Super Electric Eel Avatar Chapter 42

After gritting his teeth and enduring the agony for less than ten seconds, Chen Fan could not take the strong current anymore. He let out a long breath and gave up stimulating his muscles. No words could describe the feeling of being 'cleansed' by a 100 volt discharge. Even after a while, he could still feel the muscle on his arm moving nonstop.

If it had been an ordinary person stimulating himself with a 100 volt discharge, his heart rate would have probably shot to the maximum before the muscles were done with the stimulation. But who was Chen Fan? He was someone who had a super electric eel who could control electric currents more easily than controlling the arms. Ensuring that the electric current did not get the best of him was simply a piece of cake to him.

After resting for a while, Chen Fan decided to stimulate all his muscles at one go. He slowly increased the area of the magnetic induction to his entire body using a sixty volt discharge, as he was still unable to withstand a 100 volt. As the electric eel started to release the discharge, Chen Fan felt as if something had exploded in his brain. His body, which was on the eel's back jerked vigorously, and the muscles in his entire body shook spastically.

"Arghh" It was difficult to describe this feeling. It was as if the muscles in his entire body were being continuously pricked with millions of steel needles. After just a few breaths, there were already countless drops of sweat the size of rice grains which appeard on his skin surface. Chen Fan held on twenty seconds longer than the previous time before he really could not endure anymore.

After resting for over ten minutes, Chen Fan started stimulating his muscles again. Repeating this cycle over and again, Chen Fan accumulated a total of fifteen minutes of stimulation in two hours. Even though this process would yield good results, it was important not to overdo it, or he could damage his health.

After shifting his thoughts back, Chen Fan almost lost his balance and fell into the water from the eel's back. If Chen Fan had to choose some words to describe his experience now, he would definitely use the words 'wished he was dead', 'torn apart', 'agonizing', 'miserable beyond words', etc to express his current mood. Aching all over was not a big deal. The problem was that he could not even get up.

"Come on" After lying on the eel's back and looking at the dark sky for a long time, Chen Fan finally blurted this out.

It was already almost ten o'clock at night when Chen Fan returned to the hotel again. Chen Fan was so exhausted that he did not even have the strength to shower. He casually wiped his sweat with a towel before hitting the sack.

Early next morning

"Boss, time to get up for training!" Chen Fan was still in his dreams when he was crudely interrupted by Wang Bing again.

"Get lost! If you dare to wake me up before ten again, I'll deduct your entire salary for this month." Chen Fan grumbled with his eyes closed, "Oh, bring me twenty hot buns and two bowls of sweetened soya milk at ten." With this, Chen Fan fell back to sleep immediately!

Under tremendous pressure, Wang Bing had no choice but to gently wake Chen Fan up at exactly ten o'clock, and then fawned over him by placing the buns on the side cabinet. "Mmm, this is much to my liking!" Chen Fan exclaimed as he stuffed the buns into his mouth. The high intensity stimulation of the muscles last night made him feel as though he could eat a cow now.

Time flies One month later

After stimulating his muscles every night using the eel's voltage, Chen Fan could now run continuously for twenty minutes without turning red and panting. The electric eel had grown to twenty meters long. He was a huge monster, and the discharge it could release had gone up to a higher level of 4,000 volts.

Two months later

Chen Fan who was bursting with confidence, thought that he could easily knock Wang Bing down, but the results were disappointing. Chen Fan was the one who was knocked down easily. The electric eel now had grown to a length of thirty meters. The four sharp claws at his belly had completely turned jet black, and they had also become extremely strong with the electric current stimulation.

Three months later

The electric eel now had grown to forty meters long. He was a big fellow with a weight of twenty tons. The discharge that it could release broke the 6,000 mark, reaching an alarming 6,500 volts. Chen Fan's physical fitness was like a long-distance runner, reaching a saturation point where more training had not many effects.

However, the heartening thing was that Chen Fan could now manage to withstand Wang Bing's attack without retreating, provided Wang Bing did not use underhanded methods.

Quoting Wang Bing's words, "Even if the endurance and strength manage to pass, there's lack of practical experience, and also a high tendency to get into emotional fights. People with some fighting experience will be able to find flaws within a few strikes." However, practical experience takes time, so putting through the mill was the only way out.

Lying on the chair in the bathhouse, Wang Bing said, "Boss, when are we going back? I'm bored to death here and my spirits are down."

Chen Fan, who was lying beside him as he looked at the bikini babes playing in the water a distance away said, Tomorrow!" Chen Fan was wearing flowery blue checkered beach shorts and baring his upper body he looked like a big boss. "The district property management called me a few days ago and asked if I rented the house out. They said that there were five fierce-looking men staying inside and even advised me not to rent to such people."

"It must be Wei Qing's people!" Wang Bing was full of excitement. "Why don't we teach them a lesson tomorrow when we get back?"

"I had the same thought!" Chen Fan was bursting with confidence. The three months of training made him feel that he had a lot less enemies in the world now.

"Bosses, would you like some coconut juice?" At that moment, a young lady with a basket of shaved coconuts walked over. The young lady was quite pretty. She had a ponytail and her face was radiating a bronze tan that was unique to residents by the sea.

"Mmm, how much is one?" Chen Fan was lying on the chair with his legs crossed.

"One for 8 RMB. It was plucked this morning and guaranteed to be fresh." The young lady was around eighteen years old, and she spoke in a soothing sweet voice.

"Oh, is your coconut juicy?" Wang Bing teased.

"Yes yes" The young lady blushed as she gave the muscular man a look, and started to stammer.

"Give us two then!" Chen Fan took out a crumpled 20 RMB note from his shorts and said, "Keep the change."

"Thank...thank you, boss" The marble-like stripes on the two men had probably dazzled the young lady causing her to babble. "Boss, if it's not juicy enough, I can exchange it for another one."

"It's alright, it's alright!" Chen Fan laughed as he took a newly-opened coconut.

After the young lady left, Wang Bing, who was feeling relaxed, said with a straw in his mouth,"Boss, other than being a little boring these days, other times are quite enjoyable!"

"Yeah" Chen Fan sighed with his eyes closed. "A pity that Wei Qing hasn't been settled yet so I can put my mind at ease." Since his house had been taken over, how could he still call himself a man if he didn't fight back?

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