Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 995

Ye Mo sighed, it seemed relying on others was the most unreliable. Even if he could get the referral, so what? Could he leave Song Yangzhu and the rest behind? It seemed he had to find a way to go there himself, otherwise he would always have to rely on others.

To add to that, he didn't know any masters.

But when he thought of Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, his hands went warm. He was too desperate to meet up with them.

Song Yangzhu felt the heat from Ye Mo's hands and looked at him. She held his hand even tighter as though if she let go he would go to South Peace State.

Ye Mo knew what she meant. He pulled her hand signaling her not to worry. Even if he went there, he would come back soon. If he couldn't come back, he would think of ways to take them with him.

In addition, Ye Mo realized that these requirements meant that they wanted the most genius disciples of North Far State. They exerted such efforts to find talented people like this for some reason.

No matter what their reason was, raising his own power was the most important.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo gave some pills to the others. Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were about to form their cores, Ye Mo gave them special grade cultivation increasing pills.

When Li Jingwen held the Cao Huan pill Ye Mo gave him, he almost cried out of excitement. He didn't think that this was real. He finally realized how wise his decision was to follow Ye Mo.

Song Yangzhu knew about what happened with Yimo and felt a little assured. She stayed with Ye Mo for a night before preparing to form her core.

Ye Mo left Li Yuqian to help Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling form their cores. He had to concoct large amounts of pills to improve his power.

Although he got the Dihua beast core, it was unsure if he could concoct the heaven glory pill. Ye Mo was also very curious as to what sort of things Mo Qianli and Ao Qilong had in their storage rings.

When Ye Mo came back, Mo Yue started behaving low key. They gradually retracted their business and stopped expansion.

Mo Yue had basically been left to Zhen Xiaoshan and Yu Qiyang. Li Jingwen was preparing to breakthrough to nascent soul state.

As for Ye Mo, he only stayed with Song Yangzhu for one night and went into solitary cultivation.

As soon as Yang Hai merchant association knew that Ji Ling had gone back to South Peace State, they started investigating what to do with Mo Yue.

If Mo Yue continued to expand as it had, there would be no place left for them. Although there was some danger in fighting a power with the support of a disaster transformation state cultivator, the leader of the Yang Hai merchant association Yang Youkang spoke the truth.

The reason Mo Yue was supported by that disaster transformation state formation master was because that formation master liked the defence formation of Mo Yue. Now that the disaster transformation state cultivator had returned to South Peace State, he might never come back to North Far State. He might not even remember Mo Yue. Plus, Mo Yue didn't have a hollow spirit state cultivator, so they couldn't go to South Peace State. Yang Hai merchant association didn't need to be worried.

But at this moment, they got news that Mo Yue was starting to retract their business in both advertisement and expansion.

"Since they realize their situation, it means they're not dumb to the bone. We also need to change our tactics. We'll cook them slowly and take their place after a year or two," Yang Youkang said.

At the South Peace State, the South Peace City was very busy.

This was the biggest cultivation city in South Peace State and the most famous place here was the Trial Tablet Square.

In South Peace City, there were 5 stone tablets on the Trial Tablet square. They corresponded to the golden core state, nascent soul state, hollow spirit state, body condensation state and cauldron filling state.

There were no tablets for chi gathering and foundation establishment state. There were few disaster transformation state and truth realisation state cultivators, and reaching this level was already a legend in itself. Most people could remember their names so they didn't need a trial tablet.

But one thing was for sure, anyone who reached disaster transformation state and above had once been on these tablets.

Each tablet soared into the clouds. The cultivators who wanted to take part in the trial had to come to the tablet matching their cultivation and mark their name.

The tablet would rank your power of your marking.

Usually, the stronger you were, the higher ranked you were. The tablet could not only judge your cultivation power but also means of attack and even state of will from the word you write.

Thus, this was almost like a hall of fame ranking.

Usually, when someone came to mark their name, the place would get busy but the hype would soon diminish. However, these past few days, the square had been filled.

Almost all of the elite disciples of South Peace State came here because these few days were the South Peace City social. The elite disciples of the sects would come with their qian beis here and discuss about cultivation and trade goods.

Everyone was from the elite of the elites. No one thought they were worse than anyone, so the best way to compete was using the Trial tablets.

Only a rare few cultivators would choose life and death battle due to unresolvable conflicts.

This time, this social was mainly for golden core state and some nascent soul state cultivators.

Before a golden core state tablet, a young man in blue shirt looked pridefully at this tablet. His clothes shook without wind, clearly his cultivation essence had surrounded his body.

Everyone fell quiet as they looked at this young man, waiting for him to mark his name.

A group of women stood at one corner. One baby faced girl looked very excited and said, "Sister Rong, that blue shirted Fang Zhongshi is the golden core state hall of fame number one, do you think he can get into the top ten of the Trial tablet?"

Sister Rong smirked. "Fang Zhongshi is not bad but there's no way he can get into top ten. It's not bad if he can even get into top twenty."

"Sister Rong, you're third on golden core state hall of fame. Can you beat that Fang guy on the trial tablet?" the round faced girl asked expectantly.

Sister Rong frowned and thought for a while before shaking her head in dismay. "I can't beat him yet but half a year later, I think I will be able to."

One green dressed girl suddenly asked, "Sister Rong, who are the top ten? How come even the first of golden core state hall of fame can't beat them?"

Sister Rong smiled. "Martial sister Beiwei, usually golden core state cultivators with some power come and try leave their name here and then if they reach nascent soul state and tried to mark their names on the nascent soul state trial tablet, the name on the golden core state trial tablet disappears. Some people disappeared after leaving a name on the golden core state tablet so their name stays there."

Tang Beiwei asked curiously, "In that case, if you leave behind your name on the tablet and never go write your name on the nascent soul state tablet, your name would stay there forever?"

Sister Rong shook her head, "No, after three hundred years it would disappear."

"Except for the person ranked first. No matter which trial tablet it is, the name in first position will never disappear unless someone surpasses him. The top ten names you see here are all left behind by golden core states in the past three centuries, but they all disappeared and never left their names on the nascent soul state trial tablet."

Then, she looked at the pale yellow dressed woman and asked, "Martial sister Susu, is there something on your mind?"

Before she could reply, the blue shirted youth dashed up into the air in a blue ray of light.

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