Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Abusing A Lone Dog

“Alright, my dear cousin, Tianyu is still a patient. Stop picking on him already.”

She could not help but feel helpless before these two men who were behaving so childishly in front of her.

She gently patted on the big hand which tightened its grip around her waist.

Why did he behave so mischievously when he only just got better?

Sigh, why did she feel that she was like a nanny working in some childcare center?

“Humph! You’re right. He’s the patient here. I shall not be petty. However, you’ve gone overboard in siding with him. No matter what, I’m your cousin with a blood relation. How could you not care about me once you marry?”

He acted like a resentful woman as he gazed at the couple, who were like siamese twins.

“You’re right, we are to blame for abusing a dog. However, as a lonely dog, Cousin Yu, if you find us an eyesore, you should find yourself a wife soon.”

Lin Mengya rolled her eyes at Zuo Qiuyu. The lonely dog always got the greatest blow in the romantic and warm world of two people.

In that instant, the new vocabulary from the modern times immediately shut Zuo Qiuyu up.

A lonely dog! How apt!

“You… You’re really ruthless!”

Zuo Qiuyu had to admit defeat. He was at his wit’s end.

Long Tianyu cast him a cool look. There was a hint of disdain in his eyes.

“Oh yes, how did you settle the matter regarding the Zhu Family?”

Given that Lin Mengya was in possession of the Black Dragon Token, be it the governor or the person backing him, both of them could not lay a finger on her for now.

However, this did not mean that those people would simply stifle their indignation.

On the contrary, they would think of all ways to push the blame to Lin Mengya and Zuo Qiuchen.

Nevertheless, Ling Ye had always been very efficient and neat in everything he did. Even if their enemy intended to frame them, Ling Ye would have erased even the false pieces of evidence.

Therefore, these people could only fabricate some public opinions.

Nevertheless, with those who were intent on spreading false information, this had brought some trouble upon them.

“What else can we do? The Zhu Family is considered a prominent family in Lintian. Surely people would expect a thorough investigation into their murder. Just that in my opinion, the importance placed on the matter would be only so on a superficial level.”

Like Lin Mengya, Zuo Qiuyu clearly understood this fact.

The reason the Zhu Family was able to perpetrate outrages was directly related to the elders of the Pavilion of Herbs who refused to step down.

Once the truth was revealed through investigation, it’d be like that the carrot had to be pulled out of the mud. By that time, not to mention the Zhus, even the people in the Pavilion of Herbs wouldn’t want certain things to be known to the public.

“If this were the case, why don’t you add some fuel to the fire?”

Lin Mengya smiled a profound smile and Zuo Qiuyu knew what it meant.

“Oh yes, Zhu Qiyun and the other two had been locked up in the storeroom for logs for two days now. Are you not going to take a look at them?”

If not for Zuo Qiuyu mentioning this, Lin Mengya almost totally forgot about those three.

Long Tianyu had heard Ling Ye reporting to him about this matter. If not for Lin Mengya’s prior arrangement, the entire Zhu Family would have been exterminated.

“Naturally I have to go. However, could you get something for me before we go?”

Although they were standing under the sunlight, there was a chilling look in Lin Mengya’s eyes.

Inside the storeroom for logs in the Crown Prince’s Mansion, the rays of sunlight had come through the windows and fell on the three faces devoid of life.

To prevent them from resorting to self-harm, Lin Mengya had them bound securely by ropes.

Their mouths had been gagged with pieces of cork, which they were neither able to spit out nor destroy by chewing on them.

They had been starved for two days. Although their strengths had been drained, they were still surviving well.

Just that they were listless and dispirited.

Having witnessed how their family members were murdered, they would not have the willpower to continue living on.

“Creak…” The door was pushed open from the outside.

Zhu Qiyun, who had long lost his elegant demeanor, lifted up his lifeless eyes and glanced at Lin Mengya’s light green skirt.

“Men, remove the gag in Lord Zhu’s mouth. Look at how rude you’ve been. Lord Zhu, please bear with the servant’s imprudence.”

Lin Mengya tried to sound polite when in fact, what she had done was not at all that courteous.

Immediately, some servants went up to Lord Zhu and the two others to remove the cork in his mouth, and the sound of their dry coughing sounded in the room.

“Water, water…”

Zhu Jiajing, whose voice used to be loud and clear, sounded hoarse like he was a sickly person at this moment.

Trying not to make things more difficult for them, Lin Mengya allowed all three of them, including Lord Zhu’s youngest daughter, to drink to hearts’ content.

Once they regained a bit of their strength, the expressions on their faces quickly turned into that of hatred as they glared at the lady before their eyes.

“What’s your intention? Since you managed to save us, why didn’t you save my family members?”

The little girl was merely seven or eight years old and was still wearing two cute buns on her head.

The little lass was surely courageous and insightful compared to her good-for-nothing elder brother.

However, this did not mean that Lin Mengya was ready to show her any pity.

“Why should I save your family members? Moreover, lass, I didn’t save you three out of good intentions. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t seek death before you become capable.”

Lin Mengya squatted down in front of the little lass as she said those kind words with a smile.

A child might not understand these words spoken by Lin Mengya, but the adults surely understood.

Zhu Qiyun’s lifeless eyes gazed coldly at her before he closed his eyes.

He seemed like a dead mouse that feared no cold.

“Lord Zhu, I believe that you must have been prepared for the state the Zhu Family is in now since some time back. Am I right by saying that you just didn’t expect this to come so suddenly and quickly?”

Naturally, Zhu Qiyun’s heart was broken having witnessed with his own eyes the tragic deaths of his family members.

Despite being an overweeningly ambitious man, what man could withstand such an event happening before his eyes?

Surely if he was able to overcome this situation, he could still attain success in the future.

However, both Zhu Qiyun and Zhu Jiajing were looking like they only had energy to last a few more days.

“Your Highness, please be merciful and magnanimous to us. I, Zhu Jiajing, will pay the debt of gratitude to you. I will defy all difficulties and dangers to serve you, never balking at whatever comes my way!”

What an opportunist who was easily swayed.

Zhu Jiajing quickly conceived a cunning idea in his mind. He was keenly aware that the lives of the three Zhus were in the hands of Lin Mengya.

Immediately, he expressed his loyalty to Lin Mengya before her like a dog.

Little did he know that Lin Mengya hated exactly people like him who was lacking in moral courage and integrity.

“Alright then, go ahead and sacrifice your life for me.”

Her statement sounded so casual and candid, but in the ears of people, it was cruel and wicked.

Zhu Jiajing would never have expected this woman to come out with such a demand. He was so stunned that he stood frozen where he was.

“Snort, what a person without a backbone. How could the princess, as noble as she is, be interested in you?”

Zhu Qiyun had seen through Lin Mengya before this. He was simply making fun of his nephew who lacked integrity.

Unable to hold back, he blurted out the sarcasm.

Although Zhu Jiajing was lacking moral courage, he was after all a member of the Zhu Family.

“Lord Zhu is certainly much more prudent. However, given that you are a reasonable man, Lord Zhu, why then did you do those silly things? Although my husband is a prince of the Jin State, if someone plots against him, I would not let this person off.”

Lin Mengya had explained herself clearly, so Zhu Qiyun realized that he had brought a calamity upon himself because of a moment of folly.

However, he had become silent. He looked as if he could not be bothered. Apparently, he was a smart man.

There was no way Lin Mengya was ignorant of this old sly fox’s plans. She merely smiled coldly.

“Lord Zhu, do you know why I wanted my men to only save the lives of the three of you?”

Talking about being despicable, the means employed by Lin Mengya were in no way inferior to others.

The Zhus could pick up the threat in Lin Mengya’s voice and it made Zhu Qiyun lift up his head to look at her.

“Are you trying to threaten me? Snort, since the rest of my family members are dead by now, the three of us have no desire to continue living in this world alone. Do what you want!”

He who had nothing left would not be afraid to lose anything indeed.

Lin Mengya had expected this to happen. However, for an ambitious man, could he really give up everything he had so easily?

If Zhu Qiyun was thinking of fooling her, he was mistaken. Lin Mengya was more cunning than him.

“If this is what you want. Men, bring the Paradise Immortal Pills which I’ve prepared here for Lord Zhu. Don’t worry, this pill had been personally concocted by me and the moment it comes into contact with blood, you will breathe your last. You have my word that you won’t feel any pain before you get united with your family in the underworld.”

The moment she gave the command, someone from outside the room entered carrying three plates.

Sitting on the three mahogany plates were three blood-red pills the size of soybeans.

“Please, Lord Zhu.”

Lin Mengya remained composed despite facing something so pressing. There was no hesitation whatsoever.

It was one thing to see someone die, but it was another when the choice of life and death was placed before a person, who would find it easy to choose death over life?

“Uncle! Uncle! Don’t do silly things! There are only the three of us left in the entire Zhu Family. If we were to die, we would have no one to continue the family line!”

Zhu Jiajing was the first to protest. It was just too bad Lin Mengya’s acting was so real.

She instructed someone to hold him down as if she was not giving him any chances to live. At this instant, Zhu Jiajing began making a big fuss and did not care about any other things.

Zhu Xiang’er was merely a child. They had hit her unconscious when they were hiding in the wardrobe, so she did not witness how her family members were murdered.

Nevertheless, the familiar members of her family who were alive and kicking just the night before had become lifeless corpses after that night.

How could a child be able to bear such great atrocity?

“Father, father… I’m scared… I’m scared…”

Despite feeling trepidation, Zhu Xiang’er merely sobbed and spoke quietly.

Zhu Qiyun was already feeling frustrated with his cowardly nephew, now that the youngest daughter he doted most was looking so pitiful. Even a steel-hearted man like him was beginning to waver.

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