Super God Gene Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325 Bai Weis Visi

"Why are you so nervous? Didnt I tell you not to disturb me unless I called for you?" Han Sen asked from the building.

"My Prince, this is bad! Queen Bai Wei is here," Lilly quickly said.

Han Sen seemed to have expected this, so he pushed the door open and exited.

Bai Wei looked glum as she above the sea. In Kings Garden, she received word that Han Sen had been destroyed by Bai Yis Return to Origin. She went home and noticed that Baoer and the blood kirin were gone, so she immediately headed to Planet Water Zone.

Not long after, the water shifted beneath her. Han Sen brought Lilly up to the surface with him.

When Bai Wei saw Han Sens face, her expression looked conflicted. She said icily, "Brother Sixteen, you killed my guard! And you also stole things from Planet Wind Zone. Give me Baoer and the blood kirin back, or I will let my father decide how to handle these matters."

Han Sen laughed and looked at Bai Wei. He said, "My good little sister, Im afraid you have made a mistake. I am Prince Sixteen; why would I go to your planet and steal anything? I was only taking what rightfully belongs to me."

"Since when was Planet Wind Zone yours?" Bai Wei demanded furiously.

Han Sen laughed. "I have taken Han Sen. His body and his mind are now mine. So, I am him and he is me. His stuff is my stuff. So, of course I took back what belongs to me. Whats wrong with doing that?"

"You Dont give me these quibbling rebuttals! Give me Baoer and the blood kirin back, or I will go and complain to father!" Bai Wei shouted.

"Whatever. I do not have time for you." Han Sen turned to head back into the underwater city.

"Stop! You can keep the blood kirin, but that kid is pointless for you. Give her to me, and Ill consider us settled." Bai Wei gritted her teeth.

"Haha! Such a beautiful little girl. Why would I give her to someone else? Of course, I will want to raise her all by myself." Han Sen grinned.

"You *sshole!" Bai Wei roared. She threw a punch at Han Sen.

She knew what Bai Yi was like. Han Sen was taken and nothing could be done about it, but she couldnt let Baoer fall into the lap of someone as sick as Bai Yi. That was why she wanted her back.

Han Sens expression was hard. He used his water area-of-effect to bind Bai Weis body. It kept her from moving, and he easily punched her away.

"Bai Wei, this isnt a place for you to take a sh*t. Stop being ridiculous! If you dont, I will be rude to you," Han Sen said threateningly as she was flying away.

Bai Wei slowed to a stop and hung in the air, wiping away the blood. "What do I have to do to get you to give me the girl?"

"You want the girl that badly? Did you make it with Han Sen? I dont see memories of such a thing in Han Sens head." Han Sen leered at Bai Wei.

"She is just a little girl! She is useless to you. What do I have to do to get you to give her to me?" Bai Wei asked stiffly.

"Such beautiful and cute girls are very important to me. Okay, you are my little sister; if you want her that badly, then I will give her to you. But first, hand me your Thousand Heart Lock and I will give you back the cute little girl." Han Sen grinned.

"You." Bai Weis face changed.

Bai Wei didnt have many good things, so she didnt have many decent geno treasures. But King Bai had given her mother the Thousand Heart Lock. It was passed on to Bai Wei later. It was her only deified item, and it was the only thing she had to keep her alive. This wasnt a secret among the Extreme King, and even Han Sen knew about it.

Han Sen couldnt give away Baoer, and so he suggested something he knew that she couldnt trade.

"I will swap a King class item for the girl instead. She is just a kid, you dont need her!" Bai Wei looked sad.

"I said I want the Thousand Heart Lock. If you want my cute daughter, bring me the Thousand Heart Lock. If you wont, we are done discussing these matters. Ill leave you to think about it." After Han Sen spoke, he began to lower himself back into the sea.

"Thousand Heart Lock is combined with my body. I cannot simply give it to you. Even if I could, you wouldnt be able to use it. Aside from me, no one can use the Thousand Heart Lock." Bai Wei stopped Han Sen and gritted her teeth. "Give me the kid, and all of Planet Wind Zones resources are yours for a year."

Han Sen was shocked. Planet Wind Zone was poor, but one years worth of resources was an incredible thing for her to offer. She was planning to give everything for Baoer. He didnt know if she had been able to tell how special Baoer was, or if there was an ulterior motive to her desperation.

If she was willing to do this to prevent Baoer ending up with Bai Yi, then it proved her to be a very good-hearted person.

"You are willing to trade so many resources for one little kid? That kid is special. I should really take good care of her. Perhaps she can earn me a lot more money. Maybe we can talk more about the price later. Hahaha" Han Sen dropped back into the sea.

"A**hole!" Bai Wei angrily punched the sea, but it a futile gesture.

"That prick!" the princess of the Siren growled at the same time. She was angry at what Bai Yi had done as well.

If she didnt need the protection of the Extreme King and her title as princess, she would never have married a scumbag like that. Even just her title made her feel sick. She really wanted to kill him.

"My Princess, we need to look at the greater good. Prince Sixteen is the last generation of the virgin blood. We need him to take the holy item," the old Siren said.

"It is only because my blood isnt pure enough that I cannot activate the relic. If it was, I wouldnt have to work with an *sshole like this," the princess said furiously.

The old Siren sighed. "We cannot change this. The Siren were destroyed, and not many of us survived. We need to mate with other races. You and Prince Sixteen have the blood of virgins. It isnt pure, though, so you cannot do it alone. It might work if you two cooperate. For the sake of the Siren, please endure."

The princess didnt say anything in response. She looked towards the garden, then walked in that direction.

Han Sen went to the garden, but before he reached his little place, he saw the princess headed his way.

"What are you doing here? Are you so lonely that you require my company?" Han Sen grinned. He was just pretending to be Bai Yi.

"Give me the little girl," the princess said emotionlessly.




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