Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 994

Chapter 994: No Right to Go
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

Mo Qianli was furious, how dare Ye Mo ambush him again with that thing? If he got ambushed again, then he wouldn't be called Mo Qianli.

Even though his evil soul strands were gone, he wasn't a pushover. Thinking about this, his spirit sense flared up in pain again.

That damned spirit sense attack, just how many cards did this golden core state level five have? He was almost absurdly powerful, but in that moment of pain, shadowless entered his meridians again. At this moment, Zi Xu brought countless sword rays and surrounded Mo Qianli.

Mo Qianli had released a round shield already, but due to the spirit sense pike, he wasn't completely able to block the sword ray. Plus, shadowless already started devouring his essence blood.

Two purple sword rays pierced Mo Qianli's body and his body froze. He wasn't able to stop the combined attack of shadowless and Ye Mo.

He finally realized how powerful the purple sword rays were before. He thought lightly of them before but now he realized that it was only because Ye Mo wasn't able to fully activate them the first time.

When the purple sword rays pierced into his body he felt his cultivation essence flow away rapidly.

"I, Mo Qianli, have been dominant my entire life but now I'm going to die here I'm unsatisfied" Mo Qianli fell with endless hatred and unsatisfaction in his eyes.

Ye Mo took the three storage rings without hesitation and burned Mo Qianli's body before packing away the formation and leaving quickly.

Mo Qianli had killed Ao Qilong during the battle. It was to bring the person behind Ao Qilong here. He was fast at running and had a way to remove the spirit sense mark, so he was fine even if the master came. Meanwhile, Ye Mo would be the one unable to get away.

Not long after Ye Mo left, a man in his fifties soon appeared. He looked at the dead Ai Qilong and Tong Zhong. Fury burned in his heart as he cursed, "No matter who you are, I will cut you into pieces for killing my son!"

After going around for a few days, Ye Mo finally came back to Pei Hai city. What shook Ye Mo was that there were suddenly a lot of high level cultivators in the city. Most of them were above hollow spirit state. This made him worry.

Ye Mo got back to Mo Yue immediately.

Ye Mo immediately summoned everyone once he got back, wanting to ask what happened after he left. But without a need to call anyone, everyone had gathered already. Only Su Jingwen was still in solitary cultivation. Song Yangzhu grabbed Ye Mo's hand excitedly.

The Mo Yue now was not the same Mo Yue that he had left. There weren't just two pill masters. Now there were 3 level six pill masters and one level seven pill master.

Li Jingwen was golden core state level nine. Clearly the blue wen pill had helped him greatly. Zhen Xiaoshan had returned to golden core state level three again. Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were both foundation establishment state peak stage. They were one step away from golden core state and the only thing holding them back was that the two didn't have the cultivation increasing pill necessary.

The reason the two reached this level of cultivation in less than two years was partly due to their spirit roots but also because Ye Mo was providing them with spirit range pills.

Not even 8 star and 9 star sects would have such things, but Ye Mo gave them to foundation establishment state cultivators.

Even Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong were chi gathering level eight, Yu Qiyang was foundation establishment state level five.

What shook Ye Mo the most was Su Jingwen. She reached foundation establishment state without the foundation establishment pill. After she activated her hidden spirit root, her progress was astounding. Plus, she spent almost all of her time in cultivation.

Li Yuqian had the least progress, she was still nascent soul state level one. Ye Mo knew that when she had reached nascent soul state, it was already forced. Plus, it was harder to progress in nascent soul state so it was normal that she wasn't able to progress.

"Sister Li, I heard people outside say that the Yang Hai merchant association had bad intentions for us and a disaster transformation state qian bei helped us? Is that qian bei still in Pei Hai?" Ye Mo asked. "If he is, then I should go visit him."

Li Yuqian nodded, "Yes, that qian bei is called Ji Ling. He's a disaster transformation state formation master from the South Peace State. He came looking for you many times. He seemed very interested in our defense and attack formation. Every time he came, he would study it for a while. But half a month ago, the teleportation formation between South Peace State and North Far State was completed, so he left Pei Hai. He left behind a jade card saying that if you go to the South Peace State you can find him there."

"He left?" Ye Mo said with regret. But then he immediately reacted and asked in joy, "Sister Li, did you say the teleportation formation between South Peace State and North Far State is complete?"

"Yes, it's finished. Brother, do you want to go find sister Luo Ying and Qingxue there?" Ye Ling asked.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I received news that they are there. If the teleportation formation is open, then lets go there together. The spirit chi is much better than here, we can cultivate there."

But Li Yuqian shook her head, "I know you've wanted to go there and I've asked Ji Ling qian bei too. That teleportation formation is not for ordinary people, it's for cultivators at the hollow spirit state and above and you have to be younger than 300 years. Ji Ling qian bei said that even though you're a formation master, he wasn't able to break this rule and get a spot for you to go."

This immediately doused Ye Mo's excitement. The teleportation formation was ready but it had nothing to do with him.

Seeing Ye Mo's disappointment, Li Yuqian said, "This is only the first criteria, the second one is that each person must pay 1 million top grade spirit stones."

Ye Mo fell silent, that was too easy for him but hollow spirit state power, even if he could reach it, how long would that take? Surely it wasn't going to take him one or two years? Could he wait that long?

"Just these two criteria?" Ye Mo asked.

Li Yuqian shook her head, "No, two more. One can be excepted with either the referral of a disaster transformation state qian bei from North Far State or if one is a pill king who is level three or above.

Ye Mo had already broken through to a level four pill king last time. But the thing was, he couldn't show that. With his current power, if he made known that he was a level four pill king, the only result would be getting kidnapped by sects.

If he was just level three that might've been better, but he reached level four and didn't have any power faction to back him up.

The only hope was a disaster transformation state qian bei referral, but were there even disaster transformation state qian bei in North Far State?

"Are there disaster transformation state qian bei in North Far State?" Ye Mo asked. Those who reached disaster transformation state all went to South Peace State to reach truth realisation state. Who would want to stay here?

Li Yuqian nodded. "Yes, according to what I know, there are three disaster transformation state cultivators in North Far State. You've probably seen one of them. I've asked Ji Ling qian bei, the teleportation formation is controlled by three disaster transformation states and 8 cauldron filling state cultivators."

"I've seen one?"

Li Yuqian smiled. "You've seen him for sure but you just don't know. Every time the herb plain opens, Ling Zhongtian qian bei would go, so you've seen him for sure."

"Ling Zhongtian? He's disaster transformation state?" Ye Mo asked in shock.

Li Yuqian nodded. "Yes, Ling Zhongtian is one of the three disaster transformation state cultivators. The other two are from the two 8 star sects in North Far State. One is from the Moon Seeking sect, Shan Di, the other from Virgin sect Tang Mengrao. "
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