Summoning The Holy Sword Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Town Of Miracle 22

Chapter 646: Town of Miracle (2/2)
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The group of Half-Demons was bewildered as they entered the entrance and strode through the clean, spacious corridor. These pitiful nomads had never been to such formal and elegant venue since they were born. Sol cautiously followed Agatha and turned back to ensure that his companions were fine from time to time. These dauntless warriors in the battlefield had become nervous and timid like little rabbits. How amusing.

As the group neared the hall, a dark figure flitted by and stopped them from moving farther.

Agatha, are they the helpers that the fellow has mentioned?

A young lady donned in an elegant dress placed a finger on her lips and let out a chuckle. Her two black ponytails swayed along with her movements. Then, she narrowed her burgundy eyes and lifted her chin, gazing at the Half-Demons in disdain. She let out a snort.

I thought that fellow was referring to some powerful helpers. At the end of the day, its just a group of bastards. What a waste of my time to check on them personally. How disappointing. That fellow could have told me if he wanted such a standard of helpers. Theres a bunch of slaves in Hell that are much more useful than them.

De Demon

Although Celestinas words were full of disdain and arrogance, Sols group werent furious at all. Instead, they looked on with ashen expressions and trembled on their feet. The red-haired young lady behind Sol turned pale and pea-sized sweat beads dripped from her forehead. Without the need of explanation, the tainted bloodline in them was enough for them to recognize the Demons identity.

A high-class Demon.

Everyone including Sol had the urge to kneel down and serve Celestina immediately as soon as they heard her voice. The Demon bloodline flowing in them shuddered and the strict hierarchy between the Demons struck them. If it werent for the other half of the Human bloodline diluting the urge and their prides holding themselves back, perhaps they would have held their breaths before the black-haired young lady.


The red-haired young lady bellowed and flashed her curved blade. She ground her teeth and stared at Celestina. The latter squinted and revealed a menacing glint in her burgundy eyes.

What? Who do you think you are to challenge me? How brave. Come on, show me what youre worth

Celestina stretched out her hand and several thorny whips flew out from her sleeves. Sols group stared in disbelief. They didnt know what they should do in this situation. Even though they tried to draw their weapons to resist this terrifying Demon, the Demon bloodline in them held them back entirely. The respect from deep down in their soul and blood was conflicting violently with their willpower.

On the other hand, neither did Agatha react to Celestinas actions nor console Sols group. She watched on from the side nonchalantly as though it was just a plain wall before her and nothing was there.

The tense atmosphere around them was on the verge of breaking. At this moment, a white figure dove from above.

Big Sister!

Celia spread her gorgeous wings and stood by Celestinas side in resentment.

Master only allowed you to meet the future members who will fight alongside us and not let you frighten them. How are you going to answer to Master if you do this?

Why must I care about what he thinks?

Celestina glared fiercely at Celia. She folded her arms and nodded at Sols group.

You see, Celia. Are these guys worthy of fighting alongside us? Look at them. They cant even control the urge flowing in their blood and they still want to battle? Hmph. Wouldnt the other Demons laugh their heads off if they knew that this bunch of noobs were fighting shoulder to shoulder with me? What a joke!

Master thinks that they are capable enough and I trust Masters judgment.

Youre only good at following his bum and youve always been this way. You wouldnt know what you should do without being a follower. Hmph. A rascal will always be a rascal. Anyway, this bunch of noobs to me are

Before Celestina finished her sentence, she felt an invisible large hand choking on her throat that forced her to swallow her words. In an instant, two petite figure emerged beside her.

Two Elf young girls who looked between 12 to 13 years of age appeared, wide, white robes wrapped around their petite body, making them look like friars. Their pointy ears and silky, long golden hair revealed their identities. However, what surprised the Half-Demons was that they didnt realize when exactly when the two young girls appeared beside Celestina.

Big Sister Gracier, Big Sister Madaras, I

A ghastly whiteness spread over Celestinas face, overwhelming the arrogance and disdain which turned into horror. The two Elves stood silently and nodded to Celia. Then, they each held Celestinas hands and the Demon young lady was stricken into silence. She was like a puppet with its lines cut off and dragged away by Gracier and Madaras.


Celia heaved a sigh of relief. She approached Sols group and bowed solemnly.

I apologize on behalf of Celestina. She has always acted this way, so please dont take it to heart. Master is waiting for your arrival and I will take my leave now.

Celia turned around and left.

Sols group returned to their senses. They exchanged puzzled and confused looks with one another. After all, everything that had just happened surpassed their common sense and reached an unknown realm.

Oh, Lord. W-What exactly is going on? What on earth is this place?

The red-haired young lady kept her curved blade, but her complicated expression represented the thoughts of all the other Half-Demons. They believed that they had fallen into a trap as soon as they sensed the formidable demonic powers emanating from Celestina. But they were dumbfounded when Celia descended from above and rescued them from the predicament. Angels and Demons should have been sworn enemies and it would be as expected of them to settle their scores here. But they didnt expect that the Battle Angel young lady actually conversed with the High-class Demon and even called her big sister!

This was the first time that they suspected if they were under the influence of an illusion spell. If not, how would they even witness something this absurd?

Moreover, the Demon who threw her weight about before the Battle Angel turned into a frightened mouse who had seen a hungry cat as soon as the two Elves emerged. Is this still the Dragon Soul Continent that I know? Is this still the world that were living in? In an instant, these questions filled their heads.

But, at this moment, Agathas apathetic voice sounded once again.

Please follow me, everyone.

Agatha dragged their confused heads back to reality. They sheathed their weapons and followed Agatha closely. But, this time, they were thrilled, curious, and worried in meeting this Mercenary Overlord. Not only did they see the strange Ocean Elves, but they also witnessed an incredible, peaceful scene which involved an Angel, Demon, and Elves So then, what would that Mercenary Overlord who conquered the fortress and territory be like?

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