Supreme Uprising Chapter 101

Chapter 101


“Thank you, Flame Emperor!” Although this wasn’t the first time he had seen the man who had recruited him to the Rising Dragon Army, Luo Yunyang still felt a lot of respect for him.

The Flame Emperor laughed heartily. “You bled for the sake of the Alliance. How could I let you bleed and then cry right afterwards? I have to deal with these ignorant people personally!”

The Flame Emperor patted Luo Yunyang on the shoulder as he said, “Everything is alright now that you’re back. Have a few days of rest before you return to Base 7. Nobody will be allowed to bother you!”

Luo Yunyang nodded. Suddenly, he saw Zhu Yan run over to Gu Qianqian like a madman and hug her tightly with his remaining arm.

The couple, who were embracing tightly, seemed to have forgotten everything else going on around them. They were in their own little world.

“Alright!” Zhang Hu rubbed his eyes with a chuckle. “Damn it! It seems like Old Zhu is the true love expert. I will have to ask for his guidance in a few days.”

Everyone present began to disperse after watching the touching scene. Luo Yunyang and the others started to return to their own units, while Qin Wanqing and her father followed the Chang’an City consul away.

Luo Yunyang had just exited the city gates, when he received a message. “This is just the beginning. Hurry back to Base 7!”

The message was from Qin Wanqing. Although it was only two sentences, Luo Yunyang could sense the urgency in Qin Wanqing’s words.

Luo Yunyang reached his home and had a meal before he was transported quickly back to Base 7 by the Flame Emperor.

Although the officer who took him back to Base 7 said that there was a pressing task at hand and Base 7 had asked Luo Yunyang to return immediately, Luo Yunyang was quite certain that this task had something to do with the Sangu Research Center.

A day after his return to Base 7, he met Chief Instructor Lu.

“You have quite some guts, kid! You actually dared kill Sangu Research Center personnel!” Chief Instructor Lu shouted at Luo Yunyang furiously when they met.

“Are you going to tell me that you were thorough and there is simply no way anyone could find any evidence? Let me tell you, there are some people who do not need any evidence!”

Luo Yunyang fell silent. He knew that what Chief Instructor Lu had said was true. Although he was not aware of the influence of the Sangu Research Center, there were really some people who didn’t need a reason to do as they pleased.

“Alright, the Viceroy has already personally handled the matter. For the time being, all you have to do is cultivate properly and train your body. Got it?”

Chief Instructor Lu’s hand shook as a thin manuscript was sent flying towards Luo Yunyang.

Its title was “The Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity”!

“Only a martial grandmaster can truly be free”

These were Chief Instructor Lu’s parting words before he left the room. On his way back, Luo Yunyang kept silently mouthing these words.

Martial grandmaster, martial grandmaster…

One could become a martialist by possessing 500 kilos of strength and a martial master by awakening a source core within their body. However, one had to break through the limits of their body and harness the power of the sky and earth in order to become a martial grandmaster.

A martial master’s source power was gained through physical cultivation and source core accumulation. A martial grandmaster could harness unlimited energy from the heavens and earth through the void.

This meant that a martial grandmaster’s power was theoretically inexhaustible.

There was only one martial grandmaster in the entire Base 7 and that was Chief Instructor Lu.

Luo Yunyang had to become a martial grandmaster!

Some people didn’t need a reason to do as they pleased.

Chief Instructor Lu’s words had affected Luo Yunyang greatly. There particular words had shattered many of the ideas in his head.

When he returned to his room, Luo Yunyang immediately looked at “The Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity”. Then, he closed his eyes and opened the attribute regulator.

Power: 77 (Fire: 10, Ice: 9, Wood: 5)

Speed: 11

Mind: 63

Constitution: 78 (Golden Body: 18)

A glint of joy flickered in Luo Yunyang’s eyes when he saw his Mind Attribute Points. Although this wasn’t the first time he saw this figure, every time he looked at it, the taste in his mouth was as sweet as if he had just eaten honey.

63 points This increase was just too much. Before Luo Yunyang had entered Zulong’s Tomb, his Mind Attribute had only been at 16 points.

16 points were already formidable enough, as they had allowed him to have a photographic memory and detect danger.

However, there was a big difference between 16 and 63. Now that his Mind Attribute was at 63, Luo Yunyang’s mind power was even closer to the level of a telekinesis master.

In fact, a junior telekinesis master could be compared to a top-notch martial master.

According to Luo Yunyang’s estimation, when his Mind Attribute hit 200, his mind power would be equal to that of a junior telekinesis master.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang wanted to find the reason for that huge leap. The reason was very simple.

Luo Yunyang had been taught by Chi Hen. Although Chi Hen had mostly imparted the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart to Luo Yunyang, it had been wrapped up in the mind power that Chi Hen had been cultivating for so many years.

When this mind power was combined with Luo Yunyang’s, his Mind Attribute naturally experienced a huge improvement.

Luo Yunyang knew what having 63 Mind Attribute Points was like, but using his attribute regulator to raise his Mind Attribute to over 200 points was something that he hadn’t tried before.

When his Mind Attribute had first hit 63, Luo Yunyang had wanted to experiment with it. However, due to the matter with the Sangu Research Center and the lack of a quiet environment, he had put it off.

Now that everything was settled, Luo Yunyang raised his Mind Attribute to 200. When he did so, he noticed some huge changes.

Power: 0 (Fire: 0, Ice: 0, Wood: 0)

Speed: 2

Mind: 200

Constitution: 25 (Golden Body: 5)

The moment his Mind Attribute was raised, Luo Yunyang could sense everything within a 200-meter radius clearly in his mind. He even sensed that he had a field of control in a five-meter radius around him.

Come! As he thought about this, a hammer 20 meters away flew over and fluttered around frantically in the air under his control.

While the hammer danced around in the air, Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on his sabre, which he called Bloody Scar. Suddenly, the Bloody Scar flew into the air and began fighting with the hammer.

The Bloody Scar unleashed the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques, while the hammer used an ordinary Wind-Splitting Hammer Technique. As the two weapons fought in mid-air, neither of them seemed to have the upper hand.

Luo Yunyang decided to multitask.

The Bloody Scar and the hammer fell to the ground as he floated up gently towards the sky.

Although his feet were only five meters off the ground, the feeling of floating in mid-air and overlooking the land gave Luo Yunyang the strange impulse to throw his head back and howl at the skies.

Having the ability to fly had always been every man’s dream. Top-tier martial masters could use source energy to form wings and move unhindered. As he used his mind power to control his body in mid-air, Luo Yunyang felt that he wasn’t any weaker than a top-tier martial master.

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