Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 998

Chapter 998: Using Lightning To Kill You
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: mjn0898

When the five cultivators couldn't see the outside anymore, they realized that Ye Mo really dared to trap them. But even so, they weren't worried at all. Mo Yue wouldn't dare to do anything to Yang Hai merchant association.

In the end, the five couldn't even see each other.

"Not good, we're trapped! Let's work together and break the formation" the golden core state peak stage yelled.

But no one responded to him. The five were clearly separated by the formation. Now, the golden core state peak stage began to worry. It seemed that Mo Yue didn't care if they were from the Yang Hai merchant association or not.

Just as he was about to yell Ye Mo's name, the sky suddenly darkened. 9 chopstick-sized lightning bolts flashed in the sky.

Ye Mo helped Li Jingwen strengthen the spirit gathering formation while setting up the lightning attraction formation. This time, the lightning attraction formation wasn't for himself but for the 5 golden core state cultivators. Previously, he had helped Li Yuqian take some lightning bolts. Now, the 5 golden core state cultivators needed to do it.

Ye Mo was sure that the five couldn't absorb lightning source like him. Once the final lightning bolt struck down, they would be dead for sure.

Li Jingwen's situation was different than Li Yuqian's. He had two top grade defense spirit artifacts as well as the five altruistic golden core state cultivators. Ye Mo wasn't worried at all.

After Ye Mo set up the formation, he came out. He didn't want to stay in there for too long and make people think too much.

Seeing Ye Mo exit alone without the 5 golden core state cultivators, everyone was bewildered, but the lightning was beginning to get crazy. Their attention was focused on that and they soon forgot about the five golden core state cultivators.

"Association leader Ye, how come our men from Yang Hai merchant association haven't come out?" another golden core state peak stage came out and asked in a disrespectful tone.

Ye Mo sneered and suddenly raised his voice, "You really talk oddly. Just then, I was helping my manager set up a defensive formation and told your men to come out. They said that this place didn't belong to Mo Yue and I have no right to tell them where to stand. I believed so too, so I came out alone. But as soon as I come out, you guys reproach me. This is overtly looking for trouble. Are you going to start trouble either way if I let them out or not?"

With this, most people watching couldn't take it anymore. They didn't dare to openly offend the Yang Hai merchant association, but there was gossip spreading.

Ye Mo's voice was loud, causing almost all the cultivators to hear and curse the Yang Hai merchant association for being so domineering.

The two golden core state cultivator knew they were being unreasonable. After all, everyone heard that the 5 golden core state cultivators didn't want to come out.

The formation rumbled inside. Even if they suspected something, they had no evidence.

Plus, after Ye Mo came out there was only Li Jingwen by himself. There was no way he could fight 5 golden core state cultivators while forming his nascent soul.

*Rumble rumble*

Lightning flashed in the sky nonstop.

A few cultivators felt it strange that Ye Mo had added a stealth formation to the defensive formation. After all, stealth formations were of no use when dealing with divine damnation. They would only serve as a waste of spirit stones.

As more and more lightning fell, people realized that the rumbling was getting less and less.


The last thumb-sized lightning bolt struck and a huge spirit chi whirlpool gathered in the sky.

Seeing this, everyone knew that the breakthrough was successful. Otherwise, such a huge spirit chi whirlpool wouldn't amass.

Ye Mo started to pack up his formation, he wasn't going to let anyone see the lightning attraction formation.

As long as he took the formation flags, no one would be able to tell what he did. Even if they guessed that he set the five up, there was no evidence.

When everyone looked at the five cultivators who had gone in, they were shaken. They had turned into five charred bodies.

"They're dead?" the golden core state peak stage questioning Ye Mo suddenly called in shock.

He suddenly pointed at Ye Mo and yelled, "You, you dare to kill our Yang Hai merchant association people, you, you"

In his fury, he couldn't even form a complete sentence.

Ye Mo was prepared to use shadowless to sneak attack if there was someone still alive, but now that the five were all dead, there was no need. Hearing this golden core state cultivator's words, he immediately sneered and stood up, saluting with his fists to the people nearby. "Friends, I'd invited these five to come out before, but they didn't want to come out. Now that they got caught in someone else's divine damnation, am I to blame for this? Is the Yang Hai merchant association such an unreasonable place?"

"Yeah, the Yang Hai merchant association is being too unreasonable! Association leader Ye didn't even take long to set up the formation, how can he kill five golden core state cultivators in such a short time? They were clearly killed by the divine damnation."

"Haha, we all know this, there's no need to say it clearly. They're just doing this for Mo Yue's land."

"A golden core state level five instantly killed five cultivators much stronger than him! The Yang Hai cultivators only seem to know how to do business."

Although they didn't dare to offend the Yang Hai merchant association, they still dared to discuss.

Hearing this, the two Yang Hai merchant association golden core state cultivators were furious. No one was helping the Yang Hai merchant association at all. After all, everyone heard and saw clearly what they just did.

They only knew how to do business? This was mocking their battle power!

Li Jingwen suddenly got up and howled. His clothes were tattered but none of his top-grade spirit artifacts were. From the howl he made, everyone could tell he was a real nascent soul state cultivator now.

Under countless gazes of admiration, Li Jingwen took out a new set of clothes and walked to Ye Mo. "Association leader, I didn't disappoint you. I've reached nascent soul state."

Ye Mo was really happy. Mo Yue was getting stronger and stronger. However, he knew that although he hid the assassination of the five golden core state cultivators really well, any clever person would be able to tell he was behind it. This place wasn't suitable to stay at.

When he got back, he needed to think about how to fight with the Yang Hai merchant association. Ever since the 5 golden core state cultivators didn't want to leave Li Jingwen's divine damnation range, Ye Mo had made up his mind to kill them.

He had already made a retreat in business, but Yang Hai was still chasing them closely. There was no other path of survival for Mo Yue. If they were going to fight sooner or later, he might as well do it now.

Seeing that Li Jingwen was done here Ye Mo said, "Let's go back and talk."

"What, you want to leave just like that after killing our Yang Hai merchant association's people?" an icy voice sounded.
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