Super God Gene Chapter 1280

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The Serpent Throne became a physical manifestation of light, and then it entered the slot that used to contain the spirit stone. When the blinding light dimmed, the statue’s forehead was revealed to now contain a brand-new spirit stone. This one possessed the image of a snake.

“I thought this was a doll type beast soul. Hmm, so why did it just become a spirit stone?” Han Sen was confused.

As he mulled the oddity, he noticed another image inside the spirit stone. It was hazy, like little more than a reflection, but its faint outline suggested the shape of a human.

“Blood River King?” Han Sen was quickly given a shock, as the human image cleared to reveal it was actually Blood River King.

It was different, however, and it seemed to be a replica of the spirit that used to preside over the shelter. But it was a replica built from copper, and it had a texture that mirrored the Serpent Throne itself.

“Master, I am Serpent Throne.” The copper Blood River King appeared before Han Sen and knelt, as if in service.

“What are you?” Han Sen wasn’t sure what to respond with, as this was all new to him.

“Master, I am a copy of Blood River King’s genes. I am his replica, a doll in his image and being. I possess his powers, to their full extent. I am him in every way, save mind,” the Serpent Throne elucidated the curious happening.

Han Sen asked, “So you’ll look like this forever?”

“You can put me inside any statue. Do so, and I will reflect the image of the last spirit to occupy that shelter,” Serpent Throne said.

Han Sen was delighted. It was a powerful berserk super creature. This meant, even though it could make use of Blood River King’s powers, the output would be greater than the original spirit’s.

And what’s more, it was a beast soul. There was no danger or fear of betrayal; it would do Han Sen’s bidding without question.

Han Sen needed to take down Saint Fan’s Shelter, and now he couldn’t help but imagine the prospect of having a Saint Fan copycat bow before him.

“Can you resurrect like a spirit?” Han Sen asked.

“I am just a clone. Even after death, I can produce another copy of your chosen spirit, but it can take a while. That is the only restriction,” Serpent Throne said.

“Very good.” Han Sen escorted the doll to the battleground so he could test its strength.

It really did have Blood River King’s powers, just at a greater level. For all intents and purposes, it was now a faster and stronger Blood River King.

Han Sen was now dying to locate an emperor shelter he could take over, so he could have a copy of an emperor. The copy had no fixed power limit, and the power of the shelter was what dictated the power of the copy.

Han Sen currently had Thunder Hell Shelter for an emperor shelter, but first, he wanted to try it out in his underground shelter. Han Sen was super duper curious who the last master of the underground shelter was.

Although it was not able to copy the mind of the previous lord, he’d at the very least like to get a good look at their appearance.

Han Sen went to the underground shelter’s spirit hall and summoned Serpent Throne. It entered the spirit stone’s slot, like before. However, generating the doll took much longer this time.

After a while, a copper light was cast into the hall right before Han Sen. The image was materializing.

Han Sen examined the doll with great curiosity, as its image was completely different than Blood River King’s. This new presence was quite astonishing.

It was a female spirit; one with horns and draconic wings. She had armor scaled like the hide of a dragon, and she looked like a Valkyrie.

“Who is this spirit?” Han Sen asked, with his jaw agape.

“Apologies, but I only copied the genes that form their person. Identities and former knowledge are impossible to replicate,” Serpent Throne said.

“Then, how many gene locks do you have opened?” Han Sen asked.

“Ten,” the Serpent Throne answered.

“This really is an emperor-class shelter.” Han Sen wasn’t very surprised. With the abilities the shelter possessed, it was difficult to believe it could have once been owned by anything less than an emperor. It was unique and special and far beyond any other shelter they had seen before.

After this, he took the Valkyrie doll to the battlegrounds, keen for a showcase of her powers. He expected great things from an empress that once ruled his OG shelter in the Third God’s Sanctuary.

After entering and readying themselves, Han Sen expected to be greeted by a multitude of explosions and flashy lights. What actually transpired subverted his expectations, and all he could hear was a low rumble, accompanied by the formation of what could best be guessed to be a black hole.

But soon after, the head of a black dragon appeared out of the dark, swirling vortex. It came out of the fierce pit, roaring with its intimidating teeth on full display. Drops of saliva accompanied the visible exhaust of breath, which was, admittedly, not the sweetest smelling…

And then, the body and wings of this magnificent beast emerged. Valkyrie then leapt atop the glorious beast and rode it as if she was a Dragon Knight from an old storybook.

Strangely, it didn’t look as if she herself could fight, though. Instead, she just rode the beast, commanding it to attack in her stead. She had to be some sort of summoner or beastmaster; Han Sen imagined her to rely solely on the support of a creature in her command.

The black dragon’s power was not too different than that of the fish, all in all, in terms of might and strength.

While this wasn’t what he expected, Han Sen was still happy with the results. All-in-all, this just meant Han Sen had acquired the service and powers of another emperor that had ten of its gene locks open.

“Master, can you allow me to display to you the full extent of my might and strength? I believe it will be to your liking,” the doll asked with a bubbly attitude, as if eager to impress her master.

“Wait, you mean you can do something aside from summoning and riding a dragon?”

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