong would be able to know when he left.

So Ye Mo never intended to hide it from Ao Qilong, he left openly.

As soon as Ye Mo left, Ao Qilong took a golden core state peak stage and the golden core state level two female cultivator and followed him out. Clearly, Ye Mo thought too much, Ao Qilong never intended to ask a nascent soul state cultivator to come for a mere golden core state level five like Ye Mo. If it wasn't that the manager kept following him, he wanted to kill Ye Mo himself instantly.

But what Ye Mo didn't expect was that another golden core state peak stage left the auction and followed Ye Mo and Ao Qilong.

Ye Mo sneered, that golden core state peak stage clearly wanted the Dihua core. He probably also wanted things from Ao Qilong.

But the golden core state peak stage's stealth cultivation method was good, even Ao Qilong's golden core state peak stage manager didn't notice him.

Ye Mo's spirit sense was very strong and he had been very experienced in stealth cultivation methods. Playing stealth in front of him was like teaching physics in front of Albert Einstein.

The golden core state peak stage probably also planned to kill Ao Qilong after he killed him. That way, Ao Qilong's disappearance would be blamed on him.

But if that was the guy's plan, then Ye Mo had planned a little surprise for him.
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