Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 990

Chapter 990: Injured Twice
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn't choose to fly towards Pei Hai city and instead flew to Two Horn island. Ye Mo had gone through here once, he knew that in another few thousand kilometers, there would be a small island. Although that wasn't Two Horn island, it was enough for Ye Mo to kill people.

Ye Mo didn't take much time to get there on his flying ship. After Ye Mo landed on the island, he started laying down formations.

If Ao Qilong knew that his trap formation was for him, he would be even more furious.

The reason Ye Mo decided to set up a trap formation and not an attack formation was that there was another golden core state peak stage as well. Ye Mo wasn't concerned with the first three, he was confident that he could kill all of them without any formation.

But Ye Mo felt threatened by that golden core state peak stage behind them. His stealth cultivation method was much stronger than the other three and he seemed very powerful. His chi was even similar to Dong Tianya.

Dong Tianya was ranked fourth in the South Peace State golden core state hall of fame. Even Ye Mo now might not be able to win against Dong Tianya. Thus, one could see how strong that golden core state peak stage behind them was.

This guy was the reason Ye Mo set up the trap formation. He didn't want this guy to run, so he had to set up a trap formation. Although in such little time he could only set up a level three formation, that was enough.

Despite Ye Mo's formation skills being far better than before, as soon as he finished the formation base, Ao Qilong and his two people were here.

Seeing Ye Mo standing on the island and not running, Ao Qilong sneered, "Keep running, weren't you really cocky in the auction? Why aren't you cocky now?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Young master Ao, which eye did you see me running with? With which eye did you see me not being cocky?"

Ao Qilong was at a loss for words, this arriviste was very calm and didn't seem to want to run at all.

"Very well, you have balls indeed." Ao Qilong was so angry he laughed. He turned back to his manager and said, "Tong Zhong, debilitate him, don't kill him yet."

That manager was obedient and released a huge octagonal mace without hesitation. He didn't have any scruples about killing Ye Mo. If Ye Mo wasn't just an arriviste, he would go to the high class room that also required status, not just money.

The mace released was very strange, it didn't have a handle. It seemed like an octagonal ball.

But once it was released, it immediately turned into a metal mountain that loomed over Ye Mo. Ye Mo approved of this cultivator's attack, this mace made the air around Ye Mo stiff, making people feel they were in a canopy, but Ye Mo didn't even need to struggle against this. He just used his cultivation essence and that feeling disappeared without a trace.

This binding was too weak, even an ordinary golden core state tertiary stage would be able to break free.


Ye Mo was smashed a few hundred meters away into a huge rock. He immediately spat a mouth of blood and seemed to be immobilized.

Ye Mo was speechless, he was fighting someone and he had to force himself to spit blood. This was unbearable. But Ye Mo knew that if he took the upper hand, that cunning fox would get ready to retreat even if he didn't retreat himself.

With someone that powerful, if he decided to retreat, even Ye Mo wouldn't be able to stop him with a trap formation.

If someone escaped here, even if he wore the 9 transformations, he would leave behind some clues. Ye Mo wasn't going to take this risk. Plus, he knew he couldn't kill Ao Qilong personally.

Ao Qilong's support was at least a hollow spirit state cultivator. The difference between the hollow spirit state and nascent soul state was too huge. Ye Mo didn't believe at all that there was no spirit sense tracing on Ao Qilong.

If his conjecture was right, anyone who killed Ao Qilong would have his information sent back. So, Ye Mo couldn't kill Ao Qilong and had to wait for that man lurking behind them to kill Ao Qilong instead.

In that case, he couldn't act too tough.

"Hahaha, I thought you were strong, but this is all you've got! Keep bidding, perhaps if you call out a higher bid I can let you go. Idiot, you're just an arriviste and you dare to act cocky on Pei Qi island."

Ao Qilong walked up to Ye Mo and sneered, "Don't worry, I won't kill you now. I will take you back to serve you properly."

In Ao Qilong's eyes Ye Mo was an idiot, an idiot waiting for torture.

Ye Mo shook his head. This Ao Qilong was really like an idiot as he said. He had zero fighting experience. Even if he didn't die here today, he would eventually be killed. Why didn't he think that if Ye Mo truly had so little power, how would he dare to bring them here to get himself killed?

"Brother Long, why not kill him now and take his ring, lets see how many spirit stones this arriviste has," that golden core state level two beautiful woman said softly as she walked over and held Ao Qilong's arm.

The greed was almost dripping out of her eyes as she stared at Ye Mo's ring.

"Wait" that golden core state peak stage seemed to notice something wrong. Ye Mo was so cocky, this shouldn't be all he had. But he had just called out when he saw Ye Mo suddenly get up and throw out a big stamp. It immediately turned into the size of a small mountain and smashed towards Ao Qilong.

The golden core state peak stage was shaken and wanted to help, but he wasn't going to make it in time.

But Ao Qilong only sneered, "Stupid little trick." At the same time, he released a silver broad sword that immediately turned into a 3 meter wide silver light.

The silver light struck the stamp first and this stamp was hacked away thousands of meters away before falling on the ground and dimming.

Ye Mo was sent flying hundreds of meters away, crashing into the rocks of the island before spitting out more blood.

Ye Mo was angry. That golden core state peak stage hiding in the back saw that he had lost too quickly and instead didn't dare to come out. Helpless, Ye Mo could only ambush Ao Qilong. He only showed the ordinary strength of a golden core state level five in that attack. He believed that the lurking cultivator wouldn't be able to tell. If he still didn't fall for it, then Ye Mo had decided to use all his power. It wasn't certain that he would be able to keep them all.

"This is your confidence? A mere golden core state level five dares to ambush me!" Ao Qilong said in contempt. "Perhaps you finally know the difference between golden core state level nine and golden core state middle stage. What a pity, it's useless to know it now."

Ye Mo was completely speechless. Before his ambush, he intentionally let out his cultivation essence and attacked once Ao Qilong had a reaction. But now this guy was shamelessly talking about the difference between golden core state level five and level nine.

Tong Zhong breathed easy but he immediately became vigilant and turned around.

At this moment a sigh sounded in their ears.

The three realized another person had come onto this island.

Ye Mo felt assured hearing this. The last guy finally came. Otherwise, he didn't know how long he would have to keep up the act. Now these guys can bite each other.

Ye Mo knew that the reason that the golden core state peak stage believed his act was not because he was smart, but because the guy didn't consider his power a threat.

"It's indeed an arriviste, and a golden core state level five at that. You really dream too big. You came to this island and set up a trap formation wanting to use it to kill two golden core state level nine cultivators. Pity, you didn't have time to finish it." The golden core state peak stage walked over as though there was no one here.

Then, he looked at Ye Mo, "I knew the first time you got injured was an act. But with your power, you can't even pretend anything. You want to rely on your trap formation right. You think you can trap them even if you set it up? Keep dreaming!"
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