Suddenly Becoming A Mum Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Damn wealth

"No!" Nelli gasped in mock indignation. Lily tried to hide her smile. She loved this coquettish side of her friend. Bluntly, Nelli asked Lily questions that looked more like an interrogation than a conversation between friends. Nevertheless, Nelli seemed genuinely relieved. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

From the garden blew a pleasant breeze. Lily's eyes fell on the arched entrance. She saw some new guests enter the hall. A huge clock with a gold dial hung over the entrance. She wondered if she had been hiding on the balcony for too long. But until now, nobody seemed to be looking for her, and she was glad for that. She was tired of the curious stare. The whispers and giggles of the young debutantes.

"Would you like to hear what this top-notch spy has found?" Her friend took a step toward her.

"A certain debutante, with whom you are related, and your former fiancée have secretly met in various greenhouses. These secret rendezvous took place regularly during the last two years."

Lily grimaced.

"But it came to an abrupt end two weeks ago. At this time, another piece of news circled around. A certain bachelor ... " Nelli winked at Lily. "Had given up the lonely life of a bachelor two years ago."

Lily frowned. She knew the motives of her sister. Envy and resentment drove her half-sister. She had always thought Nadine was never really interested in Pascal. She was rather interested in the wealth that Pascal Drouet would get if he married Lily. Lily did not know why, Nadine envied her fortune. After all, she had a family. A father and a mother who loved her unconditionally. Lily had only one father who hated her and one dead mother.

As in the novel 'My loyal hubby', Pascale had first married the unsuspecting Lillian, and then drove her to death with poisoned milk, which he personally served her every night.

Only the clever protagonist Elodie knew that her friend Lillian de Clermont was killed by mysterious circumstances. Through her curiosity and ingenuity she was able to solve the murder case in the book. Since Lily now lived in this book, she did not feel the need to die early. In contrast, this time she wanted to try every facet of a life. She wanted to feel everything, dare everything and try everything. She wanted to live.

"And ...?" Lily asked slowly. Her friend looked at her seriously. All lightness had disappeared from her face. She took her friend in her embrace.

"Lily, you're important to me." Worry waved in her voice like a warning message. "We've known each other a long time. I know you are not stupid, but sometimes too naive for your own well-being." Lionelle put her hands around Lily's face. "Pascal sneaks through the corridors tonight. He is waiting for an opportunity to speak with you and who knows what he has planned. He won't let you go until he has achieved his goal."

Lily did not answer. Reassuringly, she put her hands on her friend's hands. She felt uncomfortable, yet she tried to calm Nelli with a wry smile. But Nelli just shook her head. Her friend was a natural airhead. "You are worth a damned fortune. Pascal will leave no stone upturned to get this fortune. He is no longer the Pascal we knew from our childhood. Apparently he has accumulated a high amount of debt and is involved in dubious transactions. Promise me to be never alone with him. You have to promise me."

A cold shiver raced through Lily's body as she heard her friend's words. She nodded. Lily did not know what Pascal was capable of. But she did not doubt his unscrupulousness. After all, he was the second worst villain of 'My loyal hubby'.

"Do not worry. Alexandre will protect me." Nelli frowned and then sighed loudly. "Watch out for him, too." There was a desperate undertone in her voice. "How do you manage to gather so much trouble again and again! My little angel, They seem to magically lure the problems." Nelli rested her forehead on Lily's. Lily enjoyed the familiarity in Lionelle's touch. Her friend was more of a big sister to the girl.

"Lillian." Cut a warning tone through the familiar atmosphere of the girls. They had not noticed anyone watch them.

Alexandre had hidden in the shadows of the night. He ignored the discomfort he felt. His eyes met hers.

Alexandre studied her eyes, her pale cheeks and her trembling lips. He took off his dark blue jacket and put it over her delicate shoulders. It was way too big for her. But she shivered. He wanted to take her in his arms and warm her.

His eyes remained on the young lady beside Lily. He noticed her tight shoulders and the sparkle in her eyes. A possessive sparkle. It annoyed Alexandre. He pulled Lily closer and put his arm around her waist.

"Lily, you do not want to introduce me?"

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