Supreme Uprising Chapter 15

Chapter 15


“Big Sister Qianqian, there’s something I need to do. I’ll be leaving early.” Lu Qian got up to leave as soon as she saw Lee Xiaoyong.

At first, Lu Qian felt a little disappointed. She hadn’t planned on leaving right away. The only reason she got up to leave was Lee Xiaoyong.

She didn’t know him, but she didn’t wish to offend a Rising Dragon Army Lieutenant Colonel.

She had to impress important people like him, not offend them over some young man she didn’t want to meet again.

Gu Qianqian glanced at Lu Qian with a tinge of disappointment.

“Alright, you head on first!”

She shook her head apologetically at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang gave her a warm smile. He really didn’t have any opinion on Lu Qian.

He didn’t care what the girl thought of him either.

Zhu Yan groaned, but he didn’t say anything.

Lee Xiaoyong walked over to them. At first, his pace was a little too eager, but he slowed down as he approached.

“Why is your communication device turned off, Zhu Yan?” Lee Xiaoyong reprimanded him.

Lu Qian had already gotten up, but she stopped when she saw Lee Xiaoyong. She was afraid that he might misunderstand if she left.

“What has that got to do with you?” Zhu Yan said icily, casting a sidelong glance at Lee Xiaoyong.

“Is this how you speak to a senior officer?” Lee Xiaoyong tried to calm down. “I won’t take offence this time, but only this once. If you act like this again in the future, I won’t let you off as easily!”

Zhu Yan huffed in contempt.

When Lee Xiaoyong’s gaze landed on Luo Yunyang, he said unhurriedly, “Luo Yunyang, we have investigated your assessment and decided that it was valid. Report at the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an Headquarters tomorrow! Don’t follow Zhu Yan’s example. This fellow is a pr*ck. You will suffer in the future, if you do.”

As soon as Lee Xiaoyong had walked over, Luo Yunyang had sensed that something was odd about this fellow, but he couldn’t pinpoint what.

He had immediately raised his Mind Attribute to the max.

It was now 9.0!

Lee Xiaoyong’s every part was clear under Luo Yunyang’s watchful gaze. Although Lee Xiaoyong appeared very calm, his hands were actually trembling slightly.

When he looked at Luo Yunyang, there was a trace of urgency in his expression.

Luo Yunyang could tell that Lee Xiaoyong’s blood was pumping at two times its normal beat.

The fellow was nervous. What could he be nervous about, though?

As soon as his brain got to work, an answer formed in Luo Yunyang’s head.

When Zhu Yan heard Lee Xiaoyong’s words, he looked up. Although he had said those ruthless words, given his personality, he would never return to an old pasture.

However, he could not let his emotions affect his decisions. Especially not when they concerned someone else.

Zhu Yan didn’t know whether he would be able to arrange any assessments for Luo Yunyang the next day, so after hesitating a bit, he made a decision.

“Is what you’re saying true?”

“Of course. Would I lie about such an important decision?” Lee Xiaoyong felt joy in his heart. Thanks to his fake narrow-mindedness, it looked like he would accomplish his mission sooner than he had thought.

Three A-rank missions were basically a death sentence!

“Sorry, Big Brother Zhu. A good horse doesn’t return to an old pasture. I’m not joining the Rising Dragon Army anymore. Even if I have no other choice, I can still attend the Qitian Martial Academy!” Luo Yunyang suddenly expressed his opinion.

As soon as Lu Qian heard that Luo Yunyang had been admitted to the Rising Dragon Army, she started planning on how to make up for her earlier lack of manners.

However, before she could even come up with any ideas, Luo Yunyang rejected the invitation.

It was really arrogant of him to say that a good horse didn’t return to an old pasture. Did he know how many people would fight over a spot in the Rising Dragon Army?

He was such a fool. Maybe she was better off not knowing him after all. She would definitely get pissed off by his foolishness in the future.

As Lu Qian let her imagination run wild, she heard Lee Xiaoyong say sternly, “This is on you. Don’t accuse me of not giving you a second chance!”

Lee Xiaoyong had strived for a long time to get where he was, so he was no ordinary person. He knew that he had to maintain a calm demeanor right now. If he messed up, how would he be able to convince the others?

“This is a huge decision that will affect your entire life, Luo Yunyang. Don’t let your emotions affect your judgment,” Zhu Yan said. “Sit down.”

“I am extremely grateful to you for giving me this opportunity, Big Brother Zhu. I appreciate your kindness, but every road leads to Rome. I will either die honorably or become famous! I believe that I will be able to achieve great things at the Qitian Martial Academy.”

Lee Xiaoyong didn’t really care about the Qitian Martial Academy. However, this issue would affect his own life, so he couldn’t be careless about it.

If you don’t want to enter the Rising Dragon Army, Brother, then what will happen to me?

“Don’t come boasting over here, boy. I don’t agree with your child-like thinking. Being groomed by the Rising Dragon Army is something no ordinary person can hope to experience. Hurry up and get ready to report there tomorrow. You should widen your horizons, little boy!”

Lee Xiaoyong seemed like an old man advising him against resentment and impatience.

Luo Yunyang stared straight into Lee Xiaoyong’s eyes. He suddenly felt like he could see through the man and read his thoughts.

“Just hurry up and agree to join the Rising Dragon Army!”

Zhu Yan wanted to say more, but Gu Qianqian slapped the table with her hand and exclaimed, “You are a real man, Luo Yunyang! I am on your side!”

“Why are you being so reckless, Qianqian? Such an opportunity is” Zhu Yan felt uneasy chiding his girlfriend, so he stopped hastily.

Suddenly, a graceful, fair maiden walked over elegantly.

“You must be Luo Yunyang, handsome. It was hard to find you, indeed. I’m Ji Tian, a staff officer of the Royal Forest Military. On behalf of the Royal Forest Military, I would like to invite you to join our elite training department. The terms are really generous! You will receive C-rank elite treatment!”

Ji Tian’s breath smelled like flowers. Hearing her talk was an enjoyable feeling. She had no qualms as she sat down next to Luo Yunyang and her intoxicating scent assailed his nostrils.

Although Gu Qianqian was also considered a beautiful lady, when she stood next to Ji Tian, she was evidently inferior.

When Zhu Yan heard Ji Tian’s introduction, he suddenly seemed to remember something. He didn’t dare look at Ji Tian.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up. C-rank elite treatment? Wasn’t this what he had been after?

If he became a C-rank elite, he would be able to bring his mother and little sister to Chang’an City. This was what Luo Yunyang had been anticipating the most.

“You fragrant fox! How dare you come and steal Rising Dragon Army personnel! Do you think the Rising Dragon Army is easy to intimidate?” Lee Xiaoyong’s face darkened.

His insides were burning as he pointed at Ji Tian.

If the Royal Forest Military was unable to recruit Luo Yunyang, they would only have one less talented man.

Things were different for Lee Xiaoyong. If Luo Yunyang didn’t join the Rising Dragon Army, then he would have to complete three A-rank missions.

One A-rank mission was enough for anyone to lose their life.

The Flame Emperor was an important member of the Rising Dragon Army and one of the four most powerful commanders.

“How scary!” Ji Tian patted her own chest in mock fear. Although her action seemed natural, both Zhu Yan and Lee Xiaoyong could see through her.

Luo Yunyang could also see through her act. However, he remained extremely calm. His Mind Attribute was raised, so he had a clear overview of whatever he looked at.

This woman wasn’t someone Lee Xiaoyong could afford to provoke. Lee Xiaoyong mentally reminded himself of this before he proclaimed loudly, “I’m not kidding this time, you fragrant fox. Luo Yunyang is a member of the Rising Dragon Army.”

When he reached this point, he looked at Zhu Yan. “You discovered this talented young man, Zhu Yan. How could you let him go to another army?”

Zhu Yan, who knew what was going on, smiled faintly. “I believe that the Royal Forest Military’s terms are quite good!”

Lee Xiaoyong felt an impulse to flip the table, but he didn’t dare to. He knew that the Flame Emperor always meant what he said. If he was really forced to go on three A-rank missions, then he would die pretty soon.

“We can also offer him C-rank elite treatment!”

As Lee Xiaoyong said this, he felt his air of superiority dwindle a bit.

“Our C-rank elite treatment is just the beginning. If you have any requests, you can discuss them with me. Oh, I forgot. Could you give me your communication device number? It would be more convenient for us to keep in touch this way,” Ji Tian told Luo Yunyang with a smile. She showed no sign of being angry or discouraged.

Luo Yunyang was hurting so much that he didn’t dare look at Ji Tian anymore. The Royal Forest Military seemed like a decent option.

“I don’t have a communication device!”

“That’s great. It just so happens that I have a decent communication device right here, handsome. Consider this a gift.” As Ji Tian spoke, she produced a watch-like communication device as if she had conjured it out of thin air. Then, she extended her slender fingers and strapped it onto Luo Yunyang’s wrist.

As Lu Qian glanced at the communication device, her eyes filled with envy.

She didn’t have a communication device, because she simply didn’t qualify for one. All Luo Yunyang had done was say one sentence and someone had given him a communication device.

“Don’t make a decision yet, Luo Yunyang. Grand Sky Corps also offers very good terms!” a tall man that resembled a huge bear stated straightforwardly.

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