Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Untitled

“Nobody can separate us.” He reiterated his words out loud for emphasis this time.

“Yes, no one can force us apart.”

“Let’s go. The match is about to start.”

Bo Yu, who was trailing behind Mo Jiangye, carried the large sack of little bunnies into the grand hall.

The match had just started. Rowdy sounds of excited applause could be heard inside the venue.

“Boss!” Wang Yiyang called out to his Chief agitatedly. “It’s that monkey we fought with earlier.”

Mo Jiangye looked across the arena with furrowed brows. True enough, it was the opponent they had met earlier that day.

“What a small world. I didn’t expect that we would meet him so soon! I’m gonna knock this b*stard out cold today.” Xu Xu, who had arrived earlier, swore through gritted teeth.

Ye Erruo was stunned to see the creep on the stage. “It’s really him.”

PONG! On the wrestling platform, the wrestler mercilessly knocked out each of his opponents, sending them crashing to the floor one after another.

“Orffa! Orffa! Orffa!”

“Orffa! Orffa! Orffa!”

All around, people were screaming and yelling his name enthusiastically.

The wrestler stood arrogantly on the stage. His eyes were full of disdain as he delivered a fatal blow to each challenger.

“I admit defeat! I admit defeat!” One of the challengers begged for mercy after he was badly beaten up.

PONG! Orffa kicked the body of the defeated opponent out of the ring, sending the poor man flying a few meters away from the arena.

With his hands held high, the wrestling king showed off his victory conceitedly. Soon, all those who had been defeated by him were carried off the stage by medical professionals.

“Introducing the next challenger: the Wrestler!”

A loud noise was heard as a figure that weighed a few times more than Orffa entered the ring. Every ounce of his muscles rippled as he moved.


“Orffa, go for it! Orffa!”

The man on the stage looked at the newcomer with condescension and then showed him his middle finger.

“C’mon!” he provoked the Wrestler by hooking his index finger, signaling for the latter to approach sarcastically.

The newcomer took the bait and started to draw close to his opponent with heavy footsteps. Alas, before he had time to attack, Orffa had already sprung on his back and knocked him down to the floor with one punch.

As the Wrestler crushed to the ground, Orffa started launching ferocious attacks with the goal of killing him.

Xu Xu watched angrily from the side. Gnashing his teeth, he loosened his collar and declared, “Let me pass! I’m going on the stage.”

“Are you serious? You better be careful.” Ye Erruo grabbed him by the hand as the young chap walked past her.

Her man gazed at her outstretched hand quietly before pulling it back and telling her off at the same time. “You can warn him with words alone. Is there a need to touch him?”

Ye Erruo was speechless.

“Sis-in-law, rest assured. I’m now going to prove that the fall earlier was just a misstep.”

“Do your best, Xu Xu!”

“Go and knock out this monkey!”

“Yeah!” Wang Yiyang cheered on their sworn brother eagerly.

In the meantime, the Wrestler was carried off the stage by a few workers on duty.

“We’ll now invite the next challenger.”

Wang Yiyang led his gang into welcoming Xu Xu with animated applause.

“So it’s you?” Orffa tilted his head with a smile when he saw his next opponent.

Xu Xu paced on the spot a couple of times. “He he!”

“Start!” The judge yelled at them to start the fight.

“I’ll break all your bones today,” Orffa told the young chap provocatively.

Xu Xu could not be bothered to exchange any words with him as he launched his attack.

“Orffa! Orffa!”

“Xu Xu! Finish him, Xu Xu!”

Their supporters cheered on their respective men as they fought it out on the stage.


Xu Xu was suddenly thrown on the floor with a loud thud

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