Suddenly Becoming A Mum Chapter 41

Chapter 41: What is it like to be the wife of the most popular bachelor?

"Lily!" A bright voice called in surprise. The girl immediately recognized the voice and felt old familiarity grew in herself.

"Nelli?" The girl muttered in surprise, scanning the full dance floor. Countless debutantes swirled up and down in elaborate ball gowns through the huge ballroom, captivating Lily's gaze. Before she recognized a fiery redhead weaving between the dancing couples. The taupe-colored dress hem swirled around her ankles, like sea foam. The muslin fabric danced with each of her quick steps. Lionelle wore a sprawling ball gown in a peach shade. It was the color that matched her friend's light skin perfectly. Her décolletage was just so deep to be seductive, without being vulgar. Nelli had always known how to play with her charms. She was petite but had a voluptuous breast. Which is why the eyes of her many worshipers always followed her. But Lily had always tried to be inconspicuous. At that time she was probably the only debutante who liked to be a wallflower.

Lionelle de Carvoisin, came up to her with a smile.

"I see you are today's main attraction." Laughed her old friend. Lily gasped. She longed for the old times as a wallflower.

"I have to apologize to the ladies, but unfortunately I have to kidnap the Duchess de Valois." Said Lionelle. Her face took on an expectant expression, her beautiful eyes sparkling like two deep green emeralds.

"I can not allow that!" Louise snarled indignantly and grabbed Lily's hand. Lily put her hand on Loulous soothingly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I may trouble you, but..." Nelli giggled. "Lady de Valloise I'm reluctant to steal your sister-in-law. But you know yourself how well your brother hides his wife. It really isn't easy to meet my old friend." Nelli smiled and put her finger adorned on her cheek and looked thoughtfully into the round.

"Ladies, if I may apologize." Lily squeezed Loulous's hand reassuringly and leaned closer to her sister-in-law. "I'll be right back. Countess de Carvoisin is an old friend of mine. I just want to exchange a few words with her." She whispered in Louise's ear.

Lily looked at the lively girl beside her. Lionelle was not just an old friend. She was one of the few people Lily trusted. Truly trusted. She had known this tomboy since she had learned to speak. From that time they were as close as sisters. Nelli was two years older than Lily. But Nelli had always been there since Lily could think, and Lily had a good memory. Even as an infant, she had perceived and understood the world around her more clearly than other infants. She was always smarter than her peers. Her grandfather had encouraged her early and taught her how to read, to write and to calculate when she was only two years old.

But only at the age of five, she understood the reason behind her early intelligence and wished, she had known earlier of her talent and the to doom behind her secret.

Lily was always the youngest. In kindergarten, at school. Just everywhere, where her grandfather had taken her to promote her talents. The surrounding children were always two to three years older. But Lily still learned faster than her peers. She understood better and knew more. The adults had admired her as a child, but her peers had expelled her of the group. Only Nelli was always at her side. She protected her and stuck to Lily like chewing gum. A friend Lily never got rid of. A friend who knew almost all of Lily's secrets.

Lily turned her face to the empty balcony area where Nelli seemed to lead her. "Yeah, you sneaky little lady." Nelli gasped as she stopped in a dark corner. From there, they could still watch the events in the ballroom, but no one could see what the two friends would do in the dark.

Nelli leaned against the marble balcony railing and gave her friend an interested look. "It's interesting what stories I've heard about you lately." Nelli sighed in frustration. "But I do not recognize you in any of them." She and Lily exchanged serious gazes. "What a romantic you have become and without anyone knowing about it."

Lily gnawed on her lower lip and groaned. "I wanted to tell you. Believe me. But I didn't know how to reach you."

"I know. I have been in your apartment after Elodies accident. You left everything behind."

"I had no time and choice."

"Adrien is with you?" Lily nodded. Her friend understood her without words. Sometimes it was pretty scary. But Neli knew her better than anyone else. Lionelle's understanding smile brought out her white teeth. A smile full of sincerity and compassion.

Nelli's eyes widened expectantly. "But I just can't understand why little Adrien and you have been taken in by Alexndre de Valois. What is it like to be the wife of the most popular bachelor?"

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