Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 999

Chapter 999: Save Your Farts for When You Go Home
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Everyone looked at the person who just spoke.

Ye Mo's heart sunk, it was a nascent soul state level three cultivator. He had two nascent soul state cultivators on his side but they were both only nascent soul state level one. Even if they could beat the nascent soul state level three, Yang Hai would have more coming while he only had two.

Even though they knew he killed the five cultivators, Ye Mo wasn't going to admit it.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "There are so many friends watching here and your Yang Hai merchant association also has people watching. I don't understand when you saw me killing your people. Am I supposed to be responsible for them getting caught in nascent soul state divine damnation when they didn't want to come out?"

That nascent soul state cultivator clearly just arrived and didn't know what happened, besides the fact that a few people died. Hearing Ye Mo's words, he frowned and looked at the two golden core state from his side.

The two didn't dare to hide anything. After all, there were too many cultivators here, they would be exposed as soon as they told any lies.

After questioning them, the nascent soul state turned and said coldly to Ye Mo, "So this means you set up a trap formation making them unable to come out?"

Ye Mo sneered. "Set up a trap formation so they couldn't come out? This is the funniest joke I've heard. I set up a defensive formation and your men didn't want to come out. There are so many people here, ask any of them. Plus, I only set up a level three formation, do you think that can stop 5 golden core state cultivators? This is too funny."

The nascent soul state cultivator frowned, he didn't doubt Ye Mo's words. With Ye Mo's age, a level three formation would be the best he could do, and that was indeed not enough to stop 5 golden core state tertiary stage cultivators.

Ye Mo didn't see that amongst the crowd of cultivators, there was a golden core state peak stage with a strange smile on his face thinking, 'It was clearly a level four trap formation yet he calls it a level three defense formation. Interesting, such a young level four formation master, it's the first time I've seen this.'

At this moment, Li Yuqian and the rest came to Ye Mo's side. The nascent soul state cultivator saw the two nascent soul states and grew more hesitant. He was nascent soul state level three but he couldn't say he could win against the two for sure.

Ye Mo wasn't going to hesitate like him, he immediately said to Li Yuqian and others, "Sister Li, let's go."

He took out his flying ship and the six got on. Immediately, they went back to Pei Hai city. Ye Mo was so desperate to get back to Mo Yue because there were complete formations he had set up there as well as teleportation formation. Even if he was no match for the Yang Hai merchant association, he could leave easily.

As soon as Ye Mo left, the people watching left as well.

The Yang Hai nascent soul state cultivator had a bleak face and took the two golden core state peak stage cultivators into Pei Hai city too. Both he and Ye Mo knew that this matter wasn't settled.

The reason he hadn't attacked yet was that he wasn't quite sure what the association leader of the Yang Hai merchant association's will was.

As soon as Ye Mo got back to Mo Yue, he immediately gave out cultivation pills, especially soul essence pill. He gave multiple bottles to Li Jingwen and Li Yuqian.

He was going to continue perfecting the formation. Due to being limited by resources, he could previously just barely upgrade the defense and attack formation to level four. But now, he acquired Chi Hong's storage ring and the first thing he was going to do was upgrade the formation to level five.

Level four formations were sufficient against nascent soul state cultivators, but Ye Mo didn't believe that the Yang Hai merchant association didn't have a hollow spirit state cultivator. How could the number one merchant association in Pei Hai city be without a hollow spirit state cultivator?

Ye Mo rebuilt the formation in the guest hall. If the people from Yang Hai came to threaten them, the venue would be the guest hall. That might be the first battleground.

Ye Mo also had another reason to do this. It was to let everyone know that Mo Yue wasn't to be easily messed with. If he didn't completely beat down Yang Hai merchant association, then after he left Pei Hai and went to South Peace State, people would still scheme against Mo Yue.

But what Ye Mo didn't expect was that after two days passed and Ye Mo had upgraded all the formations to level five, there was still no one arriving from Yang Hai merchant association.

Still, Ye Mo didn't worry and told everyone to cultivate. If anyone asked, he instructed them to say that the formations were taught and set up by Ji Ling qian bei.

If he wasn't waiting for the people to come, he would've already gone into solitary cultivation to reach golden core state peak stage. No one knew that he had made the heaven glory pill, and 9 pills at that.

But Ye Mo was helpless due to the fact that there weren't any more Dihua beast cores, so he couldn't concoct more.

On the fifth day, when Ye Mo was almost getting impatient, Sheng Yizhong said that the Yang Hai merchant association people were here. There was a group of 11 people.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He was afraid that these people wouldn't come. If they used some other means, he really didn't have a good way to deal with it.

With Yang Hai merchant association's dominance, since they made up their mind to annihilate Mo Yue, they would do it up front. This time, Ye Mo killed five of their people, giving them an excuse.

"Did you go notify Pei Hai city lord estate?" Ye Mo asked.

He had already ordered if that Yang Hai merchant association came, the first thing to do other than reporting to him was to notify the city lord estate.

Ye Mo knew that in order to survive in Pei Hai, they had to succumb to one side until they had a certain level of power.

Ye Mo chose the city lord estate for two reasons: firstly they didn't have any direct conflict of interests and second that as long as he notified them, even if they didn't come, they couldn't say they didn't know.

Sheng Yizhong nodded. "When the Yang Hai merchant association people came, I already sent someone to notify them. The manager there said that it's not suitable for them to get involved in the matters between us and Yang Hai merchant association."

Ye Mo sneered. He had expected this and said to Sheng Yizhong, "Call out sister Li and manager Li, get ready for battle."

Ye Mo knew that the conditions Yang Hai merchant association would set would be extremely unreasonable. He didn't need to ask to know there was no chance of compliance. It was either Mo Yue leave Pei Hai city or submit to them. As for whether they could even leave safely, it was still up to the Yang Hai merchant association.

Ye Mo, Li Yuqian, Li Jingwen, and Zhen Xiaoshan came to the guest hall and found 11 cultivators there.

Seeing their power levels, Ye Mo's eyes twitched. There were 5 golden core state peak stage, 3 nascent soul state tertiary stage and middle stage, 2 golden core state tertiary stage, and what shook Ye Mo the most was that there was even one hollow spirit state cultivator.

That hollow spirit state cultivator sat at the top and the ten cultivators sat by his side. He saw Ye Mo and the rest come in and sneered, saying coldly, "Since you came, have a seat."

It was as though they owned this place.

Li Jingwen was going to talk but Ye Mo stopped her and sat down first. He didn't talk.

He didn't need to be afraid in here.

There was a level five trap and attack formation. Ye Mo believed that if they manned the formation, they could trap and kill the 11 people even if they had a hollow spirit state cultivator.

"You're quite bold." That hollow spirit state saw Ye Mo didn't seem scared at all and sneered.

Ye Mo suddenly took out four jade cups and a jade kettle. He poured an aromatic liquid into the four cups and handed the other three to Li Jingwen, Li Yuqian, and Zhen Xiaoshan. "Sister Li, have a taste of this, it's good."

Then, Ye Mo drank from his cup and closed his eyes in enjoyment for a while. Finally, he looked at the hollow spirit state cultivator and sneered. "If you have words then hurry up and say them, save your farts for when you go back."
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