Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Already Made a Move
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

The moment he decided to attack, he released Zi Xu and used purple eye soul sever to the max. He didn't even care about the damage he did to himself.

He used the Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike with the purple eye soul sever, this was the most powerful and cruel attack Ye Mo could use. It was cruel to both the enemy and himself.

His purple eye soul sever when used at full power did quite some damage to himself as well.

With his golden core state level five cultivation essence, the Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike was so much more powerful than before.

The whirlpool purple sword rays were dense and even formed a tangible purple whirlpool, completely surrounding Mo Qianli.

Thousands of meters of distance passed under Ye Mo's feet rapidly. When the purple sword rays had surrounded Mo Qianli, Ye Mo was already there.

But when Ye Mo saw the sneer on Mo Qianli's face, his heart went cold. He had a bad feeling.

He finally realized where that feeling came from. In his subconscious, he thought that Mo Qianli was underestimating him. But in fact, Mo Qianli saw through that he was faking the injury both the first time and second time.

The reason he said, "Seeing as how you're wealthy, I'll let your opponent die first." This was just to make Ye Mo think that he lowered his vigilance against Ye Mo. But when he was fighting Tong Zhong and Ao Qilong, he was actually constantly wary of his ambush.

The reason Mo Qianli said that he had seen through his trap formation was to make him less cautious, and he fell for it.

It could be said that as soon as the two met each other, Mo Qianli was targeting Ye Mo with his attacks while he was still oblivious and trying to scheme against Mo Qianli.

He fell for it indeed and chose to ambush Mo Qianli at this moment. Mo Qianli could've killed Tong Zhong way earlier, but he was waiting for him to attack.

Understanding this, Ye Mo forcibly stopped himself and wanted to pull back Zi Xu. Ye Mo knew that his whirlpool strike wasn't enough to kill someone as powerful as Mo Qianli, so he might as well take it back for defense.

As soon as Ye Mo wanted to pull back Zi Xu, he felt the countless black strings joined together forming a thumb-sized strand. Before Ye Mo could react, it was already at his chest. There was some horror in his dan tian. He had the strong feeling of being suppressed.

Ye Mo could see clearly that the spear-like black strings were the ones surrounding the mace, but under Mo Qianli's control, they instantly attacked him.

Ye Mo didn't even have time to use Zi Xu to block. He had seen countless golden core state masters but never someone as fast as Mo Qianli. He might not even be able to stop this speed head-on, much less when being ambushed. But this guy was careful to the extreme.

Ordinary cultivators would've long given up already, but Ye Mo spat out essence blood and used purple eye soul sever to the best of his ability. Even if he was going to die, he was going to bite this bastard.

The moment that the black string was about to pierce into Ye Mo's chest, the pressure paused and so did the string.

Ye Mo wasn't going to waste this opportunity. Zi Xu was already released and was in front of his chest.

Ye Mo knew that the moment of pause wasn't that Mo Qianli wanted to have mercy on him but due to his soul pike. If it wasn't for that, he would've been gone already.

Before Ye Mo could even sweat, he had already used Illusion Cloud Exert Will strike to the best of his capability.

"Urgh" Mo Qianli gasped clearly suffering from the attack. A trickle of blood came out of his mouth but he maintained his sneer. "You didn't disappoint me indeed, this is a spirit sense attack. I'm using 40% of my focus to deal with the two idiots from Ao Cheng merchant association and spending 60% of my attention on you, but you could still manage to injure me. Even so, you're still going to die"

Suddenly, the thick black strand turned into countless fine black strands and surrounded Ye Mo.

Tong Sheng who barely survived because of Ye Mo looked on dazedly at Ye Mo and Mo Qianli.

When Mo Qianli was fighting them, he wasn't using his full power at all. This was his full power now, the heaven covering black strings. Tong Zhong was shaking from just looking at the sight.

What shook him more was that the golden core state level five had been acting weak. He realized now that the reason he acted like he had gotten injured was not to fight them but for Mo Qianli. Clearly, the trap formation this golden core state level five set up was not for them but for Mo Qianli.

From the start to the end, the two weren't targeting them but each other. Tong Zhong's heart sunk.

Such a terrifying golden core state middle stage. Tong Zhong knew Ye Mo wasn't going to live through this, but he had never even heard of a golden core state level five cultivator that was this strong.

What a joke it was that he and the young master had thought this was an arriviste.

Ai Qilong, who only had one breath in him, also looked at Ye Mo in a daze. He knew that Ye Mo was going to die under this move for sure, but if Mo Qianli wasn't here this insect of a golden core state level five to him would've long finished them off.

"The outside world is dangerous, don't go out easily until you reach nascent soul state." Ao Qilong finally understood what his father had meant when he said this. Clearly, his power was nothing in North Far State. Other people respected him because of the Ao Cheng merchant association, not his own power.

Even Mo Qianli felt Ye Mo was about to be killed. He breathed easier but also thought that this golden core state level five was the strongest he had ever encountered.

If he wasn't careful and schemed for everything ahead, he might not have such an advantage. Now that he was surrounded by the evil soul strands, not even a nascent soul state cultivator would be able to escape.

But before Mo Qianli killed Ye Mo, he wouldn't underestimate Ye Mo at all. He kept trying to pierce Ye Mo with the black strands. He had already ignored Tong Zhong and Ao Qilong.

The only person who didn't think he would die was Ye Mo himself. He had calmed down now.

He knew that he must not be pierced by these strands or he would be finished.

The Illusion Cloud Exert Will strike activated countless sword rays that joined together like a sword ray formation, blocking every little strand accurately.

At first, Mo Qianli didn't care, but when he saw that his strands kept on getting wasted, his face finally changed. He split one strand that pierced Tong Zhong and Ao Qilong's head. Then, he used the remaining ones to attack Ye Mo. The strands grew in number and speed.

He wanted to kill Ye Mo as fast as possible.
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