Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 357

Volume 1 Chapter 357 His Guardian Angel

At first, Feng Xinying was extremely puzzled at Xie Yuansheng. However, she realized that perhaps he had lost his memory partially. She had heard a lot about that in the school and in articles that she read often so instead of acting strange or weird about it, she embraced the reality quickly. She wanted him to trust her right from that moment. "You are a chef?" she agreed with him in order for him to go back inside with her.

"Yes," he replied remembering that in his dreams he saw himself making a lot of dishes for his Yini just so that she would eat only one of them. He had a vague memory of preparing chicken soup for her apart from preparing other dishes. Although he didn't remember how he learnt them. 

Feng Xinying related that perhaps he remembered the cooking skills he learnt from the chefs at home for her. She smiled and said, "That's a good start, Shengu." She was so happy that he was awake. She was so happy that he was absolutely fit and fine. His wound was healed. All he needed was his earlier mental and physical fitness back. 

The frown that was beginning to form on his face disappeared when he heard those encouraging words from her. 

"Let us go inside and discuss," she suggested. 

He nodded. She turned around and started walking wondering if he was following her or not. She heard the grass rustle behind her and took a deep breath. He was following her. A month's long wait was over. It was fruitful. He was awake. It didn't matter if he forgot her. She would make him love her again. Xie Yuansheng belonged to her and she would make sure that it stayed like that always. But for now she had to make him come back to the room. Since he hadn't moved his body for a month, he needed a lot of physiotherapy to regain the health of his muscles. 

Instead of crying, Feng Xinying smiled as she walked in front of him. She had to talk to the doctor. She whispered to her baby, "Daddy is back. Let's be patient with him." 

They walked back inside the hospital. All the guards were alert. Their boss was back. They greeted him and he greeted them back out of curtsey. He followed her in the room. This was the room he had left right now. 

"Were you sleeping beside me earlier?" he asked as he saw the room. 

Feng Xinying shook her head. "No! You must be dreaming." 

"Oh!" Confused as he already was, he agreed to her. 

She switched on the lights and looked at him. It was clear that he didn't want to sleep. He was too excited and had numerous questions, and she had to answer them to the best of her abilities. 

However, it also seemed that he was tired after walking only so little. So she suggested, "Why don't you lie down?" 

Xie Yuansheng nodded and smiled at her. He lifted his legs and lied on the bed as she came and covered him with a blanket. "Why are you taking care of me?" he asked. "Who are my relatives? Where are they?" 

She looked at him softly. "Actually you had been shot and I discovered you lying on the street. So I got you to the hospital and been waiting for you to wake up since then. You can consider me as your close relative for now," she said looking in his eyes. "My people here have been taking care of you. Don't worry. You will remember things soon. Sleep for now. When we wake up in the morning, we will meet the doctor." Feng Xinying was too eager to meet the doctor and ask everything. She was worried about him from the inside but she didn't show. She had to be strong. 

Xie Yuansheng looked at her beautiful face and smiled back. "Thank you Feng Xinying." She was indeed an angel. His guardian angel. 

Once he lied, he talked to her about his dreams and Yini, which Feng Xinying listened very carefully. He soon became tired and went off to sleep. As soon as he did that, she went outside and asked the Security Head to come with her to an aloof place. 

"I want you to tighten security around Xie Yuansheng. He will not be allowed to meet anyone unless approved by me. He should meet people only in my presence. You have to keep a twenty-four watch on him from now on. No one talks to his unless he wants to." 

"Okay, Miss," he replied looking serious. 

Feng Xinying left him and then she called Xie Shengjun. When he heard the news, he couldn't contain his excitement. He jumped out of the bed and along with Keira, in the middle of the night he rushed to see his brother. He wanted Keira to rest but how could she? When he reached there, it was already 5AM in the morning. He jumped out of the car and rushed inside towards to VIP room to see his brother. Feng Xinying had informed him that perhaps he had amnesia. When he reached inside the room, he found Feng Xinying sitting on her bed with a huge smile on her face. 

"He is awake," she said with excitement very softly. Xie Shengjun went to sit on a chair next to him and Keira sat on the bed with her and hugged her. "Congratulations Xinying!" she said. Feng Xinying couldn't stop herself. She cried silently. Only these people could see her vulnerable side.   

Keira patted her and said, "Everything will be fine. Don't worry. Let us talk to the doctor tomorrow. There is going to be a cure for amnesia." 


Meanwhile somewhere on the country roads, Shu Ning and BF were driving the motorcycle as fast as possible. She had a bag full of treasure and she had to sell it to raise a hundred thousand Yuan for her BF. She was sitting behind him, hugging him tightly. She would doze off and he would wake her up. 

Suddenly a car started following them. 

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