Super God Gene Chapter 1992

Chapter 1992 The Knife Figh

1992 The Knife Figh

You need a knife? Han Sen said.

Lone Bamboo nodded and said, Yes, I need a knife.

After that, Lone Bamboo bowed towards Sky Palace and said, To all these people, I am asking if someone would be willing to lend me their knife.

Then, a green light from Sky Palace traveled towards him like a rainbow. It descended in front of Lone Bamboo, and it was revealed to be a long, green knife. It was adorned with a number of decorative patterns.

That narrow knife was in front of Lone Bamboo, and it hovered there, making noises. The nearby students who were wearing knives felt the knives shaking on their belts.

Thank you. Lone Bamboo bowed before the knife before picking it up. When he did this, the knife made a sound.

The moment Lone Bamboo took the knife, it was as if the knife blended into him. You couldnt tell if they were two separate entities, and it was like they were a part of each other. The knife was like an extension of his arm.

The knife is called Spring Heart. It is a King class weapon. Lone Bamboo touched the knife, and spoke to Han Sen with a serious tone.

Ghost Teeth. It is also a King class weapon, Han Sen said.

Brother Lone Bamboo borrowed a weapon from the armory to fight Han Sen. This Han Sen is not as simple as he appears.

He is the student of Knife Queen, after all. He has a King class weapon, as well. Of course Lone Bamboo needs a King class weapon to compete. Hed be at a disadvantage, otherwise.

It is rare to see Lone Bamboo take things seriously like this.

Yu Jing was quite excited. Lone Bamboo borrowed a King class weapon to fight Han Sen, and that meant Lone Bamboo was taking his opponent seriously. It also meant Han Sen was powerful, and this little factoid imbued Yu Jing with a glimmer of hope.

They both spoke, but they did not yet attack. They looked at each other, and there was an indescribable atmosphere between them.

Han Sen did not strike, but his presence was scary. He was like a beast on top of a mountain, roaring. And Lone Bamboo was like a sharp weapon, pointing at the sky. It wouldnt fall, even in the midst of a storm.

As their presences grew stronger, the presences touched each other and made an explosion. There were two powers fighting in the air.

That scary knifemind is practically solid. Someone was in shock.

These knifeminds are as strong as King class ones. How do they do it?

It makes sense for Lone Bamboo, as he has experienced a lot. He became a master of the knife in his dreams. It is understandable. But why does Han Sen have such a knifemind, too? Has he had experience as a knife master?

Yun Suyi asked Yun Sushang, Sister, out of Han Sen and Lone Bamboo, whose knifemind is stronger?

Yun Sushang gave a wry smile. Their knifeminds are both King class equivalents. I cannot make such a call.

First Day quietly said, Lone Bamboo has experienced so much. His will can most certainly rival a King class or deified being. I did not expect Han Sen to possess such a strong will, as well. I have no idea how he has done this.

When those knifeminds reached their zenith, both the knives were swung at the same time. No one took a step back, and they both threw all their powers forward.

Only one of them would emerge victorious. There was no other possibility.


The knives came against each other. Their souls were colliding. This was a fight about strength.

The striking sounds, and the moaning of their souls, trumpeted between the knives. A single second later, the two knifelights flashed between them. The shattered knife air broke everything around them, but neither of them backed away.

In this moment, the loser would be determined by whoever took a step back.

The knife light was green and purple, in the center. They kept hitting each other, making noise. No one could see anything in the gap between the two.

When the collision reached its max, a stronger power exploded in the middle. It blew them both a dozen meters away. Boom!

The next second, everything between them turned to dust. There was a big crater in the middle.

Lone Bamboos eyes looked as if they were on fire. His left hand gripped the bottom of the handle, and he lifted it back up with two hands. Then, he slashed towards Han Sen like an executioner.

The green knifelight suddenly formed a line that split heaven and hell. It was coming for Han Sen, and it came at him like it was going to cut the world in half. Black and white. Sky and earth. Yin and Yang. They were not supposed to merge.

Han Sen looked heavy. He drew a circle with his Ghost Teeth Knife, and when that knifelight struck the circle, it ricocheted off in a different direction.

And then Han Sen shouted. The knife circle sent the knifelight back to Lone Bamboo.

Great! Lone Bamboo shouted. He went forward with the Spring Heart knife. He slashed towards the knife circle. The knifelight broke the knife circle, and the knifelight that came back was following the subsequent hit back to Han Sen.

Han Sen was not backing down. He held Ghost Teeth Knife above his head and slashed in Lone Bamboos direction. The knife air was like a beast going after Lone Bamboos knifelight.

They hit each other in the air, like water being thrown against each other. They blended into each other and disappeared.

It was just a few slashes, and people were confused. They did not know what was happening.

Seeing that knife skill, I realize my own knife skills are rubbish, said a Marquise that practiced with knives.

These two are too scary. I would rather fight a Marquise than fight someone like that, who is at my same level, murmured an Earl that looked pale.

He imagined himself being down in that fight and knew that he would be killed, either by the hands of Han Sen or Lone Bamboo.

An Earl felt the same way and said, Their levels are not like their official tier. They might be Earls, but even if they were to challenge Marquises, I find the former more likely to win.

It is no wonder Knife Queen wanted to take an outsider student. For him to be able to fight with Lone Bamboo like that, Han Sen must be a monster.

The battle was harder than Han Sen thought it would be. He pushed Teeth Knife and his knifemind to the max, but he still could not suppress Lone Bamboo. He was in a bad situation, and the slightest mistake would mean he_d lose.

The people watching were enjoying the spectacle. Every attack that was performed was something phenomenal. Sometimes, after seeing a move, the audience would just think about it. And while they thought, Han Sen and Lone Bamboo would exchange a hundred more moves. People wished they could replay it all, so they could examine every detail.

Eventually, many elites from across Sky Palace came over to the arena. Kings gathered to witness the fight.



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