Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 997

Chapter 997: Looking For Trouble
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Luo Ying looked coldly at Wen Caiyi and said, "If you think you're strong, go challenge the people at hall of fame. I don't like to talk to people I don't know."

Luo Ying never understood why this extremely beautiful woman wanted to challenge her all the time. If it was for Yuan Guannan, Luo Ying felt that was even more absurd. She didn't have any intention towards pursuing this Yuan.

There was a very strange feeling as soon as the two started talking. Both were ranked top of the South Peace State ten beauties, but why did there seem to be conflict in their tone as soon as they met?

Ning Qingxue studied Wen Caiyi. She was even a little taller than her and Luo Ying. Her hair was shoulder length and her extremely beautiful face was somewhat prideful. Her skin wasn't even as white as Beiwei's, but there was a unique feminine attraction about her. It was as though if someone looked at her, he would never be able to move his eyes away.

From Ning Qingxue's perspective, Wen Caiyi was very beautiful but just a little lacking compared to Susu. At most, she was at her level.

"Wen Caiyi, Susu sister has never seen you before. Why do you want to challenge her?" Ning Qingxue frowned and asked unhappily.

"I don't like being ranked the same as someone, I will let everyone know that there is only one first place in the South Peace State ten beauties," Wen Caiyi said calmly.

Yuan Guannan looked unhappily at Wen Caiyi and said, "Caiyi, don't talk like that."

Wen Caiyi sneered and ignored Yuan Guannan.

Luo Ying looked calmly at Wen Caiyi. "I never thought I was some South Peace State top ten beauty. If you like the fame then take it. Qingxue and Beiwei don't care about it either, if you want it then take it. No one would come to take it from you. From today on, don't include us in some South Peace State ten beauties. If you're bored, you can find someone else to challenge, I'm not as bored as you. Qingxue, Beiwei, let's go."

Then Luo Ying pulled Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei's hands and turned to leave.

Everyone was dazed that Luo Susu didn't care about the fame, but what right did she have for Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei to quit the South Peace State ten beauties? The surprising thing was they didn't object and left willingly with Luo Ying.

Wen Caiyi was stunned for a moment but stopped Luo Susu again. "Good, you have this self awareness, but there are some men you can't touch. Even if you dare to touch, I will take it back and I will challenge you."

"Caiyi" Yuan Guannan said unhappily clearly thinking Wen Caiyi was talking about him.

Luo Ying was soft on the outside but tough on the inside. She felt contempt at picking fights with someone like Wen Caiyi. Her tone turned cold. "I have a husband and I will only touch my husband. No one can take him from me, you are no exception. Other than my husband, even if you take all the men in the world, it has nothing to do with me."

Everyone was shaken, no one expected the first beauty to have a husband already. Many of those who admired Luo Ying fell into an ice cave. Although they knew they stood no chance even if she wasn't married, that didn't affect them feeling this way.

"Susu, you're married already?" Yuan Guannan's face went pale. His tone was getting shaky, "Who is he? Who?"

Luo Susu didn't even look at him and left.

Wen Caiyi was shocked for a few moments and her face grew unsightly. Luo Susu didn't even fight her but completely defeated her with just a few words.

Even if she took all the men in the world, it has nothing to do with her? This was clearly saying that she was a promiscuous woman. Wen Caiyi's face sunk, she wasn't implying about Yuan Guannan because only she knew who it was, but Luo Susu's words hurt her.

She swore in her heart that no matter who your husband was, I will let you know that no one can stop me from getting the man I want. Perhaps one day, I will steal your husband and then kick him back to you. Then you will know the difference between us.

Ye Mo had come out of solitary cultivation after a month and was greeted Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu, who had reached golden core state.

Ye Mo was very happy that the two had both reached golden core state. He was just about to give them the golden core state cultivation resources, but felt a powerful spirit chi whirlpool explode outside Pei Hai city.

"Brother, that's caused by brother Li forming his nascent soul. Master and sister Shan both went to see, let's go have a look too," Ye Ling said.

With this, Mo Yue's power would rise up another level.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo released the flying ship and took Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling outside Pei Hai city.

At this moment, a few thousands kilometers outside Pei Hai city, many cultivators had gathered and more were coming. Although there were a lot of nascent soul state cultivators in Pei Hai city, there were mostly golden core state and foundation establishment state cultivators here. No one wanted to miss this opportunity.

Li Jingwen sat in the center of a simple spirit gathering formation. Li Yuqian and Zhen Xiaoshan were anxiously protecting him.

The understanding cultivators stood 3 kilometers away, but there were a few golden core state cultivators who didn't care at all that someone was forming their nascent soul. They stayed very close and had a casual look on their faces.

Ye Mo was furious seeing this. Forming the nascent soul required absolute focus and no interruptions at all. Li Jingwen didn't even have a defense formation.

"Master" hearing Ye Ling's call, Li Yuqian and the others turned back to see Ye Mo. Finally, their anxious faces eased up.

Ye Mo flew over and saluted with his fists to the cultivators around. "Friends, today is our Mo Yue's manager Li forming his nascent soul. Thanks for visiting but please retreat to a distance of 5 kilometers, I need to set up a formation. Mo Yue's Ye Mo thanks you all."

"Mo Yue's Ye Mo? He's the owner of Mo Yue that's always nowhere to be seen? How is he only golden core state level five?"

"It's probably him, but don't underestimate him. When he was golden core state level two, he easily killed golden core state middle stage cultivators."

"So that's it"

Most cultivators started to retreat. The breakthrough of higher states were the most important thing for cultivators, anyone who tried to impede them was the most serious enemy.

But while most of the people retreated 5 kilometers, there were still 5 golden core state cultivators who stood closer. They were very close, only 1 km from Li Jingwen. This distance was enough to threaten Li Jingwen's breakthrough.

Ye Mo dumped a few formation flags and looked coldly at them. "Why are you still here?"

"Haha" the golden core state peak stage amongst the 5 laughed wildly. "What a joke, what's his breakthrough got to do with me? Is this place yours? A mere golden core state level five dares to clear the scene."

Ye Mo threw down a few more formation flags and said, "You guys need to think this through, once I set up the formation, you won't be able to leave."

"What, do you want to fight? Oh, I understand, you have a nascent soul state cultivator. Very well, you're welcome to attack. Our Yang Hai merchant association seems to have many more nascent soul state cultivators than Mo Yue. You only have one and you dare to tell us to go away?" a golden core state level eight sneered.

By now, even the onlookers realized that these 5 were here to cause trouble.

"It seems Mo Yue doesn't have it easy, Yang Hai merchant association really has conflict with them."

"Clearly, otherwise, they wouldn't send people here to obstruct the breakthrough. Impeding one's dao foundation is a huge taboo."

Ye Mo didn't bother trying to persuade them. He threw out more formation flags and countless spirit stones.

No one could tell what formation Ye Mo was setting up, but as Ye Mo threw more formation flags, the spirit chi nearby seemed to thicken and Li Jingwen gradually grew blurry.

Eventually, even the 5 cultivators from Yang Hai merchant association became blurry.
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