Super Electric Eel Avatar Chapter 143

The people who were in a panic were now completely shocked, and their expressions were as abundant as a face-changing opera, filled with shock, gratefulness, and adoration.

What does it mean to put a bear down with only one move?

Although the bears were tied with muzzles and paw covers, Chen Fan's bravery could not be denied. If a group of scared teenagers united and fought, they would be able to fight against even two gorillas. But no one had been willing to step forward. Everyone had just run away.

"This guy must be special forces! Really handsome," a little girl in a red coat said, thinking it was not loud enough, and raised her volume. "Cool, better than Donnie Zhang!"

"This guy looked like he was from the Shaolin temple!" A girl in a yellow dress next to him chattered. "Didn't you see that he just punched the bear, and the bear's eyes almost popped out? He must have practiced the tiger arhat fist!

"Brother Chen Fan, are you all right?" Yun Meng rushed out of the cash machine, dragging Chen Fan's arm with a lingering fear in her face.

She had seen the might of a bear before when she was in her hometown. She had heard two adult bears giving out a furious howl. Grandpa had said it was two male bears fighting for a mate. The next day, because of the bears fighting, many large trees in the forest had fallen, and the thicker trees had deep traces of claws.

"Do I look not okay now?" Chen Fan laughed and tapped her shoulder.

The siren sound from the police car was loud in the noisy Yuanbao Street Square. The crowd that was shocked and ran just now had all gathered around Chen Fan. It made it difficult for the police car to pass through. No matter how they pressed the horn, they still could not find a path to pass through.

"Leave, leave. Why are you all blocking the road?" Two 110 police cars honked their horns.

"Out of the way!" Four fat policemen, after a difficult trek, finally broke into the center of the gathered crowd. This made the leading policeman pant a little, and he started questioning the crowd about what happened.

The fire on the bear's belly had been doused with mineral water, and the two bears huddled together, covering their heads with their bloody paws.

The crowd and the people involved who saw the scene kept snatching the chance and told the police what had happened.

The police cleared up the matter and waved impatiently to the growing crowd of onlookers. Pulling a rope from the car, they tried to tie the culprits to take them to the police station.

The bears did not just let the police tie them up. Their paws swung and spun like wheels and twisted the rope. Even one of the police officers almost got caught and staggered around.

The crowd laughed again.

"Damn you! Looks like you will not give up unless you taste pain!" The policeman, embarrassed by being laughed by the girls in the crowd, pulled out an electric baton and expanded it to a 31-inch length ferocious weapon. Once he pressed the button, out came a splashing bluish current that looked like a deathly demon light.

Then it became simple, once the high voltage pulse electric batons were respectively put on the two bears, the bears gave a howl, and with their central nervous system cut off, the bears did not move, and the policeman bundled them up and pulled them by their ears and fur to the car.

"Well done boy!" After finding out the truth, Chen Fan, the warm-hearted youth was praised by the policemen and given the glory of a good citizen. "Youngsters like you are becoming fewer and fewer. We heard that your skills were swift. You must have been practicing since you were young."

"Hehe," Chen Fan scratched his head and did not reply.

They pulled the animal trainer who had been punched in the stomach into the police car and let his associate take a cab to the police station to bail him out. One of the third-rated policemen tapped Chen Fan's shoulder and said, "Young man, are you coming with me to receive a bravery reward?"

"No...No..." Chen Fan rejected strongly. The police department was a place that would make him nervous. He wouldn't step in there unless he was desperate.

The policeman smiled and said, "Boy, you're good. Doing a good thing without taking fame like Leifeng!" Then he climbed into the police car and drove away.

"Oh god!" Chen Fan was about to explain that he couldn't go because he had something urgent to do.

As soon as the bears were gone, the crowd of people who had nothing to see anymore slowly scattered. Chen Fan's hero title was soon swept away by the busy crowd, and no one commented about it anymore.

Little girl's clothes were very easy to buy. Chen Fan took Yun Meng to walk around two times, and his hands were already holding a few plastic bags that read Smith Barney, Yishion, and other brands.

The way men and women shopped was different. Women generally liked to go shopping the whole afternoon. When they saw something beautiful, they couldn't help but stay and take a look.

So, when Chen Fan looked around, he was prepared to drag Yun Meng to leave.

Little Yun Meng, though, had not completely turned into a woman. But she was still in the category of women, so when she saw the beautiful silver accessories on the counter in the hallway, she stopped walking.

When it came to Miao nationality girls, the first impression of people was not their delicate face, but the intricate and elaborate silver ornaments they wore.

Miao girls wearing silver jewelry had a long tradition. When ancient silver ingots were in circulation, in the Miao people's home, there was absolutely no trace of them, because they were all put into the melting pot. It could be said that all property consisted of the accessory!

The situation was better these days. The party and the government fully respected the customs of the Miao people and gave the Miao a large amount of special silver for a low price each year.

"Which one do you want?" Chen Fan also stopped walking. She only had a small silver locket on her neck, and she looked pitiful compared to the Miao girls that were equipped with a bunch of silver ornaments.

"This one!" Yun Meng was gazing at a beautiful bracelet at this moment. She could not help it. Who could be blamed if she had no resistance against this stuff?

The bracelet was very small and lovely and had an oval button on the chain. There were six bells with an exquisite pattern on them.

Chen Fan smiled and raised his two fingers at the counter.

This expensive stuff was not that attractive when on the rack, but when it was worn on Yun Meng's wrist, even a big man like Chen Fan, found it particularly beautiful, especially comfortable, as if it was tailored made by the jewelry master for her!


When walking in the square in the clear autumn air, Chen Fan received a call from the shipyard saying that the "submarine" had been officially completed and could be launched into the water.

When he drove to the shipyard, Chen Fan told Yun Meng to stay in the car and listen to music, and he went alone into the shipyard.

It was 20 meters long and five meters in diameter, and although it was a small thing compared to the military submarine, if it was for a person to stay in, it would be just like a star-rated hotel room.

The bright silver appearance made it outstanding. The streamlined body made it release the charm of the metal under the sunshine.

Titanium alloy not only weighed less than steel and was very hard, but was also super resistance to seawater corrosion. Experiments had been done, throwing a square piece of titanium alloy ingot to soak in seawater for three years, and when it was recovered again, after wiping away the dust and mud on the ingot, the surface was still shiny. Even when they used the instrument to test it, they did not find any signs of corrosion by seawater.

The exterior was beautiful, and the interior decoration of the submarine was not bad at all. With no reason to put in any larger power supply, 80 percent of the space was used to transform into the residence.

Inside, the submarine was divided into many spaces. There was not only a master bedroom, sitting room, and dining-room, Chen Fan also found a twin bathtub in the toilet.

It was only after asking that he found out that marine desalination equipment was fixed in the submarine. Although it was not efficient, it was more than enough to bath twice a day.

"Good... good..." Chen Fan walked inside and out twice and kept praising Jiang Shui beside him.

"Boss, this is the cost of the submarine's decoration, home appliances, and equipment." Jiang Shui took out the detailed bill from his pocket and handed it to Chen Fan.

"Okay!" Chen Fan took the bill and looked at it carefully. The expense was not too bad.

If they took a little money from it, Chen Fan could not say anything about it. After all, they can't buy everything themselves, as long as the middleman price was not too excessive, then it would be fine.

"You put the submarine in the water, and then drag it down to Wujia bay, where there is a huge sealed dock, which I bought." Chen Fan took a key out of his pocket and handed it to Jiang Shui. "There is a yacht there. Please be careful when you go in. Don't scratch my yacht."

The sealed dock he used was becoming more and more crowded. It was already filled with a freight submarine and a cruise ship, so Chen Fan bought a new dock, which was 153 meters long and 40 meters wide for five million two days ago.

After sailing the yacht into the dockyard, Chen Fan was ready to use the little dock as a place to keep the treasure that the electric eel transported.

Back in the car, Yun Meng was sitting in the seat quietly listening to the song sang by Soda Green called "Incomparable Beauty." After Chen Fan got into the car and lowered the volume, he said, "Yun Meng, what do you want to eat later? I'll take you wherever."

Half an hour later at Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chen Fan placed his hand under his chin in boredom, and like a radar scanned the nearby girls.

Yun Meng was looking down and eating her chicken wings, and Chen Fan was trying to hurry her out when the phone rang in his pocket.

Yiteng Yun told Chen Fan that the staff he had just hired had boarded the ship to Australia and would arrive in three days.

Five seconds later, someone called again.


"Well... Sure!"

Hanging up the phone, Chen Fan sighed.

"What happened, Brother Chen Fan?" Yun Meng raised her head and on her snow-white cheek she had a sauce stain.

"Oh, nothing. I will take about three or four days to go abroad tomorrow." Chen Fan picked up the napkin and gently wiped the stains from the area around her lips. "You eat at school these two days, and you can go to Wu Ruoyu if you have anything you need."

Yun Meng lowered her head, playing with her fingers and stared blankly.

With that, Chen Fan made a call to Wang Bing and asked him to prepare for his trip to Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

Just now Ma Rongtao called and said their passport visa has been completed. The plane was tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, after connecting at Beijing International Airport, they would fly directly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to discuss the oil order with an oil tycoon there.

Arab! In Chen Fan's mind, images arose of those who wore "white tiger armor", and bearded men, men that stood under stamped banners with jihad slogans, either holding knives in their hands, wanting to cut off someone's head, or read out slogans about killing someone.

Of course, the position of Saudi Arabia was located in the southwest of Asia, and its country situation was stable. But he felt safer bringing along Wang Bing who was an expert in fighting.


Quiet night, it was the right time to steal...

Chen Fan was controlling the electric eel to dig that big hole that may have buried treasures.

The pit had been dug up to more than 40 meters, and there was no sign of anything else, not even a large rock.

However, life was made up of countless coincidences. Things can happen just like that. The electric eel's spear bumped on the rocks and extracted the soil from the rock and found something that was man-made.

Humans have made a lot of things, but this one was very recognizable.

It was round and gray, something like a porcelain bowl.


After the electric eel had gently removed the soil with a spear, Chen Fan was startled by what was inside.

A gray-white human skeleton was visible from the earth. The thing he was mistaking for a porcelain bowl, was its skull.

The skull was a really freaky thing, and the electric eel's heart beat fast for a few dozen seconds then slowly calmed down.

The skeleton frame was about 1.6 meters, which would be in keeping with the shorter height of ancient people. The women were usually only one and four or five meters. And on the fifth rib on the back of the skeleton frame, Chen Fan found a sharp stone that was polished.

The stone was about seven to eight centimeters long, was as thick as a thumb, and was shallowly nailed to the skeleton. It looked like it was stabbed into the chest and then went straight to the back ribs.

There was no doubt that it was a murder. The poor ghost had been stabbed to death with a pointed stone that was tied to a stick. As to why he died there, that was not clear. Maybe he wanted to enter the pit at the bottom and was killed by native tribes on the way, or had a conflict with someone and was killed.

For such an unfortunate thing to happen, Chen Fan was sad for him. But it was impossible for Chen Fan to find justice for him after he had been buried near to the bushes of the reef. So, the electric eel continued its digging job.


In the direction of the skull, the electric eel again speared into the dirt below, and then he picked the spear hard.

A cracking sound came when the soil was separated from the rock, and half a skeleton was exposed to the electric eel's line of sight.

"Ah!" Chen Fan screamed again. The electric eel dug up a skeleton for the second time.

The frame of the skeleton had been smashed into two pieces by the spear, and after chanting "Amitabha, Amitabha" for quite some time, the electric eel then took the skeleton and the soil, burying them again near the reef.

"Could it be a burial pit for offering sacrifices to heaven?" Chen Fan remembered a TV clip he had seen before, and his hair stood on end.

It could be from a time when ancient sorcerers were active, and many tribes did not use animals to worship the sky, but offered humans as sacrifices to god. Some were killed and thrown into the water. Some were thrown into a pit.

If that were the case, Chen Fan decided he would abandon this zone that he had worked hard on for months. Living in such a gloomy environment how would it be possible to live like that?

Luckily when he continued digging down a few meters, he no longer found skeletons.

To have the stone map, from more than four hundred meters deep, dug from the hole of the central position, to erect a huge stone in the tunnel more than 400 meters if there were no particular people who had been there then that would definitely be something ghostly.

After all, ancient science and technology were very undeveloped, and it will take a lot of time to dig out so many tunnels, and who would be silly enough to go to a deserted place just to draw a map?

At 8 o'clock the next morning, Chen Fan and Wang Bing went to the Zhongyun Airport with a cab, both of them came empty-handed. They did not even bring a change of clothes. Ma Rongtao was in a nice suit with a black briefcase under his arm, dressed up like a successful person.

Beside Ma Rongtao stood a young man with glasses. He was the Arabic translator for the trip, a graduate of Beijing foreign languages institute that had not gotten a place as a diplomat abroad. So, he returned to his hometown, bitterly, and worked as a business translator.

It was really boring for four men to wait for the plane. Wang Bing crudely stared at all the people of the opposite sex in the waiting hall, and Chen Fan took out his mobile phone to watch the game.

After half an hour of changing the boarding pass, they set foot on the plane 20 minutes later. Chen Fan was idle, and he continued to shift his mind to the electric eel and to dig the earth.

When the plane went up into the sky and flew to the Beijing Airport, Wang Bing, who was sitting outside, woke him up and reminded him that it was time to change for an international flight.

On the international flight, they did not sit together, and Wang Bing was seated next to a woman in her early twenties with a long hair, which made Chen Fan jealous.

"Well, your bodyguard is a pervert. Hope he doesn't molest that girl halfway through the journey." Ma Rongtao shook his head and went to a seat in the back, and had a man of nearly 250 pounds sitting beside him. He would be suffering the whole journey.

Chen Fan's seat was near the aisle and near to the wing. The passenger sitting inside had not come. He did not know who would it be. Would it be man or woman, ugly or good looking?

After he waited for 10 minutes, the passenger still had not come, Chen Fan thought this was strange. The plane was not a bus that they could board whenever they like. The passengers must take several special buses to reach terminal 3. Only then could they enter the boarding tunnels.

As the seats were almost filled, Chen Fan estimated that the guy may have jumped the ticket. According to the seating order, if it is an empty seat, then Chen Fan should be seated inside. While Chen Fan was sitting outside, it meant that there was someone in the seat.

Just as the plane was about to leave the terminal, a sound of leather shoes stepping down the blue floor of the cabin could be heard.

"Please, excuse me!"

Chen Fan paid no attention, until the clear and sweet voice came. He took his eyes away from the window and looked in the direction of the beautiful but cold voice.

Wow. Chen Fan quietly took a deep breath in his heart.

It was a soldier in the 07 uniform, who was about 1.75 meters tall.

And it was a female soldier, an extremely beautiful woman who was as beautiful as Wu Ruoyu.

Chen Fan could not take his eyes off her!

Not because of her elegant and noble look. It was the three five-pointed stars in the two yellow bars on her shoulder!

"Colonel!" Chen Fan thought, Such a young colonel. Is her father a soldier with three wheat logo stars?

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