Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 991

Chapter 991: Terrifying Mo Qianli
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Ye Mo bit his lips and didn't say anything. Meanwhile, he was thinking about how powerful this golden core state peak stage was. He could tell that he was acting the first time, but what about the second time?

As for this guy seeing his trap formation, he didn't care at all. Even Tong Zhong saw it, to them, this formation was worth nothing.

But only Ye Mo knew the power of this trap formation. It was just a level three trap formation base, but Ye Mo believed that once he completed the formation, even golden core state peak stage cultivators wouldn't be able to get away.

That golden core state peak stage looked at Ye Mo and said, "Seeing how you're quite wealthy, I'll let your opponents die first."

Ye Mo felt his words were dodgy but couldn't tell exactly what was wrong with them.

Ao Qilong was instead feeling concerned seeing that this guy arrived on the island without them noticing. But he was about to lash out seeing how nonchalant this guy was.

However, Tong Zhong got in front of him and said, "Friend, this arriviste has some conflict with us. This has nothing to do with you, are you going to get involved too? Our Ao Cheng merchant association isn't something that people can abuse."

The golden core state peak stage suddenly sneered, "You don't need to hang Ao Cheng merchant association on your mouth. It's not bad, but I don't consider it a threat. Even if the heavenly monarch wants to take my shit I will fight for it."

"So this means you want to fight with us, friend?" Tong Zhong grabbed the octagonal mace and said.

The golden core state peak stage looked at that mace in contempt and said, "That ragged ball is enough for a golden core state level five, but not enough for me."

"So shameless, you're only a golden core state cultivator too, yet you think you're nascent soul state. Brother Long, kill this cocky bastard," the female cultivator said in contempt.

Only Ye Mo knew that this golden core state peak stage delayed the time of her getting his ring, that's why she was unhappy with him.

The amicable golden core state peak stage's face suddenly went cold and he flung his hand behind him. That female cultivator didn't even see what it was and her body sprayed out blood mist.

She looked at that golden core state peak stage in disbelief and wanted to say something but she was unable to and just died.

A golden core state level two was instant killed. Even Ye Mo was shaken, he had tried to estimate this golden core state peak stage's strength, but he was even stronger than he had imagined.

Ye Mo saw clearly that the strike was a long, thin black line. It seemed to be alive and very fast, instantly piercing the woman's dan tian.

What shook Ye Mo was that the string looked very thin but immediately released power enough to blast her chest apart.

Ye Mo was unnerved - if that man had ambushed him first, he didn't know if he could have dodged it.

"How dare you kill Fei Fei? I'm going to kill you!" Ao Qilong was furious and was about to attack with his broad silver sword.

But Tong Zhong stopped him, "Wait, young master."

Ao Qilong calmed down after this. His eyes grew cold and that broad sword circulated above his head as though he would kill someone at anytime.

"Friend, you're strong, we'll leave now," Tong Zhong said.

The golden core state chuckled. "You want to go? You've probably recognized me right? Since you have, do you think I will let you go?"

Ye Mo was shaken upon hearing these words. He looked at the golden core state peak stage. His face was very ordinary, one that people would never remember again.

Clearly, this man also wore a mask, but it was a much higher level than his. This guy's mask was a magic artifact that made people unable to remember the face.

Ye Mo was sure that the reason Tong Zhong recognized this man was due to that string.

Tong Zhong's face went pale but he still saluted with his fists. "Yes, I recognized you friend. North Far State golden core state hall of fame number 3"

Ao Qilong was shaken. "You're North Far State golden core state hall of fame number 3, Mo Qianli?"

Then, Ao Qilong's face also went pale. There were two of them, but they were far from enough for Mo Qianli. They didn't expect he would appear here.

Mo Qianli's name wasn't Mo Qianli originally. His surname was Mo and he was very cruel. He never left anyone alive. Thus, everyone called him Mo Qianli meaning that they must not get within 1000 kilometers of this guy if they were fighting him. Otherwise, if they got close they would die for sure.

Pretty much everyone who had encountered him was already dead. That's why no one knew what he looked like. He was the only one to not go to golden core state hall of fame but still appear on the rankings. Some even said he had killed nascent soul state primary stage cultivators, but no one knew for sure.

This ranking of third was given decades ago, perhaps he could even be golden core state hall of fame number one now.

"Attack!" Tong Zhong was decisive. He knew that Mo Qianli wasn't going to let them go no matter what.

Ao Qilong also released his huge broad sword and threw a rune out. He could only activate this level six rune in this short time. It couldn't do anything to Mo Qianli but was enough to delay him.

Tong Zhong's mace suppressed space again and howled towards Mo Qianli. A black bead also appeared in his hand. This was red lightning.

Seeing Mo Qianli sneer, Ye Mo immediately knew that even if the two used all their means, they were no match for Mo Qianli.

He didn't expect Mo Qianli to be this strong. Ye Mo couldn't care about shadowless' slumber anymore. He used a light spirit sense pike on shadowless to wake him up.

He needed this guy, but this guy was sleeping in golden page world.

Shadowless was woken up by the spirit sense pike, and when he knew of Ye Mo's will, he crawled out unhappily. He raised his feet at Ye Mo but eventually succumbed to Ye Mo's will and went out.

Ye Mo found that the gold dot already covered more than half of shadowless' back. Ye Mo was quite expectant to see how powerful shadowless was now.

Ye Mo looked at the three fighting. Ao Qilong's chest was bleeding and looked at Mo Qianli in satisfaction. Clearly, he didn't have long to live. That cool looking sword was on the side.

Tong Zhong was covered in blood, his mace was surrounded by countless black strings and couldn't move. The red lightning he threw out was also surrounded by countless black lines and couldn't even activate.

More and more black strings appeared while Mo Qianli only had a few holes on his clothes. His demeanor was very calm, clearly, he didn't doubt at all that he could kill the two.

Tong Zhong's face was pale, bead sized sweat rolled down it. Ye Mo also noticed that there was a black string floating in front of him that was moving slowly towards his dan tian.

Tong Zhong knew that he would be dead for sure if the black string neared his dan tian but he couldn't stop it at all. He used all his cultivation essence and could only slow the black string.

Ye Mo was shocked, it seemed that Mo Qianli could control far more than just one black string.

But Ye Mo also was decisive, if he had to ambush, it was now. Otherwise when Mo Qianli finished dealing with Tong Zhong, he wouldn't be well off either.
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